'Guardians of the Galaxy' Poster Hits Along With Character Featurettes That Reveal How Rocket Raccoon Will Sound

If you hadn't heard of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy prior to this week, you've probably heard of it by now, after the film's first trailer managed to leave a big impression on fans and movie goers when it premiered this past Wednesday. Well it looks like Marvel has no plans on slowing down their promotional campaign for the upcoming space epic, as they have not only released the film's first poster, but they've also let out a series of videos introducing us to each of the team's core members. And  thankfully, we finally get our first listen at Bradley Cooper's voice for Rocket Raccoon.

Below is the official first poster for Guardians of the Galaxy:
This first poster for GOTG is sort of unorthodox for Marvel, given that they usually don't exactly break boundaries with their poster designs (Usually following suit with the poster cliches most blockbusters have been going with these days). But the design the studio has chosen to go with here is a nice change of pace, and it generally represents the many key traits the film has going for it, specifically it's colorful tone and unique characters. This is also the second image we get of the team in their official Guardians uniforms, which they'll likely be donning later on in the film once they're an actual organized team.
And now below are the 30-second introduction focusing on the teams four members (In order the order of the videos): Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Groot (Vin Diesel), Drax (Dave Bautista), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), and Star-Lord (Chris Pratt):

It's pretty evident that James Gunn has a good understanding of these characters, specifically Star-Lord who's the character that will make or break this movie for many viewers. I mentioned in the previous post that Peter Quill is going to be the guy that keeps the film grounded and relatable for average movie goers, so it's a great relief seeing how comfortable Pratt looks in the role. While Quill will of course be the film's leading man, director James Gunn has already put great emphasis on how Rocket's really the heart of the film. Although we usually have heard the character with an English or Cockney accent in past video games and cartoon, Cooper seems to be bringing a unique take on the voice (Which is basically his own) and it surprisingly suits the character well.
As for the other introductions, it's great to see Dave Baustista's Drax in action given that he was probably the riskiest casting decision made, but it seems Drax will be doing much more fighting rather than talking in the film. As for Gamora, it's really no surprise that Zoe Saldana is a perfect for the part, given her past work in both the Star Trek series and Avatar. It seem's we'll also be getting some great action scene from her, and specifically a one on one match up between her and Karen Gillan's Nebula. Groot looks great in action, and seems to have some flawless CGI work going for him. While we still haven't heard the voice Vin Diesel will be using for the character, it'll likely be akin to the one he used for the film Iron Giant.
So far things look to be going smoothly for the film that's being considered one of Marvel's biggest risk to date. The more footage we see, the more confident we get that this one turn out to be another Green Lantern type dud, and will open doors for future cosmic universe film project. We'll likely be seeing much more of the film as it nears it's August 1st release, and we may possibly even get some more footage before Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But for now the poster's tagline couldn't have summed it up better; "You're welcome". 
So what do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy poster? Are you happy with the direction James Gunn and the cast are taking the characters in? Let us know below!