The Latest On The He-Man: Masters of the Universe Reboot

If your memory can stretch far enough, then you'll probably remember who He-Man is, and his original eighties cartoon. Now you might not remember (Or want to at all) that he also had a not so successful movie back in the eighties staring Dolph Lungren, but now he's getting a second chance at the big screen. With similar films such as Conan the Barbarian and Thor hitting big in the box office, could a He-Man movie work?

Christopher Meloni Joins The Cast Of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

The cast of Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel is just becoming a swarm of awarding winning actors. Now a new name is being added to that swarm, but this name is better associated with the smaller screen; Law and Order: SVU's Christopher Meloni. But the real question is, who exactly is he playing?

While Meloni really could be playing anyone, Deadline reports that Meloni is up for a "major" role in The Man of Steel. The role of the films central villain has already been given to Michael Shannon, and both of Superman "fathers" roles have been taken by Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, so that really narrows it down to three possibilites.
First, there's the oh so obvious Lex Luthor, who is the first person that comes to everyone's mind when they hear a Man of Steel casting rumor. But Vulture claims otherwise, and drops a hint that Meloni will be playing a general of some sort. In the comics, Superman's love interest Lois Lane, has a father who's a general named Sam Lane. He's basically as mimic of General Ross from The Hulk. But could Meloni be playing Lane?
If not Luthor or Lane, the only other major male role Meloni could be playing is Daily Planet Editor and Chief Perry White. White really isn't a MAJOR role, but he still has a pretty significant part in  the Superman story. White could be considered a general of sorts, but that would really be a stretch. So my vote goes to General Lane.
It's no suprise that Meloni is tackling a main stream role in a film like Man of Steel, since just a month ago he announced his departure from Law and Order: SVU. Meloni already is familiar with roles as DC heroes, especially after recently voicing Hal Jordan in the animated film Green Lantern: First Flight. Meloni is no doubt a talented actor, but is a rough and gritty enough for a role like General Lane or Perry White?

Who do you think Meloni is playing in The Man of Steel? Who would you like to see him play?

James McAvoy Up For The Lead In Danny Boyle's Trance

If there's one movie to really keep an eye on in the coming years, it's Danny Boyle's brilliant film 'Trance', and the only thing that can make the movie even more impressive is getting a great leading man. And sure enough, Boyle is taking that into consideration, and is looking into casting James McAvoy as the films' protagonist.

New Apollo 18 Trailer Is Paranormal Activity Meets Apollo 13

With all the action and kid friendly films coming out this summer, horror movie fans haven't had much to quench their thirst for a shockingly horrifying film. But Apollo 18 might just be the movie to satisfy your taste for a nail biting horror movie, and the all new trailer for the film just gives you more of a taste of what's in store.

Captain America: The First Avenger Posters And Trailer Revealed

Marvel's comic book movies have been owning the summer box office with both Thor and X-Men First Class making big bucks, and getting high marks from critics. Now Captain America fans are hoping for the same when the First Avenger hits theater this July, and  two all new posters and a trailer just prove why Marvel really is the dominant films studio.

All New Images, Details, And Poster For Pixar's Brave

Pixar's Cars 2 hits theaters tommorow, but unfortanetly many critics are calling it the down point for Pixar. But Pixar fans should not fear, because Pixar is stiring away from sequels, and is instead going for their own creative fairly tail. Is this really Pixar's downfall, or is there hope?

Idris Elba Signs On For Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

The star of the British detective TV show Luthor has signed on to play the character of Sensi in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, which is the role that Tom Cruise was previously rumored for. Del Toro's next take to the directors chair is shaping up great, and with actor Charlie Humman costaring, Pacific Rim could windup being the next Avatar.

All New Puss In Boots Trailer Hits, And There's No Shrek In Sight

While DreamWorks is already complete with their highly sucessful Shrek franchise, that doesn't mean the films characters are done for, atleast one of them isn't. Antonio Banderas will be returning as the smooth talking Puss in Boots, in his all new spin-off, and the trailer has been released before. But can Puss in Boots really be a fun film without the likes of Shrek, Feona, and Donkey?

