Fan-Cast: Marvel's The Illuminati

This serves as an initiation into a mass world for Marvel that is being assimilated. The Illuminati is a group of the smartest individuals in the Marvel universe: Black Bolt, Namor, Professor Xavier, Dr. Strange, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Scott Lang/Ant Man, and T'Challa/Black Panther. This group is some of the brightest minds ever brought together to address matters in which the whole world might not be able to comprehend.

This fancast serves as the front runner into a large scale MCU in which is planned to lead into a confrontation with Galactus and his Heralds. Not really diving into the Marvel Knights aspect of the MCU, yet there will be castings for Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and more if necessary. Just like Iron Man was Marvel's initial spearhead into developing The Avengers, The Illuminati is the best way that is seen as fit to address each of the individual sub sections of the MCU leading into the final battle.
Also addressing other things early, hero's like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova Corp., and other sub division of the Marvel universe will be addressed with a superhero faction that is seen as fit for the group or specific character being included. For example the Guardians will be cast along with The Avengers and Heroes for Hire, where as Spider-Man will be cast along side the Fantastic Four. After The Illuminati, Uncanny X-Men, Inhumans, The Avengers Protocol, The Fantastic Four, leading into the grand finale Silent Cataclysm: Earth's Mastication, referring to Galactus trying to devour the earth.

And here I present to you Marvel's The Illuminati:

                                  Colin Firth (King's Speech)-Charles Xavier/Professor X
A well rounded actor, fit to portray a more intellectual version of Professor X, who will be serving as a focal point for the entire team. Being that Colin Firth is our starter for the Uncanny X-Men cast we have in the works, I think he could simply transfer over into the Illuminati cast without a problem. Firth has a sense of wisdom to him that suits the character and personality of Charles Xavier perfectly, and he can make the many knowledgeable between the older and wiser Professor X and the younger heroes much more believable. He's also in the perfect age range for the role, not being as young as James McAvoy or as old as Patrick Stewart.

      Tyler Hoechilin (Teen Wolf) as Namor the Submariner
Namor the Submariner is an interesting character, who can tackle being a loner as well as a crucial factor to a team when it comes to taking down the opposition. After watching Star Trek: Into Darkness it was simple to say that Zachary Quinto would be great for the role of Namor, but it was overused. While I considered something different by looking at Aldis Hodge as a maybe, I hadn't taken into account the repercussions that would come off of casting the character. So I went with Tyler Hoechlin, I mean it would be the world less traveled. He can easily portray the character brutal and aggressive nature in combat, as well as providing the required physicality for the role.

Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Black Bolt
The Inhumans are led by a leader that is no-vocal, being that his voice is the equivalent of a nuclear / atom bomb, he most often relies on his wits and no verbal gestures to get his point across. Alan Ritchson is set to play Raphael in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film, he may be able to handle a role as big as Black Bolt. I think due to Ritchson current work with motion sensors in TMNT, he's an actor who has a good understanding of how to work a characters expressions and emotions without relying so much on your voice.

Matthew Goode (Watchmen) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Reed Richards is a very interesting member of the group, specifically taking into account that he's the character who's personal life as a father and Fantastic Four member distractions him from his current Illuminati obligations. Matthew Goode could portray the beyond genius intellect of Mr. Fantastic, as well as playing that figure in the group that wants to challenge Reed Richards every chance he gets to prove who is more intelligent.
Eddie Cibrian (C.S.I. Miami) as Tony Stark/Iron Man
The main focus of the story is Tony Stark and his inability to work with others. But due to the circumstances, his superstitions force him to withdraw from The Avengers temporarily to work with a few individuals in which can help him properly address his fears. Eddie Cibrian is a low profile actor, not necessarily mainstream and can fit the stark persona with a age that can get him in for a few rounds on screen. While of course it's nearly impossible to top Robert Downey Jr.'s current portrayal of the character, I think Cibrian could bring us a Tony Stark much closer to that of the comics. Also another thing that will be addressed that wasn't initially addressed is Tony Starks alcoholism and reoccurring drinking problem, a strong and prominent topic for the film. 
 Aldis Hodge (Leverage) as T'Challa/Black Panther
While I had originally been considering David Oyelowo (Interstellar) for the part, his age and height seemed a bit off for the part. I ultimately decided to go with Aldis Hodge, who could bring us a version of Black Panther who's much younger, intelligent, firm minded, and a well earned strategist. While I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the most creative choice for the part, I personally feel that Hodge's up and coming talent is just too good to pass up for a role as important as the King of Wakanda himself. Besides, it's worth mentioning that the actor's been campaigning to be cast in the role for quite some time now, which shows how involved who would be with the character and his history.

