Despicable Me Ride Coming To Universal Studios Summer 2012!

With the all new Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening last year at Universal, there's no doubt that they have plans for revamping both of their highly successful parks. And sure enough, it looks like a Despicable Me ride is in the works at Universal Studios Florida where the Jimmy Neutron: Nicktoons Blast ride formerly was located.

Below is the official press release by Universal in regards to the ride, and it's details:

"Gru, one of the world’s greatest super-villains, is bringing his high-tech empire – and his three adopted daughters – to Universal Studios, and he is looking for all the help he can get. First, he will transform guests into an army of mischievous, scene-stealing minions. Then he will train them. And that kicks off an unforgettable ride experience that creates a hysterical mix of chaos and family fun.

Guests will:

Laugh as they embark on an entirely-new, high-tech 3-D digital adventure with their favorite characters from the film – Gru, daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes, and of course, Gru’s not-so-bright pit crew, the minions

Marvel as they explore Gru’s lair and descend into his secret lab

Shriek as the entire family is transformed into minions

Celebrate as they are swept into a first-ever, minion-inspired, interactive dance party where they can show off their best moves"

The ride will probably follow in the footsteps of the previous Jimmy Neutron and Hanna Barbara rides, which both involved rocket ship chases. They will also probably keep many of the lab equipment that was used for Jimmy's lab on the ride, and repaint it. There's no surprise in the fact that they're making the ride 3D, which was one of the factors that Nicktoons Blast was missing. I'm assuming the original voice cast will return, especially Steve Carell as Gru.
Now that wasn't the only announcement the guys at Universal had. They also announced that they will be updating the Spider-Man ride with all new HD picture, and an all new 3D program. They will also will be adding new scenes to the ride, and much more details to the characters. In my opinion they should get Andrew Garfield to voice Spider-Man for the ride.
Universal already has a lot on their hands, including recreating the classic King Kong ride with Peter Jackson to make King Kong 360 3D, and they're also working with director Michael Bay to create a Transformers themed ride. There's even speculation about making a Lord of the Rings themed area next to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Disney World better step up their game, because Universal has got a whole line-up of new attractions. We'll have to wait and see what ride they close next, and what else they have in store. I say ET is next on their list, maybe a 3D Super 8 ride will replace it?
What do you think of Universals announcements? Are you excited?