Sony Hack Reveals The Studio's Alleged Plans (Or Lack Thereof) For The Future Of The 'Spider-Man' Franchise

For the guys over at Sony studios, this holiday season has literally been a living hell. After the tremendous amount of controversy their most recent film The Interview caused prior to its release, along with the initial backlash after the studio pulled the film from its Christmas release date, its hard to imagine the lengthy recovery process the company will have to go through next year. But as if Sony didn't already have enough problems on their hands, numerous emails between several important executives and company president Amy Pascal leaked online pertaining to the company's most important franchises including the likes of 21 Jump Street, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and of course Spider-Man himself.

The Spider-Man franchise is probably one of the only comic book movie franchises whose future is in question at this point. With studios such as DC and Marvel revealing that they have their entire upcoming movie slates mapped out, and Fox surprisingly getting their X-Men films back on track for the near future as well, it's crazy to think one of the world's biggest comic book characters has no upcoming film set in stone at this point. Sony had initially announced a plan for their own cinematic universe, which would kick off with a Sinister Six movie next year, as well as an eventual Venom spin-off. These plans have apparently been put on hiatus after the poor reception of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with that film's proposed sequels being put into question as well.
The recent array of leaked emails have revealed many possible solutions that Sony is currently considering for the future of the character. The majority of these scenarios are simply just suggestions, and all though none of it has been officially confirmed, it does give us a rough idea of what the studio has in mind. One such scenario would see the studio themselves rebooting the character once more, moving on from director Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield's current series (With the latter rumored to have already been fired by the studio).  The studio has an impressive group of director in line for the project which includes the likes of Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible 4), Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee (Frozen), Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) Glenn Ficarra & John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love), James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), Don Hall & Chris Williams (Big Hero 6), Phil Lord & Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie), Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki), Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World), Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim), David Yates (Harry Potter). This film would feature an older adult Spider-Man, and would closely follow the storyline of the Kraven's Last Hunt story arc.
Of course a lot of those names are more wishful thinking than anything else, but the idea for the reboot is certainly an intriguing one, especially in comparison to another one of their ideas which was to reboot Spider-Man with an animated film (Directed by Lord and Miller). Another scenario would see Sony moving forward with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with either Phil Lord and Chris Miller or Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) taking over for Webb. It's unknown whether Garfield would return if Sony were to move forward with this idea, especially if those rumors of him being fired due to tension with Sony execs has any truth to them. Amy Pascal and Sony have apparently both suggested the idea of having Sam Raimi (The original Spider-Man trilogy) or the Russo brothers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) come on board to produce the film.
If the latter two were to produce the film, this would seemingly open the door for Marvel Studios to gain the rights to use the wall crawler in their films (A possibility that has been discussed amongst both studios). Apparently initial plans feel through due to lack of agreement on the terms of the deal, with the plan having been for Sony to retain 40% while Marvel would have 60% of the rights (Including profits, creative input, etc.). While the plan was thought to be dead, there still is apparently a chance for the studios to come to terms on some sort of deal. Sony will be holding a Spider-Man summit in January where they'll discuss all these future plans for the character, and ultimately decide on one. Marvel Studios' own Kevin Feige is rumored to attend, with his plan being to reboot Spider-Man without Garfield, and for Sony producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad not to be involved with the film.
The possibility of the Russo's producing a Spider-Man film for either studio seems highly unlikely considering how busy they'll be directing both parts of The Avengers: Infinity Wars. Having said that, the duo will still be responsible for introducing the newly rebooted version of the character. The proposed plan is to introduce Spidey in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War in a cameo appearance where he'd be given the Iron Spider suit by Iron Man, and later make appearances in both Infinity War films, leading to his own solo film. Unlike Sony's plan, Marvel wants a young high school age Spider-Man once again, likely even younger than Garfield's version. Personally I think Tye Sheridan (Mud) would be a good fit, and with a director like Brad Bird at the helm, this possible version of Spider-Man could be the greatest one yet.
We'll keep you posted on any further information pertaining to Sony's plans webhead, but until then which scenario would you prefer for the future of the Spider-Man franchise? Let us know below!

