Marvel Reveals New Set Photos And Concept Art From 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' During Tonight's ABC Special

Post Marvels' The Avengers (one of the greatest pop culture and financially successful films of all time) was assimilated, fans were forced to endure the controversial turns of Phase 3. With the looming title of Ultron in the air, as well as new additions to the Avengers team, many were forced to hold their breaths as we waited for the first signs of  the Age of Ultron to pop up based on film production.

With our first signs of film production being filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa, set photos revealed that the Hulk would be making a appearance in the region. With limited visual evidence and only the bust of the Hulk's head initially seen, it was hard to determine what necessarily was taking place. But with the arrival of new set photos courtesy of Marvel's ABC special: Assembling a Universe, we now get word that the long awaited Hulkbuster suit will making its appearance in a battle against the Hulk.
Prior to the concept art and set photos being released many individuals believed that Iron Man 3's Igor suit was going to satisfy the fans craving for the Hulkbuster suit (Which it did not), yet this is a sign that Marvel is listening to the fans, and is providing one of the key fights in which the fans have wanted to see. The Hulkbuster suit, which is created and manned by Tony Stark to take down a raging Hulk in the comics, had been a rumored addition to the first Avengers film. While the scene didn't may not have made it into the film's final cut, it seems Joss Whedon felt they should revisit the idea this time around, and boy are we glad he did.
Possibly showing some similarity to the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor fight may lead us to believe that Tony Stark may possibly be in the suit, yet with the implementation of the character A.I. villain Ultron (James Spader), it's possible that he may have control of the Hulkbuster suit, thus explaining why it's fighting Hulk. Hints of gold also recall a similar design and color scheme to that of the Mark 42 armor seen in Iron Man 3.
We also received our first look at Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla) herself, which surprisingly looks fantastic. Not sporting her traditional head display, but more of a modern take on the character perfectly suits the both magical and realistic world Marvel has built. This approach is similar to how Anthony Mackie's (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) Falcon character has been taken more in the sense of a realistic soldier, rather than a superhero that wears tights.
The next photo we have is that of the Hulk and Black Widow in a unknown location surrounded by rubble. Its hard to deduce where they are and what is currently taking place around them, but rest assure, there's a nine out of ten chance this is the part where the Hulk decides to smash someone's face in. Does this scene also express the possible duos or character partnerships in which help develop relationships? In the first Avengers film, Black Widow was sent to inform Bruce Banner of the team, who is to say the same situation is not happening hear?
Finally, the most intriguing of the photos is Aaron Taylor-Johnson's (Kick-Ass) Quicksilver running through what is believed to be a number of Ultron like drones. This gives us a small possible hint at what Ultron is set to look like as well as Marvel's perspective on the Quicksilver character. No silver hair or gogglesanywhere to be found here, in comparison to Fox's Quicksilver interpretation by Evan Peters' in X-Men: Days of Futures Past. Whedon's version seems to be more of an aggressively independent and protective brother like figure in the film, rather than a quick mouthed brat.
So how do you feel about the newly revealed concept art? Are you prepared for the Age of Ultron?And most importantly, are you going to be first in line at the midnight premier? Comment below to express your thoughts on this monumental move by Marvel!