Michael Fassbender Discusses Playing James Bond After Craig Is Done

Michael Fassbender is ready to hit the big screen as Magneto in X-Men First Class June 3rd, but the real question is what the future holds for the outstanding British actor. One rumor being tossed around is Fassbender stepping into the shoes of James Bond himself after Daniel Craig is done, and he gave Screen Rant the scoop on his opinion of playing 007.

Screen Rant was able to discuss the rumor with Fassbender at a First Class press conference below:

"Screen Rant: There’s a lot of Sean Connery-style James Bond stuff going on in First Class and you seem very at home in that role. Once Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond is over, would you be interested in taking over for him?
Lucas Till (the actor who plays Havoc): Yes, he would!

(Laughter from the cast)

Michael Fassbender: You know … I don’t know. I really don’t plan anything ever because it never seems to work. I’m just [like] – let’s just get this film out and see how this one does. And I’m sort of in the middle of doing [Ridley Scott’s Prometheus]. And, you know, Daniel [Craig] is doing a great job. We’ll see what happens. I’m very flattered that people are sort of making that link, but – I don’t know. We’ll see."

X-Men First Class is set in the 1960s era, and looks a bit like a spy film, so on top of director Matthew Vaughn comparing his take on X-Men to the Bonds films it's easy to see where the rumor comes from. Fassbender is a fantastic actor, and proved himself in Inglourious Basterds, so there's no doubt he would make an excellent Bond. He even has all the features of Bond from the books, and is young enough to carry out his own franchise.
Fassbender still has competition, with actors such as our new Superman Henry Cavill talking about how they missed the chance to play the last Bond, and are now patiently waiting Craig's departure. Even British actr Clive Owen (Who is practically Craig's age) has been rumored for the part. Craig still has Sam Mende's Bond 23 to film, but once that's over the floor is open. My vote goes to Fassbender, or Inception and the Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy who also fits the bill.
Fassbender's chances at the part are even bigger more probable because Matthew Vaughn himself has expressed interest in creating a Bond film, and if there's anyone he'll want for the role, it's Fassbender. Vaughn told Bleeding Cool:

“I was very keen to direct Bond. I don’t know if I am any more, to be blunt, now that I’ve done this. I really love Daniel [Craig], though, you know, it might be interesting if they one day decide to cast Fassbender as Bond, then maybe I’ll go ‘Hey!’”

So if Fassbender really wows audiences and critics in X-Men First Class (Which I'm sure he will ) than I'd be more than happy to see him have a chance in the part. As long as his schedule isn't too busy with First Class sequels (Which have already been discussed) and any future installment to Ridley Scott's Prometheus, than he's good to go.

What do you think of Michael Fassbender as James Bond in a future 007 film? Do you have any suggestions of your own?