Colin Firth And Scarlett Johansson Up For Roles In Danny Boyle's Trance

Last week we reported that Michael Fassbender has dropped out of a role in Danny Boyle's new film Trance, and  his X-Men First Class costar James McAvoy was set to play the films main Now actors Colin Firth and Scarlett Johansson are being looked at to face off against McAvoy in the film, but are they right for the roles?

Speculation claims that Firth will now be playing the role originally intended for Michael Fassbender, which is the role of the gangs leading man Aiden. Firth really hasn't played a very "villainous" role before (Unlike Fassbender), so he'll have to prove himself in Trance. There's no doubt Firth is a fantastic actor, as proven by last year's King Speech, so I'm sure he can tackle the role just as well as Fassbender would've.
As for Johansson, she's set to play a stealthy member if Aiden's gang named Elizabeth. Just like Firth, Johansson really hasn't played a villain before (Her character of Black Widow still hasn't been revealed to be a double agent yet), but we do know that she can manage stealthy characters who kick ass.
For those who didn't read our previous article, Trance follows a man named Simon, who is working with a gang to steal an expensive piece of artwork from the gallery he works at. But Simon suffers a head injury and forgets where the painting the gang's looking for is. So the gang tries to extract where the painting is from Simon's mind using hypnosis.

So far the cast is very impressive and appealing to me,and is definitely making me draw similarities to Christopher Nolan's Inception. Trance might not have a similar plot, but it is following the same plan that Nolan used for Inception, casting well known international actors to help support a brilliant yet complicated plot. If it wasn't for these big familiar names, not nearly as many people would've seen Inception, and the same applies to Trance.
As for Firth and Johansson, both have a large probability of being casted. Johansson is a bit less probable because of her involvement with The Avengers, and it's possible sequel. Firth on the other hand is practically dead set for the role, having already finished filming Tinker, Tailor, Spy, Soldier, and only having thr Coen brother's film named Gambit to work on now.

What do you think of Firth and Johansson joining Trance? Are you interested in the film?