First Look At Jamie Foxx As Electro In Set Photos From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Speculation has arisen in the case that Jamie Foxx had no resemblance to the traditional green and yellow, old fashioned Electro who often is seen trying to electrocute our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but after recent photos from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 we can now see the intention was never to go for the original Electro design but rather the Ultimate Spider-Man concept. In this form he is completely blue skinned made of almost complete electricity. As seen in the photo, not only is Jamie Foxx's skin painted blue but he is also accompanied by some sort of LED lights within his hood. See more set photos of Foxx as Electro aka Maxwell Dillon below.

In my opinion there's a pro and con to the new look for Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In a way you can say he does resemble Mr. Freeze played notoriously by Arnold Schwartznegger in Batman and Robin, or that he also resembles an oversized Smurf reject. Yet on the other hand with advancement in CGI and the fact that his character does control electricity, there's a possibility that his character can live up to what comic book fans hope to see in action.
Jamie Foxx has reached even more stardom now after his career performance in the movie Django Unchained,  it'll be interesting to see what he brings to the film. Rumor has it that he will not be the only villain within the film; being accompanied by the villains Rhino (Played by Paul Giamatti) and possibly Venom, as well as a newly introduced Norman Osborn (The future Green Goblin) played by Chris Cooper. The inclusion of all these villains along with Electro could mean one of two things, either it will be diminishing his role with constant use of one liners, or a new tone for the The Amazing Spider-Man series that will give it the boost it needs to be a darker and more realistic Spider-Man trilogy. One of the best performances given in a Spider-Man movie to date is by Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2. What really would be interesting is to see Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx's chemistry on screen and  how the fight scenes will be correlated between Spidey and Electro due to the fact that with his full powers Electro would simply fry Spider-Man like a bug zapper.
So the question is can Jamie Foxx deliver a performance that will serve as an asset to The Amazing Spider-Man series, or will his performance simply leave us shocked (You see what I did there) and not in a good way. Here are the rest of the set photos of Foxx as Electro on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set:

What are your thoughts on the new Electro costume? Is it good, bad, or would you have to see screen test to judge it? Leave your thoughts below.