Armie Hammer Is Officially Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger

After rumors were pointing to Ryan Gosling to portray the leading role in Gore Verbinki's all new take on the Lone Ranger, it seems The Social Network's Armie Hammer will be will stepping into the Ranger's shoes in 2012 along side Johnny Depp as his faithful sidekick; Tonto. But does he really fit the part?

While Hammer has been rumored for the role since last week, Variety has now confirmed his involvement:

"It's "Hi-ho, Silver! Away!" for Armie Hammer, with the thesp finalizing a deal to saddle up as the masked Texas Ranger in Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's adaptation of "The Lone Ranger" opposite Johnny Depp's Tonto."

It seems the Lone Ranger film will be even more far off than the classic TV show and comic than most fans thought. First Johnny Depp playing his Native American sidekick, and now the barely over twenty Hammer carrying out the leading role. It will be interesting to see this take on the big screen.

But I honestly don't think movie fans should be worried about having a practically unknown actor carrying out such a prominent, with a superstar taking the back seat to him. Just look at Thor, with actors such as Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins only playing supporting roles, while Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth had the weight of the main characters on their shoulders.
While I'm just as skeptical as the next guy, I'm curious to see how Hammer and Depp act on screen together, and how they handle their characters. But the one thing that's for sure is that this movie will definitely boost Hammer's fame, whether for better or for worse.

What do you think of Hammer as the Lone Ranger? Do you think Gosling would've been a better fit?