WonderCon Releases Two Thor Posters

There are two all new Thor posters that were released at WonderCon, showing the infamous Loki, and of course the mighty Thor himself (with helmets for once).
 The poster show Thor and Loki in profile, you can find the posters at the Marvel booth (#801) at WonderCon.

New Thor movie poster at Wondercon

New Thor movie poster featuring Loki at Wondercon

The posters are nice because it has Thor and Loki in profile and they both have their helmets on. The downfall from them is that they're so dark. What is with staring in different directions are they staring into each other or are giving each other the death stare.We will have to wait till the movie comes out in theaters. Also here are the posters for each of the star Gods. Link...

What Do You Think Of The Posters?