New Trailer, Poster, And Stills For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Show Us Peter Parker's Greatest Battle Yet

While we gotten trailers for two of 2014's most anticipated Marvel releases; Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past, in the last couple of months, we all still had yet to see a trailer for Marc Webb's upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Well now the wait's over, we finally have our first full footage of Spidey suited up (In a now much more classic looking costume) taking on his next batch of enemies; Jamie Foxx's Electro, Paul Giamatti's Rhino, and yes, Dane DeHaan's Green Goblin. With all the rumors that have been circulating throughout it's production, the trailer finally give us confirmation of what we should expect from the film.

Below is the official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Which apparently isn't subtitled 'Rise of Electro' after all):

Okay so to start off, the trailer answers probably two of the most asked questions fans had while details of the plot first started emerging; is Green Goblin in it and who will end up becoming him? While that question may have seemed much clearer a year ago back when Chris Cooper (The Muppets) was announced as the franchise's Norman Osborn, as new information began to leak, it was seeming more and more like Norman's son Harry would be the one stepping onto to the famous glider instead. And sure enough, the trailer shows us a major focus on Harry, including a few shots of him seemingly taking the Oz serum, and what appears to be actor Dane DeHaan suited up in full costume. If the trailer's any indicator if Harry's predominance in the film, then it seems we can expect to see a lot of me and his relationship with Peter.
This wouldn't be the first time Harry takes up the Goblin mantle before his father, as it was first done just a few years ago on the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, which The Amazing Spider-Man series has already taken a few pointers from in the past. As we see a bed ridden Norman, and Cooper himself stated that his role in the film isn't prominent, it's always possible we could see the character eventually become his version of the Goblin in a future film. The new look Green Goblin is sporting also has many fans worried, as it seems Webb has chosen to go with a slightly mutated Goblin looking face rather than the classic mask, and of course the gear the character's wearing may remind many of that sported by James Franco's Harry as New Goblin in Spider-Man 3.
So now that we've covered the most mysterious villain of the film, it's time to move on to the other two; Electro and Rhino. While a recent banner had given us our first look at the Rhino suit (Or better yet robot) that Paul Giamatti's Alexsei Sytsevich would be using in the film. Reactions to the suit when the poster first came out were highly critical, but it seems to look at bit better in action, and given that the villain's role is said to be much more minimal than Electro's (And maybe even Goblin's?), the robotic suit may serve for a great opening action sequence that we've seen teased in both the trailer and set photos.
Now surprisingly Electro, the film's main villain, isn't as heavily featured in the trailer as one would expect. While we don't see much of his alter ego Maxwell Dillon, the trailer does have some great shots of Electro and Spider-Man facing off, and gives us a better feel of how he'll be using his powers in the film. But probably one of the most significant information we get from the trailer are the many easter eggs, the most noticeable being the scene that features the Vulture's wings and Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms (Both of whom are enemies of Spider-Man) in glass cases. There's been a lot of speculation suggesting that the Sinister Six will eventually be facing Spider-Man in a future film, but we now know that we can expect at least a tease of what's to come in the third and fourth film somewhere in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
As you can see in the image above, it would seem that the "Man in the Shadow" from the first film's after credits scene will once again be making an appearance, although we still have yet to learn who he is. There's also a multiple shots of a scene involving a plane crash in the trailer, and a man he looks like Richard Parker on the plane, which has led many to believe that this may be a flash back that finally shows the death of Peter's parents. But what really caught our attention was the names on the screen that Peter's is seen looking at in his father's old facility, which include the name Dr. Morbius and a tab that says 'Venom Storage'. Venom is a character many have been excited to see back on screen, after his disappointing appearance in Spider-Man 3, so it would seem that the symbiote may already exist in this universe. 
Below are the all new stills for the film featuring glimpses at Spidey in combat both against Electro and Rhino:
And below is the new high resolution banner, which feature all the film's villains along with our titular hero:
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So what did you think of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer? Are you worried about Rhino or Green Goblin's new look? Sound off below.