The Avengers Assemble And Spring Into Action In Their New Official Trailer

Well fans of the popular Marvel comic won't have to wait any longer, because now they can finally see Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury side by side fending off evil. If you had your doubts about the Avengers, prepared to be relived, because the new trailer really does live up to the film's high expectations.

Many set photos have practically been confirming that Loki isn't the sole villain that the Avengers will be facing off against (What with all the space ships around the set). But unfortunately, the trailer has yet to reveal who these 'aliens' really are, but instead really makes it appear that Loki is the primary villain of the film. We also get a glimpse of some of the inner team conflicts that the actors have spoken about in interviews. See for yourself below:

As an ultimate Marvel fan I must admit, this trailer gave me goosebumps. The trailer didn't fail to impress me, and I especially loved the Hulk's new look. He now has the prefect balance between the towering a very green and fake looking Hulk from 2003, and the much smaller and darker shad of green Hulk from 2008. It also bares a resemblance to Mark Ruffalo, and clearly won't be the friendliest teammate for the Avengers to have around.
The costume changes seem to be for the betterment of the characters, and while it seems we'll mostly being seeing Thor with sleeves, we also get a quick glimpse of him with none which is a great nod to the comics. Captain America's suit looks much better in the footage than it did in set photos, and it's hard to tell how the helmet has turned out considering the fact that it hardly showed. Iron Man seems to be donning the exact same suit from Iron Man 2, which really isn't a problem, but I was expecting at least some minor changes (Perhaps the rumors of him wearing the Hulkbuster suit will come true).
As the far as the films action goes, we really haven't seen that much over the top disastrous action in any Marvel Studios films as of yet, so it was interesting to see the Michael Bay route they're taking with it. By that I mean; cars flipping, explosions everywhere, running around through building, and turning a large city into an all out war zone. While this will definitely make the Avengers have a real  'saving the world from cataclysmic destruction' label to it, it might not work as well as the one on one fights we've been seeing in the previous films.
What did you think of the Avengers trailer? Did it meet your expectations?