Review: Does Green Lantern Match Up With The Other Comic Book Movie Greats Of The Summer?

This summer film season has been so far dominated by two comic book films (Both being from Marvel), and Mark Campbell is trying to continue that trend, with his adaption of the popular DC comic book Green Lantern. But can an otherwise unknown character transition well onto the big screen, or does DC only have Superman and Batman to rely on in the box office?

Review: Does Super 8 Earn The Title Of A Spielberg Alien Encounter Classic?

It's been awhile since a movie has actually transported it's viewers back in time, and really captured the essence of that time period and made it feel real. Wow J.J. Abrams' has done exactly that, with the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Super 8. But can it compare to the Spielberg classics of the eighties, or is it just another alien thriller?

New Transformer TV Spot # 8: Possible Four Legged Decepticon

Is most of you may know, the Transformers Dark of the Moon release is approaching, and an all new 8th TV spot was released to promote the highly anticipated movie. Well if you really have a good eye, you probably noticed two four legged Decepticons slam into a white car. These Decepticons are called Dreads; who are twin black emergency vehicles (Chevrolet Suburbans).    

8 All New Green Lantern Clips Full Of Classic Superhero Action

So far this summer movie season hasn't disappointed one bit, especially comic book movies, and fans are crossing their fingers that Green Lantern follows their footsteps come June 17. Early reviews have already been praising Green Lantern, and now that about ten minutes worth of clips have been released online, you can judge for yourself if this really is the film you were hoping for.

Review: Does X-Men First Class Save The Once Dying Fox Franchise Without Sticking To The Comics?

Love them or hate them, the X-Men films have been one of the most successful franchises of the last decade, but they definitely weren't a proper adaption of the popular Marvel comics. Now Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has been given the biggest challenge yet, to teach us the origins of the X-Men while working around Bryan Singer's messed up interpretation of the comics, and not even using any of the original X-Men. Can he do it?

All New Super 8 Trailer Hits, Right Before Release

In just three days, J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Super 8 will finally hit the big screen in the US, and movie goers are excited to see if it really matches up with the classic Spielberg films from the past, or if it just ends up like Abrams' last film Cloverfield (Which was over marketed and turned out to be a generic monster film). Now an all new trailer has been released, you decide if it really makes the cut?

Disney's List Of Possible Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Directors

While Disney's all new entry to their Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't a critical success, that didn't stop it from pulling in big bucks in the box office. And of course where there's money, there's a sequel. While the original Pirate's director Rob Marshall hasn't decided on whether he wants to stick around for a fifth film, Disney's already on the hunt for a suitable replacement.

Review: Is Priest Just Another Predictable Vampire Movie, Or Does It Completely Reinvent The Genre?

Guest post by Stephen. If you want to guest post too, see the requirements here. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw this movie. I’ve never read the graphic novel, the movie was based off of, but I typically like a good vampire movie - as long as they don’t sparkle. The movie is about the dynamic of priests and vampires. The priests are essentially people who are blessed by God with the strength to fight against the vampires, but these vampires were different than any I'm used to.

Review: Does The Hangover Part 2 Offer Anything New That The First One Didn't?

The original Hangover film broke boundaries with it's hilarious style of humor, and hysterical characters. Now the Wolfpack has come back for a second round in the Hangover Part 2, which has easily been one of the most hyped comedies all year. But is really any different than it's predecessor, or does break even more boundaries than the first?

The Hunger Games Series To Be Split Into Four Separate Films

Fans are expecting a lot from Gary Ross' adaption of Suzanne Collin's popular novel The Hunger Games, and with a great cast growing each day, it's seems fan won't have to worry. And for those who still don't have confidence in Ross' film, it looks like Lionsgate will be separating the trilogy of books into four films.

The Hobbit Parts 1 And 2 Release Dates And Official Names Announced

Peter Jackson's all new Hobbit films have been two of the most hyped movies these past couple of years, and now it's finally pulling together. Finally the two release dates for the long awaited films have been released, as well as the subtitles for the films. You didn't just think they'd just call them The Hobbit Part 1 and 2, did you?