Review: Fast and Furious 6- A Ride Worth Taking!

Fast and Furious; a movie that has evolved over the course of years from a almost childish and comical film to what is now a full blown saga worth watching. After The Fast and Furious,  the series grew more aggressive and built itself into a more mature storyline. Fast Five proved that the Fast and Furious films had potential with the addition of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a formidable opponent. Now with Fast and Furious 6, we have a film that can serve itself as a stand alone film, yet it proves effective when looking back on the prior films.

Fast and Furious 6 has embellished itself within the best cinematography possible for the region of fast paced story telling director Justin Lin uses. The amazing shots during long race sequences help keep things fresh and exciting rather than the typical dragged and boring car chases of other films. With plot twists, tie ins, and a crazy after credit scene, fans and viewers alike are in for a treat. The action is well paced and well timed, and the villain Owen Shaw is one I would love to see return if possible, and is a threat that to the heroes themselves is a force to be reckoned with.
Another thing well placed throughout the film is comedy. The comedy is light hearted and works well relieving the very emotional tones in some regions. In my opinion the cast did a phenomenal job, yet there is one problem with the film; the brushed over plot, which concerns a military chip that is suppose to power a device known as nightshade. While it's understandable that this a film (And technically the entire series) is relying much more on character personalities and action then actual creative storytelling, Owen's motivations are pretty vague and hard to believe. But Luke Evans' outstanding and menacing performance is able to help overcome the character's significant motivational flaws.
In terms of acting, Sung Kang, Luke Evans, Vin Diesel, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson all gave pretty believable performances. Chris Bridges and Tyrese Gibson helped influence a lot of the comedic portion of the film which worked extremely well amongst the audience, I even caught myself giggling at some of the remarks made (baby oil). Supporting characters held up their end of the roles so the film did not seem as though it were Vin Diesel, The Rock, Paul Walker, and friends, but more of a complete cast of people who portrayed the fact that they were criminals turned heroes at the end of the day.
Another big aspect of these movies are the vehicles, some of the more exotic being seen in the background (The Ferrari Italia 458), some being custom made such as the cool ramp cars used by Owen Shaw, and some not even there like the Ferrari Enzo replica. The ramp cars being custom made for the film were cool, not over used and abused, consistently pointing out the fact that they are one of a kind, but interesting enough to be something noticeable and memorable. Slowly Fast and Furious is improving the car brands displayed which helps improve viewer interest.

So with all said and done, the film makes viewers like myself anxious for what Fast and Furious 7 has in store. Supposedly to be filming in Los Angeles, it will be interesting to see what hot cars, hot women, and deep twist in storyline the Fast and Furious saga has waiting for fans. But for now, it's safe to say this series has definitely proven itself as one of the most successful action sagas currently in production.

I give Fast and Furious 6 4 out of 5: 

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