Disney's List Of Possible Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Directors

While Disney's all new entry to their Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't a critical success, that didn't stop it from pulling in big bucks in the box office. And of course where there's money, there's a sequel. While the original Pirate's director Rob Marshall hasn't decided on whether he wants to stick around for a fifth film, Disney's already on the hunt for a suitable replacement.

Cinema Blend has confirmed that names such as Sam Raimi, Alfonso Cuarón, Tim Burton, Shawn Levy, and Chris Weitz. Each of these directors are interesting choice, but some are much more probable than others. But these director will have to wait awhile, because Johnny Depp has stated in the past that he would like to space time between Pirates sequels, especially with his busy schedule (Dark Shadows, The Lone Ranger, and the Thin Man). But before we jump to conclusions, let's take a look at the candidates.
Sam Raimi directed the popular Spider-Man franchise, so we already know he can handle a series. Now many critics bashed Spider-Man 3, but Raimi claims it was because of Sony orders. Now if Disney's gives him his space with Pirates 5, than he'll have a much larger chance of reviving the series. He also has his Oz film with Mila Kunis and James Franco on his hands, which could get in the way.

Tim Burton is probably the least likely choice for this instalment. While he's worked with Depp before, he's a pretty expensive choice for Sony, and I think if Burton would ever make a sequel for his films (Which he's never done) than he'd at least be the person to start it out.

Alfonso Cuarón did a great job with the third Harry Potter film, and many people still wonder till this day what it would've been like if the franchise was still in his hands today. He's currently working on his big film Galaxy, which is set to have an all star cast, but unfortunately he wasn't able to get his original choices to sign on. Because he's still is on the hunt for lead actors for Galaxy, I doubt he'll have time for a whole new movie.

Weitz probably has the least impressive resume of all the directors. He co directed American Pie, and directed the critically bashed Golden Compass, and the second Twilight film; New Moon. While he might not have had a great background, he has a clear schedule, and is probably the most likely choice.

Now the best (And most probable) choice on the list is Levy, who has worked on past films such as Night at the Museum, Date Night, and this year's Real Steel. he has experience with the more childish humor that the past Pirates films, and all of those film were and seem better than On Stranger Tides. Hopefully Disney decides on Levy to be their all new Pirates director.

What do you think of Disney's wish list?