Miami Heat's LeBron James Reportedly Set To Star As Lead In The Upcoming 'Space Jam 2' (Or Not?)

The last time we saw the Tune Squad in action was 1996, with the clock running down and the NBA legend Michael Jordan completing a half court dunk through the defense to score the winning basket and prevent an alien invasion. Since 1996, Michael Jordan has retired from the game of basketball, and new legends have arose in his wake. Currently one of the biggest stars to date is LeBron James, being fresh off a back to back title run with the Miami Heat, Space Jam fans are highly debating who should have been cast for the controversial role.

Well it looks like King James has landed the coveted role after all, or so it seemed. Deadline had brought in the report that Warner Bros. does indeed have a Space Jam sequel in the works with James attached to star. Yet soon after the news began to spread across the web, ESPN brought in reports that LeBron's representatives had denied the claim that he would star in any such film. Now while many have seen this as a means to kindle the fire lit when LBJ's involvement was first announced, most movie sites (Including Deadline) have stood by the report. And funny enough, neither Warner Bros. nor LeBron have come out and denied the report publicly. Considering LBJ's always been enthusiastic about the possibility of taking part in a Space Jam sequel, and the fact that WB has already hired Charlie Ebersol to produce and his brother Will to write the film's script, we wouldn't count this one out of the cards just yet. 
With players such as Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers), Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks), Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets), Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder), Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers), Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers), and more all having their own personal fan base, many fans question who should be the front runner for the role. Yet, due to LeBron's dominance in the game, recent championship success, humble beginnings, and of course media popularity and infamy makes him the perfect NBA individual to spear head the film.
Individuals may ask how the film may try and create a continuation of the story that preceded and became a instant classic amongst fans and pop culture. One theory that has been devised here at Turbo-Exp, is not the original extraterrestrial affair from the first film, but more towards a internal conflict between the Looney Tunes. Being that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck's relationship shows some correlation to that of Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant and the Miami Heat's LeBron James relationship could potentially spark a feud that can only be resulted in a All-Star game of basketball of both Looney Tunes and outstanding players from the NBA.
So how do you feel about the comeback of the Tune Squad? Do you think that other dominant players such as Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant should also be cast in the film? Comment below and let us know!