Fan-Cast: What I Believe A Warner Bros. Flash Film Series Should Be Like

Superhero movies are practically everywhere in the film industry now a days, and now almost all of the most well known heroes including Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Batman, Superman, and The Avengers themselves have all had a chance to get onto the big screen with great talented actors portraying them, memorable villains, and spectacular directors bringing their stories right off the page. But one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to superhero films is why there hasn't even been a Flash film yet? Well while it seems Green Lantern has practically ruined the chances of a Flash film getting off the ground, I've developed my own ideas for a Flash film series that would hopefully be a lead up to a Justice League film in the future. 

So I basically want to see a total of four films in the Flash series, which should give us enough time to see both Barry Allen and Wally West as The Flash as well as the main members of their rogues gallery and the members of the Speed Force. The first film should basically be an origin story for Barry Allen and how he became the Flash as well as pitting him against Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom who has the same powers as Barry. Barry along with his nephew Wally he received the same powers as him done the identities of The Flash and Kid Flash facing off against their evil equivalents Professor Zoom and the reverse Kid Flash aka Inertia.
The second film of the series should pit Barry and Wally against the leader of Flash's Rogues gallery which is none other than Captain Cold and their first introduction the Max Mercury and the members of the Speed Force. The third film of the series would have the two now being pushed to their limitations of Flash's entire rogues gallery of villains and an unexpected arrival of a future Wally West now as the second Flash. He would be coming back to prevent the death of his aunt Iris West at the hands of Professor Zoom and the Rogues but the three eventually fail at their mission and are unable to save her (Similar to the comic storyline). This leaves our hero at a low point giving up the mantle of the Flash and passing it on to Wally West.
The sequel should take place years later and be based on The Flash: Rebirth story line. Barry Allen has since died and Wally is now The Flash with Bart Allen now as Impulse aka the new Kid Flash. That is where Barry Allen is revived and fights along with the current Flash, Wally West to identify a disruption in the Speed Force. Somewhere along the line the movie should have cameos by Superman (Owain Yeoman) and Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds). The film will finally unite all the members of the Speed Force including Barry, Wally (As Kid Flash), adult Wally, Max Mercury, Impulse, and the original Flash Guy Garrick. The series should then end with both adult Wally and Barry traveling to the future and meeting the future third Flash who is revealed to be none other than Bart Allen/Impulse. And now for the cast:
Professor Zoom/Eobard Twane-Paul Bettany
As in my proposed Flash films Professor Zoom would be the primary villain, I really needed an actor who can give a great and menacing portrayal and really give off a threat for our Flash. Paul Bettany is a fantastic versatile actor who fits just that description, and he hasn't yet been given a strong villain role which I think he'd be great for.

Zoom/Hunter Zolomon-Ben Foster
For Hunter Zolomon I needed a younger actor who could bring us a more psychotic villain for our heroes, and Ben Foster has proven himself over the years by portraying roles with that characterization, as seen in Alpha Dog. But what really got me thinking Ben Foster would be a great superhero villain was his performance as Charlie Prince in 3: 10 to Yuma, which makes me believe he'd bring a lot of personality to the role and won't be overshadowed by Bettany in any way.

Impulse/Kid Flash/Bart Allen-Callan McAuliffe
After seeing him in Flipped and I Am Number Four, there's no doubt that McAuliffe is a great young talent in Hollywood, and he'd make a great superhero. He fits Bart Allen personality wise perfectly, and he'd really give us a fun energetic Impulse that's perfectly accurate to the comics.

Inertia/ Reverse Impulse-Jack Quaid
Like with both of the Zooms, I really needed someone vicious and menacing to pull of Inertia which are qualities that are very hard to find in a young actor. I eventually decided on Quaid, as shown in his performance as Marvel one of the Career tributes in The Hunger Games he was able to make the character very maniacal and mean spirited with barely any lines, so imagine what he could do with such a key role this time around.


Superman/Clark Kent-Owain Yeoman
Somewhere along the lines in a Flash series I'd love to see a Superman or Clark Kent cameo come along. Superman and Flash have always been known to be a bit competitive when it comes to their speed so it'd be very interesting to see it portrayed on screen, and would give a great scene both visually and humorously. I decided not to go with the obvious choice of Henry Cavill who's playing him in Man of Steel for creative purposes, and if there was anyone else I'd want to see in the role it would've been Yeoman who always gives a great performance on The Mentalist and has Superman and Clark's character traits and physicality down.

Reprising The Role Of Green Lantern/ Hal Jordan- Ryan Reynolds
Okay, okay, so we all know Green Lantern was not a good film at all, but in all fairness Reynolds wasn't the weakest link of the film by a long shit. While it would be better for Warner Bros. to just reboot the franchise at this point, chances are they won't for productivity issues and their rush to a Justice League movie. But I don't want Green Lantern's solo film to effect his character in a DC Cinematic Universe, and the friendship between Hal Jordan and Barry Allen has always been a profound one in the comics. It would only make sense for Hal to appear in a Flash film, and having him portrayed by Reynolds seems to be the only way for it to happen.


