More Transformers: Dark of the Moon Banners Are Released

Two all new banners featuring Bumblebee and the long awaited Shockwave have hit the web, and they're in HD. These are the second and third banners of their kind, the first one being of famed leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime which was released earlier this week, it was also in the same profile which is neat.

Here it is the latest Transformers poster and the first ever poster of Bumblebee for Transformers: Dark of the Moon.(click to super size goes for all the posters)
What gets me the most is that it looks like Bumblebee is behind Optimus somewhere to the left side of the poster. In Optimus Prime's poster you see what seems to be more Decepticons in the far left corner but in Bumblebee's poster it is enlarged and the same background and a Decepticon is there. What that means is that they are fighting together and looking the same way, so something might be coming...

 Shockwave in the poster seems to be on the far right of Optimus Prime. He might be fighting with Bumblebee, or maybe even Sential Prime (Or most likely Optimus, but I can dream....). Shockwave is one of the most prominent villains in Transformers, and will hopefully be more affective (And have more screen time) then his predecessor; The Fallen. I'm still hoping we can see some kind of cameo from Megatron, but not as a central antagonist.

Here is Optimus Prime's poster so you can compare. Well I hope you liked the posters as much as I did, and can't wait to see Dark of the Moon hit theatres July 1. 

What Do You Think Of My Analyses And The Posters?