The Social Network And Moneyball's Aaron Sorkin Set To Write Steve Jobs Bio Film

With the recent publicity on Steve Jobs, it was only a matter of time before Apple head Steve Jobs got his own movie, and now it's finally going into action after his passing just two weeks ago. And sure enough, none other than Moneyball and The Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin is being eyed to write a the film adaption of the Walter Isaacson's best selling biography 'Steve Jobs'.

The book was just published last week, and is based off of the 40 interviews Jobs gave over a period of two years. It focuses on how Jobs got started in technology, his relationships with his family and friends, his thoughts on competitors such as Bill Gates, and his health. While the books premise doesn't have all the same drama and action as the book The Social Network was based off of (Accidental Billionaires), it still would definitely make for an interesting film, and one that many people would probably want to see.
There's no doubt that Sorkin is fit for the task, having just written Moneyball and The Social Network, which were financial based biographies as well. His work on the Social Network even brought him an Academy Award, as well as four and a half stars from us. Now the main problem with the project as that there's still gaps in Jobs life that were never filled by him, and now can not be. And on top of that, Sorkin never knew Jobs, which puts him in an odd position having to write a biopic about someone who recently passed away, without actually having spoken a word to him.
Names are already being thrown around to play the young Jobs such as Christian Bale and Ashton Kutcher, while Stanley Tucci is being rumored for an older Jobs. Kutcher might bare a striking resemblance to a young Jobs, I don't think he can carry out Jobs' intelligent nature at all, similar to how I saw Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, so my vote goes to Bale. Tucci on the other hand in a very successful actor whose proven himself on numerous occasions including in The Lovely Bones, Captain America: The First Avenger, and just recently as an economist in Margin Call.
And all though we never came round to writing a post about it, here's what I had to say on our side bar following Jobs' death:

A huge impact on the technological world, and the movie industry (Pixar Animation). Thank you for your contribution to the world.

So what do you think of Sorkin writing a Steve Jobs film? Who would you cast as Jobs?