Chris Pratt Confirms He'll Be Joining Bryce Dallas Howard And Ty Simpkins In Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World'

It's times like this that make it truly great to be a movie blogger (Or movie blog reader). Not only is there the sheer excitement of being able to report on the developments of the upcoming sequels to classic movies such as Star Wars: Episode VII, Independence Day 2, Terminator: Genesis, and the upcoming Jurassic World, but we're also seeing the next generation of movie stars shaped right before our eyes. And Guardians of the Galaxy leading man Chris Pratt is one of those very rising talents that's going to make it big in the next couple of years, especially now that he's confirmed that he's signed on as the lead in Jurassic World.

Rumors of Pratt's first emerged after The Wrap brought word that Josh Brolin (Oldboy), who was originally tapped to play the lead role in the film, had dropped out. The site had reported that director Colin Trevorrow was considering Pratt to take over as the character originally intended for Brolin, a role which is being described as a "rugged ex-military dude". It's still unknown why Brolin dropped out of the part, but it's interesting that the studio elected to go with the ten years younger Pratt for the part, which may or may not be a romantic love interest for Bryce Dallas Howard's (The Help) character.
During a press junket for his upcoming film The Lego Movie, Pratt had the following to say about his upcoming role in Jurassic World: “For me, Jurassic Park was really kind of my Star Wars. I lined up at the theatre to see it, I saw it opening night, I saw every sequel, I’ve seen it a whole bunch of times… for me that was my big movie, I think I was 13 or 14 when it came out. And so it’s a big deal for me to be any part of that, let alone this part I’m going to be playing. I’m thrilled about it.” So if anything, it sounds as if Pratt really is a big fan of this franchise, and apparently even it's lackluster sequels.
Pratt joins the aforementioned Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as child star Ty Simpkins (Iron Man 3) as the film's only official cast members as of yet. There's been many names tossed around including that of Nick Robinson (Kings of Summer) as the brother of Simpkin's character, as well as Trevorrow's past collaborator Jake Johnson (Safety Not Guaranteed), and most recently Jason Schwartzman (Inglorious Basterds). The Wrap had also mentioned that Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire star Irrfan Khan had been up for a part in the movie, although there still has yet to be confirmation of this from the studio or Khan himself.
So what do you think of Chris Pratt joining Jurassic World? Would you have preferred Josh Brolin in the part? Let us know below!