The First 'Terminator: Genisys' Trailer Pays Homage To The Originals While Finally Making The Plot Coprehensible

The last few weeks have brought about a series of nostalgic trailers for fans of some of the best science fiction movie Hollywood has to offer. Who could ask for more when you get the trailer for Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode VII within the span of just one week. Well in case you aren't exactly impressed by the formula of dinosaurs terrorizing an island, or prequel trilogies made you lose faith in any new material coming from the Star Wars brand, I might have the perfect eighties nostalgia induced trailer for you (That is, if you're a Terminator fan of course). The recent news and plot details we've been hearing about Terminator: Genisys has been confusing to say the least, but now we finally have some footage to clarify what the new installment is going for.

Below you can watch the first trailer for Terminator: Genisys (Nope, that isn't a type-o):
The film has been described as a cross between last year's X-Men: Day of Future Past and Back to the Future 2.  Like with Back to the Future 2, Genisys will revisit many of the plot points, characters, and key scenes from James Cameron's first two movies, which will be shown through an alternative timeline. While this concept was pretty heard to understand when it was just a serious of bullet points in an article, the trailer gives us a better idea on how Alan Taylor (Thor: Dark World) is planning on accomplishing this feat. The timeline of the original timeline will apparently be alternated in some way but the presence of the older version of Arnold's T-800, who was apparently be sent back to the 1960s to protect a young Sarah Connor and train her for once it arrives.
While most of those plot points were suggested in earlier rumors, the many shots the trailer consists of seem to confirm that they're legitimate. Most of the future that we'll be seeing at the beginning of the film matches correctly with what was described and partially shown in Cameron's films, which shows a future where John Connor (Played here by Jason Clarke) leads the resistance and fights alongside Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) who he decides to send back to protect his mother from being killed by the original T-800. But what we'll apparently see happen here is the Sarah (Emilia Clarke) that Reese will encounter will have been trained and protected by the older T-800, much to the surprise of Reese.
We also get a glimpse of many scenes that resemble those shown in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, arguably the most beloved film in the franchise. This is primarily suggested by the inclusion of the T-1000 model made famous by Robert Patrick in T2, but will be played here by Byung-hun Lee. It's still unknown whether this is in fact the same model that Patrick played, or an entirely different T-1000. The lack of the inclusion of a young John Connor in any of these scenes could suggest that unlike in T2, this T-1000 may be yet another Terminator sent after Connor (Or the older T-800) in the year 1984.
There are still may lingering questions about the films complex plot and multiple characters, many of which will not be clarified until the actual film is released. We can only assume that the time periods we'll be seeing in the film are the 1960s (Sarah's childhood), 1984 (When both the original T-800 and Reese were sent back), and John Connor's future, the present day and 1995 (When T2 took place) also a being a possibility. There are also several members of the film's cast absent from the trailer, including J.K.Simmons (Spider-Man) as a detective, Dayo Okeniyi (Hunger Games) as Miles Dyson's son Danny, and Matt Smith (Dr. Who) in a mystery role.
Oh and there's also this poster that I should probably put here, which literally shows absolutely nothing (But I guess it's better than just a logo):
So what do you think of the trailer for Terminator: Genisys? Are you interested in the convoluted plot Taylor going for? Do you believe it will redeem the franchise after Terminator: Salvation and Rise of the Machines? Let us know below!

DC's 'Suicide Squad' Gets An Official Cast Which Includes The Likes Of Will Smith, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, and More

Given all the recent news and rumors surrounding DC's upcoming films, it starts to become difficult to tell fact from fiction after a certain point. With most of the Batman v. Superman drama behind us for now, fans and news outlets alike have turned their attention to the studio's many other upcoming projects. Believe it or not, it has already been two months since DC shocked us all by unveiling their full line-up of upcoming films (Prior to Marvel doing the same thing a few weeks later), yet we haven't heard any official news from them since. Well now we finally have some news on one of their more surprising upcoming projects; Suicide Squad, specifically in regards to which actors will be headlining the film.

