Transformers 4: Did It Really Need To Go There?

Transformers. That lovable old T.V show that we watched as kids and then ran out to go buy all the toys , is slowly destroying itself. In 2007 we were presented with Transformers directed by Michael Bay and we seemed satisfied. I mean a good movie and will probably have a good sequel, well we were wrong. In 2009 the absolutely hot mess of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen  was released and audiences were forced to ask themselves "Whats was the point of this movie?" But in a attempt  to redeem himself and save the Transformers name, Michael Bay set out once again and in 2011 released Transformers: Dark of the Moon (which would've made a better sequel).

Transformers : DTOM was believed to be the end of the Transformers trilogy , which would've ended it on a good note. BUT NOW, in 2012 we hear of news, unfortunate news, news of Transformers 4. Transformers : DTOM  was set up and was executed as though it would be the last film for the Transformers saga, but all of a sudden it seems that the trilogy will be having another baby. So far we have only received bits and pieces of information regarding the movie, one piece being that Mark Wahlberg is being casted as one of the main characters. Not saying that Mark Wahlberg is a bad casting, but is he truly what the Transformers needs?
When Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen came out, it made a statement about the future Transformers movies . ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Visually it looks beautiful, but when you look at the storyline its like something that was slapped together during a coffee break. The storylines are simply a copy of one another but with a little twist. For example, they're always looking for something ( the cube, matrix of leader ship, pillars), the Autobots are always out numbered but manage to win, there is always a giant robot that the Decepticons manage to sneak onto Earth without anyone knowing, and last of all there are the Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS ( the ones that come out for no reasons, white tipped, often to emphasize nothing). I mean when is it just gonna be Autobots vs. Decepticons ALL OUT BATTLE TO THE DEATH...... possibly never the way Transformers 4 is looking. Also news has been released that Transformers 4 will probably take the action over seas again to the great land of China
China. A peacful land with not a large name in technology will probably be the set of Transformers 4 and to this I facepalm. Out of all places, why not Tokyo , Japan. Tokyo is practically one of the largest technological cities and would be a cool set for a giant robotic alien war to go down. But no, we are brought to China where majority of the people ride bikes and public transportation. Rumors also state that there will be a battle on the Great Wall, to this I facepalm once again ( this time with a brick in hand). Did we not learn from our Autobot trip to Eygpt, that technologicaly advanced robots doesn't look right next to ancient older structures. Let me guess, the Great Wall of China is actually a giant tube funneling the Energon out of Earth.
Not saying that Transformers 4 will be bad, but it sounds as though its being rushed and treated as though it were a quick buck rather than a movie that reminds us how awesome the original cartoons were. But if things are continuing the way they are with the Transformers saga, your gonna wish that Optimus had sacrificed himself in the first movie.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Transformers 4?