Trailer For Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past Debuts Along With 15 All New Images

So remember last week when the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer came out and I said it was pretty much becoming routine for Marvel to release their trailers around the time one of their new films was debuting (Thor: The Dark World to be exact), well yeah, now apparently it's not even the only one we're getting. That's right folks, two for the price of one because the trailer for Bryan Singer's upcoming new installment to the X-Men franchise 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' has officially hit the web. We've also got fourteen all new stills from the film for your own viewing pleasure, and for the record, no they aren't just freeze frames from the trailer (At least most of them aren't). 

Below is the official trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past:
So lets be completely honest here, the Future Past trailer doesn't exactly reach the same level as the Winter Soldier trailer did in the action department. Instead the trailer chooses to focus more on the film's characters, which of course is still a great selling point for the film given how impressive the ensemble Singer has on board is. But although the trailer gives us a quick look at the film's villain Bolivar Trask (Played by Game of Throne's Peter Dinklage) we still have yet to see any actual footage of the Sentinels, which are robots created by Trask to exterminate the mutant race. Fans of the original Days of Future Past comic arc will know that the Sentinels are pretty key to the overall coarse of the story, and it's expected that like in the comic, their invention by Trask Industries in the seventies will ultimately be the reason for the post apocalyptic future we see in the trailer. 
The trailer also shows the obvious changes being made for the film from the original comic, with Wolverine now being the character who time travels to the seventies rather than fellow X-Men member Kitty Pride (Who will still be appearing in the film played by Juno's Ellen Page). All though it may be quite a controversial change for some fans, it was almost a given that Wolverine would ultimately be the main character of the film, as Singer's relied on the character and Hugh Jackman's popularity to headline the previous films in the series (As well as two solo movies). Singer has already explained that Wolverine won't be physically traveling back in time, but rather the future conscious of himself will be transported into the 1970's version of himself. While we get a quick glimpse of how this means of time travel will work, it'll be interesting to see how Singer explain how Wolverine's capability of traveling to a different time period without possessing the power himself.
But like I stated above, Singer's obviously putting the strong ensemble cast he has together to use, and it definitely shows throughout trailer. It's great to see the majority of the characters from First Class back in action here, and while it may be a new decade since the last film, the trailer already shows us some very promising character moments from the group. While it was originally unclear just how much of the movie would be taking place in the future and how much of it would be in the 70's, Singer recently revealed that the film will take place 70% in the past and 30% future. While this may be a bit disappointing for some fans, I for one and very excited by this news given that the film is really intended to be a sequel to First Class in the first place. That being said, it's a bit of a let down that many of the new characters we've been waiting to see on screen such as Bishop, Warpath, and Blink will only be used in future scenes, as well as many of the returning cast members from the original trilogy, so we can only hope Singer will make good use of their brief screen time.
And below are the all new released images courtesy of Empire and Entertainment Weekly. They give us a look at Wolverine, Mystique, Iceman and Kitty Pride, Bolivar Trask, and both the younger and older versions of Magneto and Professor X (Now rocking a hover wheel chair). We also have our first look at the new costume 70's Magneto will be sporting in the film, which features a redesigned helmet different from the one worn in First Class, and is much more reminiscent of the one worn by the older Magneto in the original trilogy:

So what do you think of the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer and images? Did it meet your expectations?