New Casting Announcements For The Hunger Games Including Thresh, Rue, And Effie Trinket

The cast of Gary Ross' adaption of the popular novel 'The Hunger Games' has been shaping up quickly for the past month, with Winters Bone star Jennifer Lawrence playing the lead character Katniss Everdeen, Last Song star Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, and The Kids Are Alright star Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark. Now it seems three new characters have been added to the cast, see who they are below.

Characters Rue and Thrish will be played by actors Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi. Thresh is a muscular and powerful boy, and Rue is a quick and agile little girl, who both become allies of Katniss at different points during the book.
Now on top of that according to Variety actress Elizabeth Banks is in negotiations to play Effie Trinket, who is Katniss and Peeta's escort out of district 12 to the actual Hunger Games in the Capitol. Here's is the description of the character from the Hunger Games Wiki:

Effie can be a bit of a airhead at times, totally oblivious to the sorrows and misfortunes that fall upon District 12…. She’s very strict about manners and being “proper”, as that is the Capitol’s way. She is a classic Capitol resident with impeccable manners, getting overly distressed at seeing her wig being tilted … on television, during the recaps. She is also a perfectionist and extremely punctual, complaining about how a five minute train delay would affect her tightly packed schedule
Personally I think Banks would be a pretty great choice, considering the fact that she has played characters with that same description and personality in her past films, and fits the looks of the character too. Now an important role  still remains to be casted is the character Haymitch, who is a former winner of the Hunger Games who is now a drunk and must be a mentor to Katniss and Peeta. Rumors are floating around for actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Philip Seymour Hoffman, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan all to be contenders for the role. Each has played a drunk before, and would be great for the part in my opinion. 

What do you think of the casting choices? Who do you think would be a good Haymitch?