Variety initially revealed the confirm cast for the film, which has since been verified by WB President Greg Silverman as well. The report reveals that the film will star the long rumored Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) as our next Joker, alongside Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street)as Harley Quinn, Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) as Rick Flagg, Jai Courtney (Terminator: Genisys)  as Captain Boomerang, Cara Delevingne (Pan) as Enchantress, and Will Smith (I Am Legend) as Deadshot. Will a majority of those actors had been rumored to have some part in the film already, their exact roles were still a mystery until this point. The only two cast members whose roles we already knew about were that of Leto and Robbie, who were said to be in final talks for the project a few weeks ago.
Hardy, Smith, and Courtney all had their names attached to the lead role of Deadshot at one point or another (Along with Ryan Gosling and Jon Bernthal), but in the end Smith ended up taking the cake. Previous reports had suggested that Courtney would play Deadshot, while Smith would play Boomerang, but the official casting seems to make more sense considering both the character of Boomerang and Courtney are Australian. The star power of Smith will certainly be a major marketing tool for the Warner Bros. going forward with the project, especially if the character of Deadshot is portrayed as the leader or primary protagonist of the film.
Image created by BossLogic
The rising star power of the likes of actors like Tom Hardy will also serve as a major selling point for some of the film's lesser known characters, although it'll be a bit odd for fans to adjust to seeing him in yet another DC role such a short time after his turn as Bane in TDKR. Courtney, Robbie, and Delevingne won't have as much pressure on them considering this is the first time any of their characters make an appearance on the big screen, but it'll be interesting to see how they hold their own alongside their fellow more experienced actors. Leto is of course carrying the most baggage though, with the challenge of following Heath Ledger's iconic take on the Joker less than a decade after The Dark Knight. Leto has a very impressive resume at this point in his career, including an Oscar win last year, so if there's anyone who can do the Joker justice, it would be him.
Image created by BossLogic
Now having said that, many fans are still confused about how Joker will tie into the overall story of the film. While it's been suggested that he may be a member of the team, the Joker is definitely not the type of character who'd be a team player working for the greater good, which may suggest he could be the film's villain. So far the possible inclusion of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor has started speculation that he could fall at either end of the spectrum as well (Antagonist or member of the team) but most of the argument that can be made for why Joker wouldn't get involved can be made for Luthor as well. Aside from that speculation, the only antagonist so far said to be in the film is Amanda Waller, with WB eyeing the likes of Viola Davis (Ender's Game), Octavia Spencer (The Help), and Oprah Winfrey (The Butler) for the part.
So how do you feel about the cast WB has put together for Suicide Squad? Are you more interested in the film now given this announcement? Which actress would you like to see portray Amanda Waller? Let us know below!

The 'Jurassic World' Trailer Makes Its Way Online With Screaming Visitors, Velociraptors, and Chris Pratt In Tow

As if a trailer showing us the Millennium Falcon soaring through the skies dodging a couple of TIE fighters to the sound of John Williams' majestic score wasn't enough to satisfy our nostalgic cravings, this weekend has also brought us the first trailer for Jurassic World. Fans have been skeptical about how a fourth installment to the classic series would play out, and the involvement of relatively unknown director Colin Trevorrow didn't exactly ease their concerns. Luckily the director was able to put together an impressive cast of talented actors for the film, and now we have a glimpse at what they all have in store for the JP series and its fans come next summer.

Below is the first trailer for Jurassic World:
With a trailer for a film of this caliber, there's bound to be a lot we still have yet to see, and many questions that remained unanswered. Namely the shot of Chris Pratt's character riding alongside a pack of velociraptors has been a major topic of discussion, and one could only imagine how many action sequences (Or even characters) weren't given any screen time during the entirety of the trailer. But the most important aspect of the film we have yet to see is its new deadly dinosaur, which is said to be a hybrid of a T-Rex and velociraptor called a "D-Rex" which will be the primary source of the protagonists trouble this time around. While we didn't get a glimpse of it in the trailer, some supposed concept art has leaked online, which gives us a rough idea of what we should expect.
Like with the trailer for The Force Awakens, Trevorrow uses a heavy dose of some of the Jurassic Park series' most iconic trademarks to really sell trailer. Some specific shots pay direct homage to the original film (Such as Bryce Dallas Howard holding the flare), while others are less obvious such as the piano rendition of John Williams' score in the background. None the less Trevorrow makes it very clear with this trailer that we'll be getting a very different take of the Jurassic Park world, particularly one that's much more modern than any we've seen in the past. 
For that exact reason, many fans have been left a bit concerned about the quality of the CGI seen in the trailer. We get many shots of the very impressive design of the park, including its many attractions and scenery, but many of the effects do seem a bit dodgy. The original Jurassic Park films were well known for their extensive use of practical effects and sets, which was part of what really helped sell the idea of these dinosaurs once again roaming the Earth. While it's best to reserve judgement until we see more footage further down the line, one can only hope that this more modern version of Jurassic Park also progresses in the CGI department. 
So what did you think of the trailer for Jurassic World? Do you agree the film's CGI needs some work? Let us know below!

