8 All New Green Lantern Clips Full Of Classic Superhero Action

So far this summer movie season hasn't disappointed one bit, especially comic book movies, and fans are crossing their fingers that Green Lantern follows their footsteps come June 17. Early reviews have already been praising Green Lantern, and now that about ten minutes worth of clips have been released online, you can judge for yourself if this really is the film you were hoping for.
 Green Lanterns' well known for it's wide array of characters, including it's Corps members (Sinestro, Kilowog, and Tomar-Re) , Hal's love interest  Carol Ferris, and villains Parallax and Dr. Hammond. There's also been confirmation that Nick Jones will appear as popular African American lantern John Stewart in a bar fight scene (Which can be seen in Geoff John's Green Lantern Secret Origins series).

All eight of these clips show Hal interacting with these characters, and it's fascinating to see how different they all are, and how they'll all interconnect in the film.

I'm still a bit skeptical on both the mask and costume, but it's definitely growing on me. I'm loving the way Hal forms his green matter, and how it just splats out of his ring into the shape he wants. These videos prove the big time special effects hyped about this movie won't just be on Oa, but also on Earth.
 I've personally gained full confidence in the film now, especially now that it seems it will follow the Secret Origins story line (One of my all time favorite DC series). The acting seems pretty great, and every actor is displaying their characters just as I imagined them in the comics, I'd definitely marks this one down on the calender if I were you, because I smell another success.

What do you think of the all new clips?