First Trailer For Captain America: The Winter Soldier Hits Along With New Poster And Stills

As is practically routine now with Marvel movies, every time one of their films nears it's release (In this case Thor: Dark World in just two weeks) we can expect the trailer for their next film to hit the web and it's marketing campaign to head into full swing. So it's no surprise that Marvel's kicking things into gear as far as the anticipation for next Spring's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with the film's first poster, trailer, and official stills all making their way online. While the films plot has been relatively under wraps for quite some time now, we can now get a good idea of what to expect from the Russo brother's adaption of the famed Ed Brubaker comic book arc 'The Winter Soldier'.

Below is the official trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier:
As the sequel to Joe Johnson's 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger, many fans (Including myself) have been very curious to see how director Joe and Anthony Russo (Community) would be handling the first outing for Captain America in the present day, and it seems that the duo is definitely going for a fresh approach to the original Winter Soldier story arc. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s influence in the film will obviously be very heavy, as was expected due to the many agents that would be featured such as Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Cobie Smulder's Maria Hill, Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson/Falcon, and Robert Redford as new comer Alexander Pierce. 
While details of Redford's character still remain shrouded in mystery, many fans have hypothesized that Redford's Alexander Pierce character may in fact be a cover for the character Aleksander Lukin of the original Winter Soldier story arc, who was a soviet general that was in control of Winter Soldier throughout the story's run. This possible twist may lead to a viable explanation in regards to the rumors that there would be much corruption in the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization in the film, which would explain the shots of Nick Fury in the hospital during the trailer, and earlier set photos of Samuel L. Jackson as Fury being shot by what looked like his own S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
While everything right now is purely speculation in regards to the story, don't be surprised if somewhere in the film Rogers and Romanoff (And possible Sam Wilson) are forced to stop working for the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization and must retaliate against them and their new leader Alexander Pierce. But hey, I could be wrong here, just doesn't hurt to make predictions, and these plot points surely reflect the Russo brother's description of the film as a "political thriller" where Cap questions his allegiances.
But of course back to what the trailer does indeed reveal to us, we now get our first look at Captain America in action in his all new costume, which in my opinion is a major improvement over the costume he wore in The Avengers, and closely resembles the original suit in The First Avenger (Which has been one of my favorite Marvel costumes). We also get our first look at The Falcon in flight, and the design seems to be much more simple and reminiscent of the Ultimate comics version of the character, which had been expected judging from the earlier concept art that had surfaced online. Similarly the Winter Soldier himself also got some great action sequences in the film, and his costume was nearly identical to the concept art, including the character's famed robotic arm and the new addition of an air respirator mask to help conceal the character identity. The film's action sequences are definitely looking top notch, and it's nice to see the Russo brothers sticking to some very nicely choreographed hand-to-hand combat that we haven't been seeing to frequently in many of Marvel's recent films. 

Here's the full version of the first poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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And here are the first two official stills from the film, one featuring a scene between Fury and Rogers, the other depicting the final shot of Rogers after the elevator action sequence. Have a look below:
So what do you think of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer? Are you excited to see Cap back on the big screen?