Stephanie Szostak May Be Playing Wasp In Iron Man 3

The excitement for Shane Black's Iron Man 3 has really been racking up lately with the exciting trailer making it's way online just a month ago, and so many characters being included such as Iron Man's archnemesis the Mandarin. It looks to be a worthy predecessor to this summers The Avengers, and an exciting new addition to Marvel's Cinematic Universe. But rumor rose just this summer that Antman will make an appearance in Iron Man 3, as well as setting up the film's villain Chen Lu/Radioactive Man. But now it seems Stephanie Szostak's mystery role in the film may be Janet van Dyne herself, known as the Wasp and future member of The Avengers and wife of Hank Pym/Antman.

The rumor doesn't come as much of a shock considering the fact that Stephanie Szostak's casting was only revealed at Comic-Con, and while all the other roles including Ben Kinglsey as Mandarin and Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian were later confirmed, there was never any word or confirmation as to who Szostak was playing. While so may think she may just be playing a small part such as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she seems to be playing a bigger part considering she made it into the films first trailer.
Janet van Dyne is a character that seems to make a lot of sense, not only because Szostak herself both looks and fits the part, but also because Edgar Wright's Antman film has already been given an August 2015 release date right after the Avengers, and rumor has it that Antman was going to make his debut in The Avengers 2 before going on to his own solo movie. Edgar Wright has also been said to be directing the Iron Man 3 after credit scene which would set up the Antman film.
The source of the rumor comes from, who claim that they have a tip that Szostak is playing Wasp in the film, as well s a recent tweet from user Roger Wardell, who claims to have inside information from Marvel. While that may sound like a load of BS, Wardell's previous tweets have actually been proven right as of yet after he stated Falcon would be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier just a whole before Anthony Mackie was casted in the role. On top of that the inclusion of government unit A.I.M. (Common enemy of Hank Pym) and Chen Lu/Radioactive Man, it wouldn't come off as a surprise that Iron Man 3 is trying to set-up a lot for Antman.

And here's the Iron Man 3 trailer for those who didn't catch it:
Iron Man 3 hits theaters May 3, 2012 while Antman is a while away on November 16, 2015