Matt Reeves Chosen As Director For New Twilight Zone Feature Film

It seems that after many rumored candidates such as Christopher Nolan and Michael Bay, Cloverfield and Let Me In director Matt Reeves has been confirmed as the director of the new Twilight Zone film, based off of the popular nineteen fifties series, and the nineteen eighties series, and that two thousand three series, and the eighties film. Yeah, let's just say this isn't the first time Twilight Zone is reincarnated.

If you can recall, this isn't the first time Twilight Zone hits the big screen. Back in the eighties, Steven Spielberg released a Twilight Zone film starring Dan Aykroyd, which consisted of four different stories based off of different episodes of the series. It's always been considered a problem for how a proper Twilight Zone movie should be made, because of all the different episodes of the series, which is what really made it popular. So perhaps the new film will only focus on one episode, or maybe one entirely made up. Just look at Real Steel, which was actually based off an episode of Twilight Zone, it could work.
Anyway, the first draft of the film's script was written by Rand Ravich, but it's now been taken over by Jason Rothenberg. Other collaborators of the film, with Leonardo DiCaprio already set to produce the film, while it's very probable that J.J. Abrams will be involved with the project, considering the fact that he's good friends with Reeves and has worked with him before (See Cloverfield), and parallel universes and alternate realities are sort of his thing (See Fringe and Lost).
As for Reeves himself, his schedule isn't exactly clear at the moment. He's currently attached to direct (Yet another) Frankenstein movie titled The Dark Endeavor, a vampire film titled The Passage, and a book adaption titled 8 O'Clock in the Morning. Need less to say it'll be a while till he gets his hands on Twilight Zone, but at least we'll be able to judge for our selves whether he's fit for the job from his resume. Hopefully be looking out for the Twilight Zone film sometime next summer.
What do you think of Matt Reeves directing a Twilight Zone film? Is he the right man for the job?