New 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Set Photos Reveal Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, And Ultron In Action!

This week has Marvel Studios has been very busy with the filming of their upcoming block buster The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Taking place after the events of Captain America: The Winter Solider, the Avengers once again have to assemble in order to take on one of their toughest villains yet, Ultron. New set photos both intrigue and astonish fans, as concept art shown in the Marvel's ABC Special: Assembling a Universe has minor significant changes that are present in regards to the design of Quicksilver played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass, Savages) as well as his sibling Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla).

Initial concept art for Quicksilver proposed a modern take on the character, having brown hair, a less distinct uniform holding a solid navy blue color, and holding a resemblance only through name and slight pieces of resemblance. While the early concept art wasn't to be taken as the final product, it seemed to be a bit too alternately derived from the source material for some fans.
New set photos reveal alternative changes for the character such as the addition of white hair with a visible underlying brown hair, alterations in the conceptual suit such as a grey and navy blue palette and a revised white lightning like bolt on the abdomen. The changes are not as drastic as that of X-Men: Days of Future Past, yet fans still show concern and believe the new changes resemble that of an N-Sync missing link.
As for Scarlet Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen, the character seems to have taken more of a gothic like turn from the proposed concept art. Concept art shown gave us what looked like a young take on the character given a slightly dark color palette. Now we see a slightly more dark take on the character, which is fitting being that her and her brother are orphans (or so we think to believe). Yet her distinct crimson flare remains present in set photos.
Now on to the main event, Ultron. Set photos shown have given us our first glimpse at the mechanical menace, which seems to have a wide body unit. Many fans of the Age of Ultron comic series preferred a jack-o'-lantern like face structure similar to that shown in the sneak preview provided by Marvel. Concept Art previously shown has been dissected proposing that Ultron has drone's resembling him spread throughout different regions of the Earth, whether or not these individuals will be resembling that of the original concept design is still to be determined due to this being the first stages of filming.
Yet early conclusions can not be made about Ultron's appearance due to the addition of CGI as well as many other inter changeable parts for the Ultron body unit, I mean it may be safe to say that Ultron will make some type of upgrade of physical alteration throughout the course of this film. One example of how CGI plays a massive role in the presentation of the film is the original photo of the fight scene between Hulk and Thor, in which we saw only the upper torso of the Hulk, and many fans felt as though it would not be a accurate representation, in the end we got the best, if not one of the best textured and layered appearances of the Hulk on the big screen.
Last but not least Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner seems to underwent little if not any present changes to his costume, showing no major visible changes. Yet there is additional photos being shown with Renner wearing a more traditional Hawkeye clothing (no fans there is still no signs of a mask). Most likely we will not see a mask from Hawkeye due to the lack of character prominence, similar to how it is almost objectified by Fox not to have a proper costume for Wolverine.
Also seen on set is the Mark 42 Iron Man armor, whether this armor will be consistently used throughout the film is yet to be determined. Only visual differences present are a minor inverse in colors, a red chest place instead of the abundance of gold as seen in Iron Man 3.With the Hulk Buster armor also present, it is safe to say alternative armors may potentially play a key role in the plot.
How do you feel about the new Avengers: Age of Ultron set photos and potential alterations to character appearance? Is the current Ultron appearance developing into the expectations in which you had for the character? Express your thoughts and comment below!