James McAvoy Up For The Lead In Danny Boyle's Trance

If there's one movie to really keep an eye on in the coming years, it's Danny Boyle's brilliant film 'Trance', and the only thing that can make the movie even more impressive is getting a great leading man. And sure enough, Boyle is taking that into consideration, and is looking into casting James McAvoy as the films' protagonist.

As quirky as it may sound, Michael Fassbender has been up for a role in the film in early May, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Now don't go thinking that Professor X is replacing Magneto in the film, because Fassbender was up to play a different part as a criminal, while McAvoy is being considered for the character of Simon. So there's really no rivalry or coincidence there.
Trance will revolve around an arthouse employee named Simon, who teams up with a group of criminals to steal an esteemed piece of art work. But while executing the mission, Simon gets hit on the head, and forgets where the location of the art work. The criminals then begin to believe that it was all really a set up by Simon, and that is where the mess unravels.
Fassbender was set to play the leader of the mob of criminals, who tries to use hypnosis on Simon to find out where the painting is. It would've been very interesting to see Fassbender and McAvoy go head to head once again, and the two already have a great on screen chemistry. On top of that, Fassbender had already proven he could play fantastic villains and heroes (See Inglourious Basterds and Centurion). It'll be tough to find someone else with a similar action style to Fassbender, that would be a great match for McAvoy's Simon (Might I suggest Clive Owen).
With so many movies revolving around the imagination of the human mind coming out by the dozens from Hollywood (Inception, Unknown, The Adjustment Bureau, Source Code, etc.), Boyle really must make Trance stand out for it to garner critical attention. Boyle has made films of all kinds, but the closest to the type of psychological subject he's tackling in Trance is last year's 127 Hours. We can basically already get a feel of what Trance will be like from the hallucination type sequences from 127 Hours.
Production on Trance will begin in September, but will than go on a break while Boyle works on the 2012 Winter Olympics. It's set for a release some time in 2013.

What do you think of Trance? Do you think Boyle can do it again?