First Trailer For J.J. Arbams' Upcoming 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Finally Makes Its Way Online

If you're a Star Wars fan, you've had today marked on your calender since the moment J.J. Abrams announced via Twitter that we'd be getting our first teaser of the franchise's new installment this Black Friday. While some lucky moviegoers were able to see the sneak peek on the big screen a day early in select theaters, it was certainly refreshing to know Abrams and company weren't going to leave the rest of us fans out in the cold. So now it's finally here, and just eighty eight seconds is enough to get any Star Wars fan excited for what the latest film has in store, which includes our first look at some of the new cast members, and the return of the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Below is the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens:
While the trailer clocks in at just about a minute and a half, we definitely got a lot more from it than one would expect from a director as secretive as Abrams. We got our first look at three of the films many actors, includes its two probable leads (Daisy Ridley and John Boyega). Rumors that Boyega's character would be a storm trooper are seemingly confirmed by the trailer, which gave us a clear shot of him in the usual get up, as well as a shot of an army of storm troopers with their modernized helmets. This still leaves many questions a float, including whether Boyega will eventually turn to join the jedi and learn the ways of the force, and what the presence of so many storm troopers mean in regards to the status of the Empire.
Ridley's character also fits the descriptions we've heard earlier, which was that of a young salvager living on Tatooine  who at some point will befriend Boyega's character. We also get a good look at Oscar Isaac as a Rebel pilot, which brushes aside the possibility of him playing a villain in the film. But probably the most talked about character related shot will be that of the cloaked figure wielding the red lightsaber with a unusually designed hilt. While it's widely believed that the figure is the film's many villain, it could very well be just a henchmen. Many fans have also questioned which actor could be behind the hood, with the possibility of  it being either Adam Driver or Domhnall Gleeson seemingly the most likely of the bunch.
Finally having some actual footage and an idea of the tone and cinematography Abrams' is aiming for is certainly an upgrade from the many scrabbled rumors that have surrounded the film in the last couple of months. Yet there's still many unanswered questions surrounding the overall story, as well as several characters we have yet to see in action (Specifically the returning cast).  Seeing the Millennium Falcon fly around to John William's iconic score is certainly packing enough in the nostalgia department for now, but hopefully we'll be able to see the old gang back together again once the next trailer rolls around.
So what do you think of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer? Did it win you over, or are you still skeptical about Abrams and Disney continuing the franchise? Let us know below!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's DC Role Finally Confirmed As Villain Black Adam In The Upcoming 'Shazam' Movie

Well it looks like after "The Rock" was rumored for just about every currently available DC role in book, he will in fact be playing a character he's been a fan-favorite for since the dawn of the decade. We've been through a roller coaster of rumors since the former wrestler first announced his involvement with a DC film last winter, with possibilities ranging from Green Lantern to Doomsday, and even all the way to Lex Luthor. But Johnson has certainly made things clearer for us fans in the last few months,despite not making his highly anticipated announcement at Comic-Con. After teasing through social media that he'd be playing either the superhero Shazam or his arch-nemesis Black Adam, we finally have our official answer.

