Thor: The Dark World Trailer Priemeres Along With First Poster And Images

Recently we've bee hearing a lot about Marvel's Phase 2 movies, including the recent set photos and costume change for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, casting for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, and all the media attention anticipating the release of Iron Man 3. But one Marvel film that we haven't really heard much about apart from some casting and set photos last November is the sequel Thor: The Dark World. Now it would seems Marvel's increasing the anticipation for their next film this year by finally kicking the marketing for the film into gear, with the first teaser poster, trailer, and official still from the film all released.

Here's the first official trailer for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World:

The trailer gives us a much better feel of just what direction Marvel and Alan Taylor are going with for the sequel, and we get our first glimpse at the film's primary antagonist Malekith the Accursed played by Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who). One major complaint that people had about the first Thor film was the fact that it primarily took place on Earth and not Asgard, but the trailer seems to show that Thor: The Dark World will be taking the opposite approach. But we still do get a few glimpses of Earth, and one that really stand is that of some sort of Asgardian space ship is destroying a university campus in London where Jane Foster most likely is located. So it would seem not even Earth is safe from Malekith, and Asgard isn't really his only target.
One major moment that the trailer gives us is that of Thor asking for the help Tom Hiddleston's Loki is one the primary villain in last year's Avengers film. I think we were all interested in seeing just what happen to Loki after the event of The Avengers and the trailer seems to show that he might have had a change of heart (Or most likely more plans of deceiving Thor) since we last saw him, and he'll definitely be heavily involved with the film's plot. The trailer also hints at the famous love triangle we've been hearing about between Jane, Thor, and Sif (Jamie Alexander). While we didn't really see much of it in the first film, it would seem that Jane's arrival in Asgard will definitely spark up a lot of controversy because of the fact she isn't a goddess  the the conflict will probably occur among Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and the rest of Thor's family as well.
So just a recap, the trailer basically confirms that Jane will be heading to Asgard with Thor, Malekith won't just be bringing trouble to Asgard, we will be seeing a love triangle here, and Loki will be joining Thor and Jane on their journey (All though we don't know the specifics of it yet). There's still a lot that we have yet to so though, as we haven't really heard any words spoken or any action from Christopher Eccleston as Malekith, as well as not seeing to many familiar Asgardian faces such as the Warriors Three (And Chuck star Zachary Levi as the new Fandral) or the return of Heimdall (Idris Elba). We also haven't seen the films secondary villain Algrim the Strong played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost) who is a dark elf presumably working alongside or for Malekith.

And here's the all new Thor: The Dark World teaser poster:
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And here are two official screenshots that Marvel Studios has released from the film:
So what do you think of the Thor: The Dark World trailer? Are you excited for Marvel's next film?