Domhnall Gleeson (About Time) as Scott Lang/Ant-Man
While I had originally considered Rupert Grint for this part, I ultimately decided to go with Gleeson, who coincidently played his brother in the Harry Potter films. That being said, I think that Gleeson has the necessary charm and personality for a character like Scott Lang, and he'd bring qualities to him that will make Lang the more ordinary and relatable guy on the team. Domhnall's also just the right age for the part, and has proven that he can handle both dramatic and comedic moments very well on screen in his recent film About Time.

Joaquin Phoenix (Her) as Stephen Strange/Dr.Strange
Doc Strange is a powerhouse in disguise, with a dash of craziness to him. In the Illuminati he desires to help, yet through an astral projection of himself. Joaquin was snubbed as Lex Luthor along with Bryan Cranston during the casting for Batman Vs. Superman, but I couldn't help but think how interesting it would be to see him as Dr. Strange. Let it sink in for whole, you'll realize he can portray that serious tone with a dash of crazy in the blink of an eye, can easily be fixed into shape, and has a great resume when it comes to acting. So there's really no question that this one is worth a shot.


Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje (Pompeii) as Super Skrull
After his performance in Thor: The Dark World, I was positive that he could play the demanding role of Super Skrull. One of the real problems to the Illuminati team is that Super Skrull is more of a physically demanding and challenging characters. Not afraid to rip a whole aircraft apart in search of his prey, he is kept in containment until matters demand for the Skrull version of a executioner to be released.

Cillian Murphy (Inception) as Skrull Emperor
We always here that the Skrull are doing some type of sick test on humans to test their limits, so why not create a sick twisted creator to take on this role. Harsh experiments that reflects that of history's past, the Skrull emperor has no sense of morality, testing on humans and Skrulls alike. With none to oppose him, he begins his assault on the Earth, one individual at a time. Murphy has proven time and time again that he can play a menacing and creepy villain that leaves a lasting impression, and I think that's exactly the type of actor a role like the Skrull Emperor needs.

Directed by Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips)
Paul Greengrass could provide a strong story format with that hint of Marvel humor that we could look for (with some assistance with needed). This film serves as the basis for something bigger to come, with a series of prequels and sequels to follow all leading up to a very dominant and prominent MCU. Green Grass is one of the best at conveying a believable story and the emotions in which accompany it . By creating a dynamic first step into the universe then creates a applicable situation to branch out an use strong actors.

Music by Alexandre Desplat (Zero Dark Thirty)
Zero Dark Thirty had an amazing sound track to accompany a movie that displayed a distinct event in American History, so it was simple to see that Alexandre would be perfect in order to  craft pieces that define the seriousness as well as the capability of each moment seen through the eyes of the viewer.

Setting- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We've all seen New York under attack and our other pinpoint cities as well, yes some of them will be used, but as of now I am trying to avoid using New York due to its developing cliché. Being that Dubai is one of the world's richest cities, it would make sense for all the action to take place in a setting that compliments the financial means of majority of the heroes in the Illuminati. With wide streets, scaling buildings, exotic cars and deserts in which to accompany such a high density setting, it is ideal for some covert as well as high profile action to take place.
So how do you feel about this Illuminati fancast, would you want to interchange any of the cast or replace them, and if so with who? Leave your comment below!