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, for once The Rock won't be taking on the role of the hero, as he'll be playing the evil Black Adam. Thankfully, The Rock himself was the one to put an end to all the recent rumor mill madness, confirming via Twitter that he will be playing the villain in WB's upcoming Shazam film. Now of course, we've known for some time that WB was planning a Shazam film, specifically following the supposed leak of the studio's upcoming release schedule for their DC property films. While the rumored schedule had Shazam listed for a July 2016 release (Which would make sense given Johnson's early involvement with the film), WB has yet to confirm or deny this rumor, but it's safe to say we can expect the film within a reasonable span of the next few years.
Now too many fans, the idea of a charismatic and usually comedic actor such as The Rock playing one of DC's most vicious villains in a tough pill to swallow. Although The Rock has always been a fan-favorite for the part, his comparisons to the character in the past have solely been based on his resemblance to the character. I myself expected that Johnson would end up playing the titular hero of Shazam, given his track-record as a leading man in many family and adventure films, as well as his ability to give the character the "kid at heart" personality he needs. Having said that, I'm perfectly open to Johnson giving us his take on Black Adam, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up pulling off one of the more menacing (And popular) villains will be seeing in DC's upcoming films. There have even been rumors that WB has an interest in making Black Adam into the DC universe's equivalent of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, as a character who eventually crosses path with other heroes aside from his primary foe.
Bringing on an actor as well known as Johnson on board to launch one of their lesser known heroes is certainly a smart move on DC's part, but there are of course still many major elements of the film that the studio has yet to attend to. One such key competent is who will be directing the film, with the studio likely looking for someone who can pull of the light-hearted fun tone they want for an onscreen portrayal of Shazam. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (22 Jump Street) seem like viable candidates, although I personally think it'd be very interesting if WB snatched Edgar Wright and his fitting style for the film following his fallout with Marvel over Ant-Man. Then there's of course the casting of the film's two main leads, young Billy Batson and the adult superhero he turns into. While it's hard to think of an actor who could really come off as an intimidating match to Johnson's Black Adam, Joe Manganiello (True Blood) would work wonders both comedically and physically as the hero.
So how do you feel about The Rock playing Black Adam? Will you be able to take him seriously as a villain? What actor would you like to see go toe to toe with him as Shazam? Let us know below!

Warner Bros. Rumored To Have A 'Full House' Reboot In The Works With Most Of The Original Cast Returning

At one point or another, everyone has suffered a sudden burst of nostalgia and wished one of their favorite childhood shows would make a return along with its original cast. While a few years ago this may have seemed like just typical imaginative wishful thinking, Boys Meets World fans already know that this wish now has a much more probable chance of becoming a reality. With Disney Channel recently premiering the highly anticipated Girl Meets World to decent reviews and impressive ratings, many studios have become much more welcome to the idea of bringing back their classic shows for modern audiences. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Warner Bros. is keen on bringing back their own classic sitcom, Full House, which will include characters both new and old. But as is the case with many dated shows, the question still remains as to just how well a new generation of viewers will react to the shows return.

The possibility of the show returning has been brought up as a possibility by fans and cast members in the past, but according to a recent report by TV Guide, now is the closest the series has gotten to becoming a reality. Full House has always seemed like a show that lived on past it's original air dates, mainly through reruns on channels such as Nick@Nite. With a new generation of kids already quite aware of what the name of Uncle Jesse's band is, or who are the two co-hosts of Wake Up San Francisco, a Full House reboot shouldn't have much of a hard time attracting young fans as long as there are some familiar faces around.
Now it's worth taking into consideration that a continuation of the plot of Full House isn't as simple as it was for Girl Meets World, which simply brought back it's leading couple and focuses on their kids. The primary plot of Full House revolved around Danny Tanner having to raise his three daughters along with his best friend Joey Gladstone and his brother in-law Jesse Katsopolis (He later lived in the house with his wife and two kids). While a spin-off series would likely focus on a new generation of Tanners such as the kids of DJ and Steve growing up, the actual purpose of the show being called "Full House" wouldn't make sense in that regard. Unless there was some kind of tragedy that took place to one of the Tanner's spouses leaving them to raise their kids alone (And once again require the help of Danny, Joey, and Jesse) it wouldn't feel like a proper continuation of the classic show.
Just as Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs has been helping with his own sequel series, it's said that Full House creator Jeff Franklin is already penning the pilot. It's believed original star Candance Cameron, Jodie Sweeten, and Andrea Barber (DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy) will be regulars on the show, further emphasizing the theory that show will be focusing on their kids (And possibly all of them living together?). That being said, it's also believed that the series' original main stars; Stamos, Saget, and Coulier, will have some part of the show, likely limited to frequent guest appearances (Similar to Rider Strong's presence in Girl Meets World).
So is this really the right time for a Full House reboot? Do we really need one at all? Are you interested in seeing the gang back together again? Let us know below!

