Captain America: The First Avenger Posters And Trailer Revealed

Marvel's comic book movies have been owning the summer box office with both Thor and X-Men First Class making big bucks, and getting high marks from critics. Now Captain America fans are hoping for the same when the First Avenger hits theater this July, and  two all new posters and a trailer just prove why Marvel really is the dominant films studio.

Below is the all new Captain America: The First Avenger trailer:
The trailer above has much more footage of Red Skull's team Hydra, and it's explained the they are a devision of the Nazis (Which most people thought wouldn't be mentioned in the film). There's also a better look a Hugo Weaving as Red Skull himself, and while his voice pretty much sounds the way it always does (Still no hint of a German accent), but he still comes across as sinister as ever.
Now along with the new action packed trailer, and the announcement that the Nazis will be included in the film, two new poster for the film have also been released. One is a close up of a maskless Steve Rogers holding his sheild, and the other is a vintage poster the mimics the cover of Captain America Issue #1, where Rogers, punches Adolf Hitler:

What did you think of the trailer and posters? Are you excited for The First Avenger?