Review: Does Red Dawn Make For A Worthy Remake of the Original Classic?

Red Dawn. A remake of the 1984 film with the same title starring some big names including Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, it was bound to do better because of an all -star cast, a whole bunch of action, and a cool story line, right? WRONG. Instead what we got was a rushed storyline, characters that didn't really seem interesting, and an overall remake that doesn't meet the standards of the original.

In the beginning of  Red Dawn we pretty much learn of a problem starting with North Korea kinda saying they're immature and how they are planning something big, which kinda seemed cool. Then we switch over to the main storyline with our main characters; Thor, Josh, Peeta...oh wait that's not right. But that how the movie starts to feel. Chris Hemsworth starts to loose the sense of his character and as a fan I start to see more of  Thor than I do of Jed. Same thing happens with Josh Peck playing Matt, I begin to get tired of his whining and start seeing him as more of chubby adorable Josh from the TV show Drake and Josh than some harden teen who just saw his dad get killed.
Same goes with most of the other characters, and after a while you notice that you dont really form a connection with any of the characters at all. SPOILER: Some of the characters die in the film, but in a way you dont care. I mean their not even on the movie's promotional posters so that kinda throws a sucker punch. One reason for the lack of character depth and relation is because of a rushed storyline.
One second they're waking up in bed, next second they're running from explosions. I mean really, do you seriously think that North Korea can just tip toe into American Airspace and no one notices. At least have the characters get a bowl of cereal and check their facebook in the morning before everything happens, but no, it's just kind of thrown onto you and you have to deal with it.
The action scenes weren't too bad, but seemed repetitive. Wolverines ( school mascot/ what they call themselves) shoot at the North Koreans, North Koreans fire back, random explosion happens, Wolverines win and take some free stuff. After a while it's like, wait. didn't you guys just blow up some cars and what not, why are you doing it again.
After a few action scenes here and there you get tired of the movie, I mean it seems that the entire army went on Christmas break for some reason in that movie and all hope is left upon a girl scout troop with Thor, Peeta, and Josh. Could the movie have been better? Yes. Should it have been better? Probably. Would I recommend you go see Red Dawn in theaters? It depends , if you wanna kill time and watch a quick action flick where you don't really care for the characters and just wanna see stuff blow up, then be my guest.
To conclude, Red Dawn isn't a bad movie but there are many things that could've been done differently/adjusted in order to make it a stronger and more memorable movie. But overall it has potential and can lead into possibly a trilogy of films showing improvement.

I give Red Dawn 3 out of 5 stars:

And here's the trailer:

What are your thoughts on Red Dawn?Are you going to go check it out?