Tom Hiddleston Frontrunner To Land The Lead In Upcoming Timur Bekmambetov Directed 'Ben-Hur' Remake

If you were to ask any one you know what film earned the most Oscars in history, they'll probably be quick to answer with the likes of The Lord of the Rings series or Titanic. Yet, only those who are really knowledgeable of the vast history of film will recall that honor also belongs to the 1969 film Ben-Hur. The film itself starred Charlton Heston of Planet of the Apes fame in the title role, and is arguably considered on of the greatest movies of all time, yet of course that hasn't stopped Hollywood from wanting to remake it for a 2016 release. Of course the best case scenario is that we get a classic film updated for modern audiences with it's classical value intact, and this new rumors seems to be fitting the remake already on the right track.

According to Deadline, the Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) directed remake is eyeing Tom Hiddleston for it's lead role. Hiddleston is of course best known for his turn as Loki, the primary villain of the films Thor and The Avengers, which is credited for his rise in star power. Eyeing an actor with the theater credits and large fanbase like Hiddleston's makes sense given the time of star a role like Ben-Hur requires. The remake is seemingly taking the right route but not simply going with one of Hollywood's top award winning actors who wouldn't even fit the role, yet still choosing someone who is well known enough to lead a film like this for a new generation.
Biblical films are beginning to experience a resurgence in Hollywood, although it's still hard to tell whether their directors and actors are aiming for them to be award contenders or swords and sandals action flicks. Despite being directed by acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and starring a bankable star as it's lead (Russell Crowe), last year's Noah didn't leave as much of an impression on audiences and critics (Aside from religious controversy) as it's cast and crew had hoped it would. Yet despite the problems Noah faced, this hasn't stopped Ridley Scott from finally releasing his Exodus: God and Kings this year, which will hopefully help pave the way for Ben-Hur's success. 
Of course the main concern for most fans of the original film is whether direct Timur Bekmambetov will be able to deliver a quality film despite his lackluster track record. Aronofsky and Scott were both able to attract a lot of great talent to their films thanks to their past work, which as an advantage Bekmambetov lacks in comparison. The involvement of Hiddleston would certainly help in that regard, hopefully convincing more talented actors to look past Bekmambetov's track record and focus on the opportunity to co-star with Hiddleston in such an important film.
So how do you feel about Tom Hiddleston possibly playing Ben-Hur? Will you see the film when it hits theaters on February 26, 2016?

First Look At Gal Gadot Wearing Her Full Wonder Woman Armor In 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

I wish I could say I wasn't expecting to see this headline today, but I'd sure as hell be much more disappointed if I didn't see it. Following our full official looks at Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we've all anxiously been anticipated our first look at Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious 6) suited up as the first ever big screen incarnation of Wonder Woman. And just as was expected, Warner Bros. finally let the cat out of the bag during their panel at Comic-Con, with the high quality image making it's way online mere minutes after the reveal.

Below is the official first photo shown to audience at Comic-Con of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice:
Following the backlash from fans upon the announcement that the frail framed Gadot would be portraying the famous amazonian warrior princess, Snyder and co. are certainly hoping this new image will win over skeptics (Much like the first image of Affleck's Batman did). While we've heard a few rumors hear and there about what approach the filmmakers were going to take for this design, the final product generally fits with armored ancient Greek influences we expected given Snyder's past work on 300.
The armored look that Wonder Woman is sporting in the picture certainly fits well with Snyder's style, and won't look nearly as ridiculous as some had feared it would alongside Batman and Superman. That being said, fans who were hoping we'd get a slightly less revealing costume (Similar to that used in the New 52) sadly were not given what they wanted. There's still certain details about the suit that we can't make it with just the one image, namely the actual color of the suit. Although it at least isn't in black and white like the first Batman picture, it's hard to tell whether Wonder Woman donning her classic gold, blue, and red colors because of the filter and lighting used in the photo.
Just as the first two photos of Affleck as Batman were able to do, this new image of Gadot has already began to ease many fans concerns over the actress' casting. As I stated above, Gadot's frame has been the primary problem for many fans, but given Snyder's track record with intense training regimens for his actors, it isn't too surprising that Gadot's already put on a bit of muscle (Yet still not as much as many had hoped). While seeing the Snyder and co. have gone with the costume design that most fans were hoping to get is very reassuring, winning over audiences with the character's appearance is really only half the battle. We'll really be able to judge just how well Gadot's able to take on the character once we see some footage, and of course after the release of the film itself in 2016. 
So what do you think of Zack Snyder's take on the Wonder Woman costume? Is it better or worse than you were expecting? Let us know below!

