Attack the Block Director Joe Cornish Rumored To Be A Contender For Star Trek 3

I think it's safe to assume that as soon as J.J. Abrams' was announced as the director of Disney's Star Wars: Episode VII, fans of his rebooted Star Trek series became worried he wouldn't be coming back for the third installment. Well it seems that those fans' nightmare is coming true, as the first replacement name in the director's chair for Star Trek 3 has already been leaked. So who's the brave director rumored to be taking the reigns from Abrams? None other than British director Joe Cornish, best known for his collaborations with Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and his directional debut with the critically acclaimed independent sci-fi film Attack the Block back in 2011.

Abrams' sequel to the already successful (Yet extremely risky) reboot of the classic TV show; Star Trek Into Darkness, has already fared well both financially and critically. The momentum for the series next film has already been set in motion, so it's needless to say that the anticipation for Star Trek 3 is definitely apparent by Paramount. With Abrams busy with his directional duties on Star Wars: Episode VII, the question of whether they'll wait for Abrams to return for the third film or will he just be replaced still remain lingering. But rumors suggest that the studio is indeed already looking at a list of candidates to replace Abrams, and the name headlining the list is Joe Cornish. 
Cornish isn't exactly the first guy who'd come to mind when thinking of who'd continue Abram's Star Trek films, which has now become a such a massive special effect filled series of summer blockbusters. While Attack the Block has been widely considered by critics to be a return to the classic more low budget sci-fi films of the past which include much more character development and less over the top CGI, is it really a style that fits the current Trek series? 
While Abram's Star Trek films do include all the big CGI and action set pieces we expect in summer blockbusters, it's characters have still remained at the heart if it's script, and writer Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci haven't missed a beat with the humor and original traits of these classic characters. Cornish is also a well known writer who's been able to translate his unique sense of humor on screen, and most importantly; people actually find it funny. Bringing someone like Cornish on board could be just what the series needs if Abrams actually departs, and while he may lack the blockbuster helming experience that many people are concerned about, the guy's collaborated in the writing department on some of Edgar Wright's best work to date. Not to mention he'd be reteaming with popular Wright collaborator Simon Pegg as Enterprise crew member Scotty, which could lead to some funny as hell character moments. Even if he doesn't end up directing, having Cornish involved some how with the film's script would definitely me a step in the right direction.
Now it's still open to assumption as to just what other names are on this director shortlist for Star Trek 3. With so many young up and coming sci-fi directors in the game right now including Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion), Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium), Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) my personal favorite Rian Johnson (Looper), and even Edgar Wright himself, Paramount is hopefully at least taking some of these directors into consideration. In other words, expect a lot of new names popping up for the gig left and right in the coming months.

So who would you trust in the director's chair for Star Trek 3 if Abrams doesn't return? Is Joe Cornish a good enough replacement for you? Leave your thoughts below.