Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, And Jamie Bell All But Confirmed As Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four'

Ask any of your friends if the knew that Fox had a Fantastic Four remake in the works, and they probably wouldn't even remember the original first two films. For one reason or another, the Fantastic Four is just one Marvel property that hasn't amounted to much on the big or small screen since the team first made their comic book debut. Well now up and coming director Josh Trank (Chronicle) is hoping to change that with his all new reboot, and it's definitely obvious that he wants this new version of the team to be young and fresh. Now after dozens of casting rumors, we finally know the official cast Trank has brought on board for the project. 

The casting confirmation comes courtesy of The Wrap, who revealed that Trank has now locked in long rumored candidates Miles Teller (Spectacular Now) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Johnny Storm/Human Torch, respectively. Along with that those two, Kate Mara (House of Cards)will be joining them as Sue Storm/Invisible Women, and Jamie Bell (The Adventures of Tintin) as Ben Grimm/The Thing. While we could already tell from early casting rumors that Trank was looking to go with a much younger team then in the original film and comics, these cast additions seemingly confirm that this will be the case, and Trank may be taking a few pointers from the Fantastic Four's Ultimate Comics run.
Now of course with these casting rumors bring the backlash of many comic book fanboys around the internet, and it's needless to say that these picks are a bit unorthodox. Teller's proven himself recently in dramatic efforts such as the Spectacular Now, and has begun to pull himself away from his more young adult comedy oriented film's such as Project X and 21 and Over.  Jordan's come to prove himself as a highly capable actor with great dramatic acting chops, as well as spot on comedic timing. Although many will draw conflict over Jordan's race in comparison to the blonde hair-blue eyes Johnny Storm of the comics, there's really now reason to believe Jordan doesn't embody the characteristics of the character perfectly. As him and Teller have proven the great chemistry they have in the recent film That Awkward Moment, it'll be great to seem them reunited in another collaboration. 
Kate Mara will be portraying Invisible Women, who seems to be a perfect fit for the actress both age and look wise. But similarly, Mara's casting will also raise some eyebrows, as the Sue Storm of the comics is the biological sister of Johnny Storm. After rumors of Jordan being up for the role of Johnny spread across the internet, many believed Sue would be played by and African-American actress, but this ended up not being the case. The film could of course explore the possibility of Storm's being a biracial family, or either Johnny or Sue having been adopted, but it likely won't restrain from the chemistry the two will have as brother and sister. 
While Mara seems to be a perfect fit for Sue, the same can't be said for Jamie Bell, who will be portraying Ben Grimm aka The Thing. While Bell has proven himself as a terrific actor time and time again since his child hood role in the film Billy Elliot, till his recent animated work in The Adventures of Tintin, he isn't exactly the first person who'd come to mind when you think of the rough and stocky Ben Grimm. Although I personally can't see Bell being as perfect for the role as Michael Chiklis was in the original film (One of that series' few great casting choices), I'm willing to give Trank the benefit of the doubt with this one. Bell's an outstanding actor to have as a part of this series, and he'll fit well amongst the other young cast members he's going with. Bell will likely be providing the mo-cap The Thing as well, given that the studio has elected to take the CGI route with the character's post transformation look this time around.
So what do you think of Josh Trank's cast for The Fantastic Four? Are their any picks you don't agree with, and who would you have prefered? Let us know below!