Much Better Look At Ben Affleck's Cape And Cowl From The Upcoming 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Despite all the rumored descriptions and supposed "official" photos we've seen of the costume Ben Affleck will be dawning as our new Dark Knight in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we've really only had one legitimate look at the mysterious suit. Well thankfully we now have a much more detailed look at our new caped crusader, or at least his cape and cowl. While it still isn't the the high quality better lit color photo of the suit that we were hoping for, it does give us a much better feel of how different Affleck's Batman will look on screen in comparison to past iterations. 

Below is the new close-up of Ben Affleck as Batman, along with a display of the new cape and cowl spotted at Comic-Con
As I stated above, these new images admittedly aren't much in comparison to the big reveals that hopefully await us during this year's Comic-Con, but hey, at least they're something. As we already know by now, Affleck and Snyder's Batman is going for a much more different look than the most reason Nolan/Bale version. Where as the Nolan suit didn't focused more on being practical as opposed to being a loyal translation of the costume of the comics, Snyder's certainly seems to be taking it's influences from a number of variations of the character (Batman: Noel, Dark Knight Returns, Jim Lee, etc.)
Like Nolan, Snyder's obviously gone for the shorter ears on his cowl, which debunked early speculation that we'd be getting a long eared version reminiscent of the current Arkham video game series. As for the color of the cowl, this is the first time we can really confirm that it will indeed be black. Past rumors suggested the cowl could have a blueish tint to it like early versions of the comic book character, as well as the possibility that the cape and cowl could be dark grey. We still don't know for sure what the colors of the rest of the costume are, but we can only assume they'll be some shade of grey very distinctive of the masks color.
The much darker and slightly depressing mode of the picture above could be hinting us at yet another gritty interpretation of the character (As if we expected anything else from someone nick-named "The Dark Knight"). Snyder and writer David S. Goyer (Man of Steel) have already spoken about how Affleck's Batman is set to be a more veteran and beat down version of the character, so the new image fits well with that apparent theme. There's also no question that Dawn of Justice isn't shying away from a dark approach, with our first look at Superman even having a very brooding a somber tone to it. 
So are you happy with the way Ben Affleck's cape and cowl look for Batman v. Superman? Are you more confident in his casting after seeing this photo? Let us know below!

Rumored Schedule For DC's Upcoming Films Reveals What We Should Expect From The Studio In The Next Five Years

DC and Marvel fans may never truly admit to any of their rivals strengths or their own brand's flaws, but if there's one thing that both companies' fans can agree on in unison it's that Marvel is currently killing it on the big screen. While DC gave us an acclaimed Batman trilogy and a generally will received Superman reboot, they still have yet to expand their universe and give their wide array of characters a chance with movie goers. Well now it seems those years of scratching our heads wondering what plan WB had under their sleeves may finally be worth it, as a rumored schedule for DC's upcoming films has finally been revealed, and fans will certainly like what they see.

Below is the upcoming schedule according to Nikki Finke as well as the possible Batman reboot reported by Latino-Review. Also below is what we know so far about each movie and how they'll tie to the DC cinematic universe: 

May 2016 - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
From what we know so far the film will of course introduce audiences to our new Ben Affleck Batman, as well as Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor as the villain, and a possible undisclosed secondary villain (Who could be played by Callan Mulvey). It'll also introduce us to our new Alfred played by Jeremy Irons, and three more future Justice League members in the forms of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). Rumor has it we could also see a Flash cameo and an appearance by Batman's former sidekick Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

July 2016 - Shazam!
Has no known writer or director attached as of yet, and has yet to officially cast any of it's lead roles. Most likely will star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as either the titular hero, or his arch-nemesis Black Adam (A role that Johnson has been a fan favorite for for years). Will most likely catered to younger audiences with a little less violence and grit and more humor and a light hearted tone. Shazam! could possibly be a member of the Justice League if the film's popular, and could take a similar route the New 52 comics recently did.

