The Simpsons Negotiations Settled, Will Have Seasons 24 And 25 After All

The Simpsons is arguably the most successful adult animated program of all time, and whether you much rather watch Family Guy or South Park instead, there's no rejecting that the Simpsons started it all. Well it seems Simpsons' fans won't have to say goodbye to Homer and the gang just yet, after contract negotiations between Fox and the show's voice cast almost put it in jeopardy, the Simpson's has pulled through for two more seasons.

Just last week problems began to unravel when the studio demanded that the Simpson voice cast take a 45% pay cut to bring The Simpsons' production cost down 30%. That would mean the cast would be getting 4 million dollars rather than the original 8 million. But the cast didn't agree with this, and instead insisted that they take a 30% pay cut, and that they also get some back-end profits. Fox declined this offer, so in a desperate attempt to save the show, they show's producers all agreed to take a pay cut rather than the voice actors. Though this still wasn't enough for Fox.
The studio gave the voice cast a deadline on resolving the situation, and also confirmed that no matter what happens, the twenty fourth season would be it's last. One last attempt was made by Harry Shearer,who plays Homer's worst enemy and neighbor Ned Flanders on the show, and proposed for the voice cast to take a 70% pay cut, but get back-end profits from the studio. But the offer was still rejected, because Fox refused to give the cast any back-end profits. But somehow (Which hasn't been revealed yet), the cast still managed to make an agreement, and land a twenty fifth season.
While many devoted Simpsons' fans will admit that the show has gone down in quality since the dawn of the century, at least now producers have a mind set as to when the show will end, and that may put the pressure on them needed to bring back the shows good qualities, in order to make it's last seasons as memorable as it's first. Who knows, maybe we'll see a sequel to the Simpsons Movie for a big finale.

What do you think of the Simpsons getting renewed? Would you like to see another movie? Has the show lost it's touch?