'Watchmen' Star Patrick Wilson Joins Marvel And Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man' In Unspecified Role

Aside from the average Marvel comic book fans, not too many people were aware that there was an Ant-Man film currently in development, that is assuming they knew who the character was in the first place. But since it was announced that the film would be kicking off Marvel's Phase 3 in the summer of 2015, many movie goers have began to take notice. And it helps that the film's currently cast two big names star as it's leads in the forms of Paul Rudd (Anchorman 2) and Michael Douglas (Behind the Candelabra), under the direction of popular film maker Edgar Wright (The World's End). Well now we have even more talent to add to that growing list, as it's been revealed Patrick Wilson will be joining the film's in an unknown role.

The rumor had originally made it's away online thanks to The Wrap, who mentioned that Wilson had joined the cast of the upcoming film, although his exact role still remain a mystery. In an interview with Screen Rant just a few days ago, Wilson confirmed that he will in fact be starring in the film, but didn't go into detail about his role other than calling it "important". With both of it's headline stars already cast in the form of Douglas and Rudd, there's few roles Wilson could be playing. But of course with his past as a leading man in most of his films, as well as his past work in the superhero movie Watchmen as Night Owl, it wouldn't be a surprise if Wilson's character ends up on the good side after all.
That being said, there is of course still the possibility of Wilson portraying the film's villain. Michael Pena (End of Watch) was recently rumored to have an antagonist role in the film, so it's possible that spot could already be taken. Ant-Man isn't exactly a hero with a memorable or interesting rogues gallery to say the least, with probably his most well known villain being a scientist named Egghead. It's possible that Wilson could be playing a more realistic (And less ridiculous) version of that character, or possibly the new leader of the AIM organization previously owned by Iron Man 3 villain Aldrich Killian. It wouldn't seem to far fetched given AIM's involvement with Scott Lang in the comic books, as well as their current set-up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
But of course, the more popular theory fans have been throwing back and forth is that Wilson will be playing the role of the younger version of Douglas' character Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man. Much to the dismay of many fans, Pym's Ant-Man will not be the focus of the film as it'll in fact be the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, at the story's forefront. Although we won't see the original Pym Ant-Man fight alongside The Avengers as he did in the comics, director Edgar Wright has already mentioned that we'll get to see some of a younger Pym in action as Ant-Man. This seems like the more realistic role for Wilson, specifically taking into account that Wilson's been a fan favorite for the role before the film was even in production.
The cast for Ant-Man seems to be shaping up very strongly, and a smart move by both Marvel and Wright to help sell the movie to the interests of general audiences. With Douglas and Rudd both bringing enough big name recognition to the film, as well as Wilson's involvement, Wright's past success in the comedy genre, and the possibility of the film adding Michael Pena, Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim), and Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit: There And Back Again) to it's ranks, the studio may have it's next Iron Man on it's hands. It seems more likely than not that Wilson will be playing a young Pym, and taking into account the Evangeline Lily could be playing Wasp alongside him, it's safe to say Wright definitely knows what the fans want to see.
So what do you think of Patrick Wilson joining the cast of Ant-Man? Would you prefer if he played a young Hank Pym or a villain? Let us know below!