Christmas 2016 - Sandman
Most likely will be DC's anti-thesis to Shazam, with a much darker tone and older target audience. Could be directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon) who's already producing the film and he'll most likely star in the lead role as well. It'll probably stand much more on it's own in comparison to the rest of DC's upcoming releases, and it's highly unlikely that he'll have any involvement with the Justice League

May 2017 - Justice League
It's line-up will most likely include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Aquaman, with Martian Manhunter as a wild card (Given writer David S. Goyer's recent criticism of the character). Will most likely have all the already cast member return from their appearances in Dawn of Justice (Cavill, Affleck, Gadot, Fisher, and Momoa) along with a newly cast Green Lantern (Replacing Ryan Reynolds). It's unknown whether the Flash TV show universe will be canon with this film, thus it remains to be seen whether Grant Gustin will reprise his role as the Flash. The film will almost certainly be directed by Zack Snyder, and it's villain is rumored to be Darkseid. 

July 2017 - Wonder Woman
Could take place after the events of Justice League or could serve as a prequel/origin story for Diana Prince. Will of course star Gal Gadot, and will most likely feature a predominantly female cast as her fellow warriors in the Amazons. It'll most likely feature a lot of mythological Greek lore including gods such as Zeus, Artemis, and Ares. The film will probably introduce Prince's human love interest Steve Trevor, and somehow tie him into the action. Warner Bros. likely is seeking a female director, and Zack Snyder could be involved to some capacity given his past work on 300

Christmas 2017 - Flash and Green Lantern team-up
As surprised as many people have been about this project, a year ago we actually had a feeling DC and Warner Bros. would take this route once Batman v. Superman was announced. This is seemingly a way for the studio to give more screen time to two of their newly rebooted characters, without having to take the risk of making another Green Lantern film following the failure of the first film. Ryan Reynolds will almost undoubtedly not be returning for this film, and it's still unknown whether Grant Gustin's Flash will be involved with the cinematic universe. While it's believed we'll be seeing the Barry Allen and Hal Jordan versions of these characters on screen, WB may be considering using their equally as popular (If not more well known thanks to the Justice League cartoon) successors Wally West and John Stewart. 

May 2018 - Man of Steel 2
Will serve as a much more direct sequel to Man of Steel rather than Dawn of Justice, and more than likely will bring the focus back to Superman rather than to any other heroes. Will probably return most of the film's supporting cast including Diane Lane's Ma Kent, Amy Adam's Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburne's Perry White. Jesse Eisenberg will also probably return as Lex Luthor, perhaps in a less (Or more) prominent role than he'll have in Dawn of Justice. Could see the appearance of many of Superman's most popular villains including Brainiac or even Doomsday. Snyder will most likely return to direct in what could be his last project for the studio, and Supergirl may appear as David S. Goyer has hinted at in the past. 

2019 - The Batman?
This film will of course have no ties to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, and will bring back both Affleck and Irons in their respective roles. It'll likely introduce us too many newly rebooted supporting characters including Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon. We'll also most likely see Nightwing return if he is in fact included in Dawn of Justice, and we could see a new Robin working alongside Batman. It's heavily believed that Ben Affleck will direct the film along with starring in it, and could be involved with writing it as well. The film might use a Batman antagonist who has yet to make it onto the big screen, and it's widely believed that Warner Bros. won't use the Joker so soon into the rebooted franchise.
Now of course this is a lot to digest, as we went from knowing almost nothing more than that a Justice League would be following up Dawn of Justice, to now apparently knowing DC's entire plans for the next few years. It's worth noting that these rumors should of course be taken with a grain of salt, and if true will most likely be revealed in part at this year's Comic-Con. Now it's also worth mentioning that filmmaker Kevin Smith seemingly confirmed that these rumors were in fact true, and given his close friendship with Ben Affleck, and his inside knowledge on what's going on at Warner Bros. (He was one of the first people to see Affleck's batsuit), his input should at least help provide some credibility for the time being.
So how do you feel about DC's upcoming line-up for the next few years? Are their any films you feel don't belong on this schedule? Are their in projects your disappointed to not see included? Let us know below!