New Transformer TV Spot # 8: Possible Four Legged Decepticon

Is most of you may know, the Transformers Dark of the Moon release is approaching, and an all new 8th TV spot was released to promote the highly anticipated movie. Well if you really have a good eye, you probably noticed two four legged Decepticons slam into a white car. These Decepticons are called Dreads; who are twin black emergency vehicles (Chevrolet Suburbans).    

Some images of the Dreads in both forms:

The Dreads might be in the same parking lot as Megatron, and the parking lot with Optimus Prime. As of now, there are many questions and few answers.
This is a picture of the Dreads as Decepticon bots, they seem to be chasing after something, maybe (And obviously) Autobots. 

Here is the new TV spot for the Transformers Dark of the Moon, which shows a little taste of what Michael Bay has up his sleeves. There are multiple sources that say Dark of the Moon might have even better 3D than Avatar. Lets hope that's true.

Tip: at 00:19 seconds is when you will see the Dreads.

Transformer images at:

The new TV spot has already hit your TV screens, and Transformers Dark of the Moon hits theaters on June 29 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D of course.

Will you be seeing Transformers Dark of the Moon? What do you think of the new TV spot?