The Hunger Games Series To Be Split Into Four Separate Films

Fans are expecting a lot from Gary Ross' adaption of Suzanne Collin's popular novel The Hunger Games, and with a great cast growing each day, it's seems fan won't have to worry. And for those who still don't have confidence in Ross' film, it looks like Lionsgate will be separating the trilogy of books into four films.

Deadline has reported that the Collin's trilogy will now become a qua-logy:

“Lionsgate executives told Wall Street analysts this morning to expect big things from The Hunger Games, a series of four action films that the studio will release from the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins"

The Hunger Games definitely won't be the first to be splitting up it's series. Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and Twilight are all separating their own books into two different films. This is the smartest choice for filmmakers, so we don't end up with films like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter: And the Goblet of Fire, which stories were either altered or cut to fit the films time frame.
It's better to go the safer route when you're dealing popular novel series, especially when you have a large fan base hovering over your shoulder to see your every move. We can assume Deadline is talking about the last Hunger Games' book Mocking Jay to split in two. Or perhaps the new film could take place between the middle of Catching Fire till the middle of Mocking Jay.

What do you think of the Hunger Games being split into four films?