CW Reveals Two New Official Photos Of Grant Gustin In Costume For The Upcoming 'Flash' TV Show

If you would've shown me an official costume for The Flash four years ago, I wouldn't have even considered the fact that it may not be from an actual movie. Well as fate would have it, it turns out the official Flash costume Grant Gustin will be sporting has made it's way online, but it'll in fact be for the upcoming CW TV series. While many fans, including myself, had been skeptical about whether a TV series was enough to do The Flash justice, it seems CW has a good understanding of how to transition the character onto the small screen, and the results are surprisingly much better than expected.

Below is the official image of the full costume for The Flash TV show:
The first official image released for the show hit the web last week, which was a close-up shot of Gustin's Flash mask. While many had expected CW to go with a hooded design similar to the version of the character on Smallville, they surprisingly decided to go with a much more accurate look. That being said, although the mask is seemingly very well adapted from the comics, there's been a few complaints in regards to the wings on each side. The wings are a bit of an outdated superhero look nowadays, but in the case of The Flash they made him much more aerodynamic. There also is of course the addition of a chin strap, which makes the mask look a bit too similar to that worn by Chris Evans as Captain America.
Unfortunately, once you get past the mask, the rest of costume isn't as impressive. Like I stated above, I didn't really have high expectations for the costume that would be used for this series given CW's track record of lackluster costume designs in Smallville, and too a lesser extent in Arrow. But the channel's usual leathery design just doesn't work well for a character like Flash, specifically with the dark color scheme they've chosen to go with, which resembles Marvel's Daredevil for than it does The Flash.
The CW's Flash TV series seems to be shaping up quite well, and as Arrow is currently still going strong as it approaches it's third series, I can honestly say I feel more confident in the show than I would if a movie was in production (Given that Warner Bros. has been testing my patience lately, literally). That being said, I'm beginning to warm-up to Gustin as Barry, although I still feel he's too young for the part. Yet is seems Gustin has a good understanding of what makes the character charismatic in the first place, and keeping Barry distant from his predecessor Wally West. I we approach the show's premiere, I'm growing more and more curious as to whether Zack Snyder may want to include Gustin's Flash in his film universe. While it may not seem very probable right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder begins to reconsider depending on the show's success/
So what do you think of the new Flash costume? Are you happy with the direction CW is taking the show in? Let us know below!