X-Men Get An Amen: No More Leather Suits For X-Men Days of Future Past

Oh the good ol' X-Men, pretty cool movies, not bad casting, awesome effects for the time being, but what's holding it back? Could it be the infamous, skin tight, fake ab, leather suits? Well apparently it is, because they are being tossed out the door in order to make way for a new line up of suits. I mean who thought of it anyway? Why would superhero's who need to be flexible wear leather?

When watching the movies, in a sense they do make dynamic characters such as Wolverine and Iceman feel clunky and stiff. It takes away from the value of the character and makes them seem more like people with medical problems rather than mutants fighting to stay alive. It would make sense for characters such as Colossus to have a leather suit because he is a massive, bullet proof , one man demolition team, but for characters like Wolverine who do a lot of jumping , swinging, and slicing it's almost as though the suit is a retardation. But the great movie god in the sky has been listening to our prayers and will be getting rid of the old leather suits... hopefully.
So what type of costumes can be used in order to make the great use of the X-Men characters? I believe that they should go the The Amazing Spider-Man  route. In some ways people may dislike spandex because it looks too tight or leaves male characters with the Bat Bulge (named after the bulge in the suit seen in the Dark Knight Rises stills) . But in a way if the characters are constantly in motion , fighting, and doing something interesting, spandex is probably the best choice in terms of suits. One thing that the fans have been anxiously waiting for is the old fashion Wolverine suit.
After a while you can't tell whether your watching a Wolverine movie or Hugh Jackman with claws movie. In my opinion the suit could've and should've been brought out during X-Men 2 or maybe even X-Men Origins: Wolverine. So far there has been no mention or even hint of the original suit, so it kinda feels like Wolverine is a entirely different character from where he once was. Back then he was a deadly killing machine that wore a sleeve-less suit and gave people a reason to fear him, now he is leather wearing Hugh Jackman with pointy hair and under shirts.
Not saying that they should go hardcore 90's and bring back all the old costumes and what not, but it would be nice for them to at least reference them or make n attempt to show that they existed at one point. But hey, they still have a few more X-Men movies coming out including The Wolverine coming out soon, so you may never know what to look forward to.
What do you think of the X-Men no longer wearing their leather costumes? Would you like to see a more classic look?