Captain Cold-Michael Massee
Behind Zoom, Captain Cold is by far the villain that possess the biggest threat to the Flash of all the Rogues, so ideally he needs an actor that can portray him just as menacing as he should be. Massee is a great actor at playing cold villains and he's extremely underrated despite the fact that he brings a level on physiological complexion to his villainous characters. While it had seemed he was going to play Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man series (Something I was very excited to see) Chris Cooper (The Muppets) has since been casted in the role so that leaves Massee vacant to take on another superhero villain and who better than the leader of the Rogues himself; Captain Cold.

Heatwave-Logan Marshall Green
Heatwave is a pretty badass villain of the Flash that has just been made even more badass in the New 52, so  he's an ideal pick for a big screen Flash villain. Marshall-Green is a great actor as he displayed with his role in Ridley Scott's Prometheus and he reminds be a lot of a young Tom Hardy which is exactly the type of actor I picture in a role like Heatwave.

Weather Wizard-Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis is probably one of the most underrated actors of our time who's played such iconic motion capture roles as Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Gollum in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings series. But what most people don't know is that Serkis is a great actor outside of motion capture as well although he sadly hasn't been given a big blockbuster to show case his none mo-cap acting talent in. Well I think he'd play a great villain for the Flash with Weather Wizard and it'd finally give him the chance to showcase his variety with his acting abilities.

Trickster-Seann William Scott
Trickster is easily the most hilarious of the Flash's rogues gallery and he could provide audiences with one of the funniest movie villains ever. To bring Trickster to life we really need an actor who can bring the laughs just as much as the writing will and who better than Stifler himself. Scott has proven time and time again that he's one of the funniest actors around at playing Trickster type characters such as in American Pie, Role Models, and Dude Where's My Car, so he'd be the ideal choice for the role with out a doubt.

Captain Boomerang-Jason Clarke
Captain Boomerang as his name presumes isn't exactly the coolest villain out there, but DC has at least improved him in the comics more recently from his original appearance. None the less Boomerang would be another fun villain to have the Flash face off against but he also needs an actor who can bring a lot of seriousness and threatening persona that's need for any on screen villain. I finally decided on Jason Clarke, who has a rising career ahead of him after recently starring in Zero Dark Thirty and now playing the lead in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but not only is he Australian like Boomerang but he can make the character much more menacing then he would be other wise and really provide and entertaining villain.

Mirror Master-Alexis Denisof
While Denisof starred in a minor role in The Avengers lat year as the Chituari "The Other", it doesn't make it impossible for him to play a DC villain as well. Denisof is an awesome actor who has proven himself numerous times in a number of Joss Whedon's works including Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse. Not only that but Denisof voiced Mirror Master himself in both Justice League: Unlimited and Justice League: Doom and it's been the vest version of the character I've ever seen, so I'd love to see it again but this time on the big screen.

The Top-Bruce Campbell
While there had always been rumors that we'd eventually see Campbell as a Spider-Man villain in one of Sam Raimi's films (Rumored to be Mysterio) we never had the chance to see it happen. But with a film like the Flash comedic villains are the perfect fit for the Speedster to face off against, and while the Top may not be the coolest villain around Campbell would bring so much presence and personality to him like he did as Ash in Evil Dead that'd you'd almost forget The Top was as lame as he is and instead enjoy the character.


Jay Garrick-Bruce Greenwood
Having been the first Flash of them all, it's only fair for Guy Garrick to have a role in a Flash movie series as a sort of mentor/father figure for Barry Allen. Bruce Greenwood fits the bill perfectly, and he'd bring the warm mentor qualities that I'd want for the role as well as some humor and banter between him Barry and Wally, and the more old school character. He'd be able to bring a similar relationship between him and Barry to that of his character Captain Pike with James T. Kirk in Star Trek. I also think Greenwood would be very believable as a man who was previously a superhero and is now handing down the mantel.

Linda Park- Grace Park
Grace Park is a phenomenal actress on Hawaii Five-0 and is almost a scene stealer most of the time and she works very well opposite both Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. I think she'd give off a very strong and independent performance as Linda and she'd make her more than just Wally West's girlfriend and give her a lot of personality and character. 

Iris West-Kate Mara
While I had always thought Amy Adams would've been a great Iris West, she's obviously preoccupied playing Superman's love interest Lois Lane now in Man of Steel. So I decided on a new actress for the role which is Kate Mara, who's a great actress and has starred in such films as Iron Man 2 and 127 Hours but hasn't really been given a big role in any of these films. She fits the character if Iris perfectly and is the right age to work opposite my Barry Allen choice and continue on through the whole series of Flash films.

