Michael Bay's Transformers 4 Rumored To Feature Dinobots, Galvatron, and More

Michael Bay's Transformers saga is preparing to birth a new film which is currently known as Transformers 4. Once Dark of the Moon took place, it was over, the world was saved, the villains were dead, Optimus said manly quote, the end. But in order to give the fans a little something more, a new story book is opened, revolving around Mark Walhberg's new character, a slightly B/C grade cast, explosions, robots, and Michael's Bays favorite; exotic women. Recently rumors have spread now spread on just what alien foreigners Bay wants to include in the new Transformers installment, take a look at who these characters are below. 

The first character we are hearing is set to be included is none other than the villain Galvatron, who's basically Megatron after he is "remade" by the destroyer Unicron. Then there's Lockdow; a Decpeticon bounty hunter often displayed as a muscle car, Drift; a Decepticon turned Autobot who wants to find his place among the Autobot ranks once again. There's also of course the returning lead Autobots Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. As for the Dinobot characters, we'll Grimlock, Swoop, and the rest of the Dinobot gang who are all Autobots who transform into dinosaurs. All these rumored character can lead us to assuming  Unicron will possibly be included in the film, who's pretty much the most bad-ass character to roam the saga since Megatron and Optimus themselves.
Before the movie has even begun filming, we slowly edge our way into major questions, for example:

  • Why is it that the Dinobots transform into human dinosaurs even though they are aliens from a foreign planet?
  • What are the chances that Unicron would just find Megatron in the deep depths of space?
  • How many Decepticons are gonna become Autobots randomly?
  • Is Mark Wahlberg gonna do the Shia LaBeouf mid movie squeal? 
  • Is Bumblebee ever gonna talk again?
  • What other of the fan favorites is gonna be killed off in a abrupt way? (RIP Ironhide)
  • How many car logos will be shown throughout the course of the movie?
  • Why in the hell are the Autobots going overseas again? (China) Remember the last time we went over seas with giant alien robots.
  • And most importantly, will this movie take the time to model a more gritty and respectable Transformers series?
The Transformers trilogy continuation does have potential with a follow up to Dark of the Moon. If not rushed and mashed together like a preschool child's arts and craft homework, there is a possibility of getting better for the trilogy, but the way its beginning to sound is that of the dreadful sequel we know but not love as Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. So far the stars are lining up in that manner. Both include unnecessarily old characters (Dinobots in TF4/Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen), and are located in a foreign Country (China in TF4/Eygpt in Revenge of the Fallen). In the name of Bruce Almighty I PRAY that there is no object in specific that they are looking for again such as in the previous films. The Allspark cube, the piece of the cube, the matrix, the pillars.
Transformers 4 has Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter, Ted, Pain and Gain) as the main character Flynn Vincent, a father of the film's other lead played by Nicola Peltz (The Last Airbender), which may lead up to some both funny and more serious acting moments. One of the few good moves I like by the movie is that they are rumored to be switching up character designs and with a new Camero being released soon, it is almost automatic to think that Bumblebee will be sporting a new and improved design. As for action and events to occur, it will be interesting to see what direction the series is taken, whether it be over done and unrealistic or taken a slight bit darker.
What does Michael Bay have in store for the Transformers saga, who knows? While we have yet to get a full jist of what Bay has in store for the new installment until we see a trailer, I'm trying to conjure a Transformers Armada Fan-Cast of my own.

What would you like to see in TF4, any specific events or iconic characters? Reply Below.