New Set Photos And Footage Of Superman: Man of Steel Emerge, Along With Some Spoilers

Director Zack Snyder has always been known for his over the top slow motion action scenes, as can be seen in his previous films Sucker Punch, Watchmen, and 300. Now it seems he's bringing this specialty to The Man of Steel, with the latest set pics of a helicopter rescue scene. We've also got some major spoilers of the film, giving away the films' climax and some of the characters real perspectives on things.
Below are the set photos, showing a rescue of the Coast Guard by Superman. We also still see Henry Cavill with a beard and a rougher look that makes him resemble Wolverine, and that dog tag doesn't help oppose that. Click to enlarge them:

And here's the set footage of the scene:

The green screen probably teases that this scene will be a lot more intense on the big screen. The beard on the other hand shows that this will be a much darker origin for Superman, similar to the beard Christian Bale sported in Batman Begins. If you still have your doubts about Cavill as the Man of Steel himself, he's definitely buffed up for the role and fits the physic of Superman perfectly, but you can still see him in action in Immortals.
As far as the spoilers, they really aren't any huge surprises, but they can certainly by considered spoilers. Take these with a grain of salt, but based off of the latest set photos and castings they make pretty good sense to me:

  • The climax of the film involves a fight between Zod, Superman, and Faora.
  • This fight occurs after Zod learns that Superman's human name is Clark Kent and attacks the Kent Farm.
  • After the attack, Superman is very angry, hence the fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora at the end of the film; Zod and Faora have basically destroyed the U.S. Armed Forces at this point.
  • Christopher Meloni's character, Colonel Hardy, hates Superman
While all of these are pretty general, it still is very probable they are true. The film has been confirmed to take place partially in Smallville, which would explain the attack on the Kent Farm, and many of the set photos haven't really had all three together in one scene. But one thing for sure, Snyder will definitely surpass Superman Returns in the action department. 

What do you think of the action scene? Are you excited for the Man of Steel now?

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