Iron Man 3 New Trailer, Rumors, Expectations, And What The Trailer Confirms

Phase 2 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe has officially begun! With the release of the Iron Man 3 trailer it is safe to say that we are at the start of Marvel's Phase 2. The trailer showed us Tony Stark in a much darker story, as he's pushed to the brink by the terrorist known as the Mandarin. What you may not realize is that Iron Man and Iron Man 2 were simply to introduce Tony's character and give you a small dose of what Iron Man can do. In Iron Man 3 we will be seeing a lot more action, a deeper storyline, and almost a set tone for Marvel films to come.

First off here's the all new Iron Man 3 trailer:

And here's what we've learned so far about Iron Man 3:
-Tony will have the Extremis Armor and Extremis creator Aldrich Killian (Played by Guy Pearce) will be a significant character in the film.
-Mandarin will be appearing as a terrorist figure pulling the strings of a larger operation.
- War Machine will become the Iron Patriot and will work for the President as a sort of body guard.
- Tony's beautiful mansion, the one that hangs off the side of a cliff and holds all of suits will be destroyed.
- There will be aerial action sequences taking place (Iron Man saving people falling out of a plane).
-There will be an army of Extremis infected people like in the comics.
-At some point in the film both Tony and Rhodes will stripped of their suits, having to survive without tech and using Stark's Iron Legion of armors to fight off Mandarin's army.

So far Iron Man 3 sounds awesome. The supposed storyline states that Tony will be under going some type of post traumatic stress since he almost lost his life in the Avengers and he feels that no matter what he does, there is someone always out there trying to kill him. In the trailer there are a few scenes where Tony isn't in the suit, yet the suit is operating which is kind of creepy. One instant where Pepper is in bed with Tony and the suit reaches in and pulls him away. The second time being when Tony is laying on the floor and the suit is standing over him.
Seeing the armor perform without Tony in it brings up the question whether someone else is in the suit or whether the new suit is the Sentient Armor. For those who do not know who Sentient Armor is, it's one of Iron Man's suits that was hit by lightning during a fight with Whiplash which caused it to form an Artificial Intelligence system and function on its own. It would be cool to see the Sentient Armor atleast mentioned in Iron Man 3 because it's similar to the tech used on both Ultron and Vision.
Another thing that we saw in the new Iron Man 3 trailer was Mandarin. Most people expected him to be a Asian man with long hair and talon like fingers... well you were wrong. Referencing the Ten Rings Terrorist group in the first Iron Man, they made Mandarin more of a Middle Eastern Terrorist instead of his traditional look. In my own personal opinion ,this changes the tone of the story majorly, taking it from a comic book conversion to almost a realistic scenario in regards to all that has been happening in the world lately.
Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Hugo) as Mandarin caught me off guard when I saw the pictures originally, it was nothing like what I expected it to be. In a sense I like where it is going and it has raised my expectations for the film. The scene in the first trailer where a whole bunch of news crew helicopters fire at Tony's mansion with rockets and we hear voice over of Mandarin stating  "Lesson number one heroes... there is no such thing". That statement alone makes Mandarin seem a whole lot cooler and a much bigger threat for Tony to me.
The trailer also confirms rumors so far stating that there will be a scene involving forty Iron Men (As in the Iron Man suits that Tony made between The Avengers, Iron Man, and Iron Man 2 and now) also known as the Iron Legion appearing in the films climax battle. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: One of which is said to be an A.I. version of Tony's body guard Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) who will die in the film and his brain patterns will be placed in the suit. END SPOILER. Other confirmed armors include the Heartbreaker armor, the Hulk buster armor, the Stealth armor, Layered platting armor, Aquatic armor, Asgardian Destroyer armor, Particle Radiation Canon armor, Rescue armor, Deep Space Armor, and the Godkiller armor.
There are also rumors of Radioactive Man and Wasp popping up somewhere in Iron Man 3. The Wasp rumors come from Wang Xueqi's casting in the film as a character known as "Dr. Wu" who is believed to be a pre-Radioactive Man Chen Lu working a a scientist for the Mandarin. Seeing Wasp in Iron Man 3 is more likely to occur, because the Avengers are probably going to recruit a majority of their members in order to take on Thanos in the Avengers 2. Stephanie Szostak was casted into the film quite late and it's still unspecified which role she will be playing, but rumors point to her role indeed being Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. Wasp. So if Wasp is to pop up, it wouldn't and shouldn't be a big surprise. Also there have been reported rumors floating around that Iron Man may get a vehicle of some sort, but when you think of it, why the hell would Iron Man need a vehicle when he can frickin fly!
 Another Marvel character that's been rumored to make a post credits appearance in IM3 in none other than Guardians of the Galaxy leader Star Lord aka Peter Quill. Rumor has it that either Iron Man will be flying into space to help the Guardians out with Thanos using the suit we've seen leaked online, or that Star Lord will be sending a distress signal out to Stark either for help with Thanos or warning him of Thanos heading to Earth, most likely setting up Avengers 2. Either post credit scene makes a lot of sense, especially with Thanos most likely fighting the Guardians before making it to Earth and taking on The Avengers, plus Chris Pratt has already been casted as Star Lord so he can easily make an appearance.
As of yet, Iron Man 3 really sounds like a recipe for success with so many great actors, characters, and event set to take place. So it is up to Marvel now to either give us an Iron Man movie that will top it all off and knock the socks off our feet, or give us a movie that will leave us on our backs in the snow wondering, what just happened here? 
What did you think of the Iron Man 3 trailer? What are your expectations for Iron Man 3?