Max Mercury- Michael Keaton
John Slattery is usually cast as Max, but I'd thought I would get a more creative pick for the role of the most experienced of the speedsters, and who better than Michael Keaton himself. Keaton's obviously no stranger to playing a superhero as we know from Tim Burton's Batman, and it'd be great to see him back as a superhero and especially a DC one. Keaton seems to be making a comeback with roles in movies such as Need for Speed and the RoboCop reboot so it'd be fitting for him to have a role in a big block buster series like the Flash.

Adult Bart Allen/Flash-Mark-Paul Gosselaar
I personally feel that a Flash series should definitely involve time travel as it's one of his most key powers and with time travel also comes seeing past and future versions of certain characters, and one of these characters I believe should be an adult Bart Allen as the third Flash. It wouldn't be a large part but I feel it'd be a nice way to end the series showing the Bart will eventually take up the mantle, and maybe having him meet Barry and Wally and having all three of the Flashes all together in one place would be an awesome way to end a spectacular saga of The Flash. Gosselaar is obviously best known for his work as Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell, but since he's shown his more dramatic side on NYPD Blue and Raising the Bar. I think he'd be great alongside my other Flash choices, and he fits an older version of Callan McAuliffe well.

Kid Flash/Young Wally West- Dave Franco
Dave Franco had been my choice for a young Wally West for a long time my only concern now is that he might be too old for the role already being in his twenties to portray a "Kid" Flash and it woudn't be a big enough gap in age between him and my adult Wally West choice. None the less Franco has proven his comedic chops on both Scrubs and in 21 Jump Street and he'd really bring a lot of great humor to the film. He's also very believable as a younger version of my adult Wally West choice.

 Or Young Wally West/Kid Flash-Gabriel Basso
Since I still have concerns that Franco may be too old to play a teenage version of Wally West I've decided to go with a second and younger choice. Basso is a very talented young actor who has already established himself in a more comedic role in Super 8 as well as a more dramatic part in Kings of the Summer.  He fits the more teenage Wally well, as well as better physically resembling the character. My only problem with Basso as a young Wally is that he really doesn't look like my adult Wally choice where as Franco does.

Barry Allen/ The Flash-Scott Speedman
The Flash himself was actually the hardest role to cast, because honestly I couldn't even decide on which Flash to start off the series with. Originally I was going to go with Wally West to start the series since I loved his comedic touch to the team in the Justice League cartoon, but after a while I realized that you can't just skip over Barry Allen, and quite frankly he's also a very interesting character too. So after read the New 52 I went with Barry, and Speedman was the first person to come to mind. I could see him having great chemistry with my entire supporting cast, and he could still offer some comedic moments even if he isn't playing Wally. He's a great actor who can no doubt pull off the serious forensic scientist side of Barry, as well as the superhero Flash himself. 

And Wally West/The Flash-Mike Vogel
There's a lot of actors I considered for Wally West as he's one of the funniest and most free spirited heroes to ever grace a comic book so I really needed an actor that could translate those same traits on screen. I finally decided on Vogel he has the exact likable and funny personality Wally needs as well as the qualities of a hero in a blockbuster film. An adult Wally would obviously come later in the series after we've already seen him as Barry's sidekick as Kid Flash, so I needed an actor that could also show us a more matured version of Wally then his days as Kid Flash and one that would show qualities reminiscent of his mentor Barry and I think Vogel has all that down and displays some of the same personality traits as Speedman which would help make the Wally and Barry relationship feel much more realistic.

Music by Michael Giacchino
Giacchino is by far one of my favorite film composers around, and not only does he have the perfect tone and pace of music for a Flash film but he has also worked with my director choice numerous times in the past. Giacchino's score have a fast paced and light hearted feel to them that is exactly the type of music that fits a Flash film and is a great contrast from the usual darker superhero film scores such as Hans Zimmer's Dark Knight score (Which I love too but doesn't fit a character like The Flash). A perfect example of Giacchino's fast paced scores can be heard in both his Incredibles and John Carter scores but mainly in the race sequences of his Speed Racer score.

Directed by Brad Bird
While I considered a few other directors including Michael Gondry and Neil Burger, Brad Bird without a doubt is the perfect man for the job. He understands just about every element it would take to make a successful Flash film, and Bird has yet to direct a movie that hasn't impressed with highly praised animated films such as The Incredibles, The Iron Giant, and Ratatouille, as well as his live action film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. He's proven that he understand how to tell an epic cinematic superhero tale through The Incredibles as well as his sense of jaw dropping action with Ghost Protocol. If there's any person I'd want a Flash series to be in the hands of it'd be Bird for sure.
So what do you think of my ideas for a Flash movie series? Do you have any ideas or casting suggestions of your own?