See The First Trailer And Poster For Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood', A Movie Twelve Years In The Making

Every now and then a midst the chaos of all the massive blockbusters, easily recognizable big named stars, and heavy duty marketing campaigns, the summer film season manages to bring us a small and touching coming of age story. In the last few years we've seen the return of such films that were first made prominent by director John Hughes (Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) throughout the 1980s, which told young unknown talented stars into highly successful Hollywood celebrities. With movies such as Perks of Being a Wallflower, King of Summer, and The Way Way Back all being so successful amongst both critics and their target audience, it's no surprise that the trend is still running high. Now we have yet another film to add to the genre in the form of Boyhood, yet most wouldn't exactly call this movie small.

Below is the first trailer for Richard Linklater's Boyhood:

Upon first glance, Boyhood generally seems like a typical story of a boy going through the trials and tribulations of life through situations we've all faced growing up. Yet as of right now, it isn't really the film's story that it has going for it, but rather director Richard Linklater's approach to the project. When we say this film was "twelve years in the making", we literally mean it, as in Linklater hired young actor Ellar Coltrane and the rest of the film's cast when they were much younger than they are now. Linklater's been piecing the narrative of story together throughout these years, and filming as young Coltrane and the rest of the cast themselves grew and aged.
In a way, you can think of it as what the Harry Potter series did with young actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, as we all witnessed them grow up on screen. Yet even that isn't a justifiable comparison, as what the Potter series did over a span of eight films, Linklater has done in just one. It's certainly a risk for the director, given he's had to wait since 2002 along with the rest of the cast to finally wrap with this project and finally get reactions from both critics and audiences alike. There's no doubt this film at least deserves props alone for it's bravery and creative look on film making, and one that could change the way movies are made for years to come. But the real question is, will it actually pay off for Linklater in the end?
Linklater is best known for directing the cult 90s coming of age story Dazed and Confused, which starred the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Mila Jovovich, and Ben Affleck. Linklater had always emphasized on how little teenage drama Dazed and Confused focused on in comparison to the films of John Hughes, so it's a bit surprising to see him now go on and do a more dramatic coming of age story like Boyhood. Linklater himself has generally kept to smaller movies in the last few years, but judging buy the word of mouth already spreading about this film, and it's high praise from numerous film festivals, it definitely seems to be a big hit for the director's career. Considering all the new approaches being used for this film, and dramatic story of a boy's childhood as he grows up with his divorced parents, it wouldn't be too surprising if Boyhood ended up being an award contender. 
Below is the first poster for Boyhood, featuring lead actor Ellar Coltrane:
So how do you think Boyhood is going to turn out? Do you think it was smart of Linklater to film the movie over the span of twelve years? Let us know below!

Zack Snyder's 'Batman Vs. Superman' Casts Unknown Actor Ray Fisher As Fellow DC Superhero Cyborg

In the midst of a day that seemed to lack any real comic book movie news, we receive one of the biggest hits of all, a new casting announcement for DC's Batman vs. Superman. With Man of Steel being a major success at the box office, fans were hoping to see two of DC's biggest names battle it out on the big screen for the first time ever. With a number of controversial cast members being added in heavily iconic roles, we now receive our newest casting of the fan favorite "Cyborg". While many fans may be expecting names such as Nate Parker (Red Tails) or Chadwick Boseman (42), some might be a little disappointed that the actor Snyder has decided to go with isn't exactly well known.

Variety reports that the role of Victor Stone aka Cyborg has been given to the actor Ray Fisher, does the name sound familiar? If you answered yes, you are most likely thinking of the football player, if not the football player, you are thinking of Derek Fisher of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ray Fisher is what Turbo-Exp would like to call a "freshy". An actor who has yet to play a role in a major film and apparently has talent that fans are suppose to assume is good, if not amazing. Undoubtedly he looks well for the part, yet with a lack of history in regards to his acting career it is difficult to determine his range as an actor.
Currently out of the new cast members for the Man of Steel sequel, we have received three major wild cards (Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg). Should it be concerning that all these wild cards are being cast? Not for now. We have yet to see any set photos, costumes, or even hints at filming starting. With recent photos of  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil lpopping up randomly throughout the web, we can see both actors are getting physically pumped (Which is an under statement) for their respective roles.
With Cyborg being a fan favorite, it is said that his prominence in the film's narrative is yet to be determined. Whether he is key to the film, or simply an easter egg similar to Hal Jordan's love interest making a surprise cameo in Man of Steel still remains unclear. Another role that is being closely eyed is the involvement of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Fast and Furious 6), who recently reported that his role would involve a character with strengths equivalent to the Man of Steel himself. When The Rock first revealed his involvement with a DC property last year, Cyborg was one of the many possibilities people had in mind. But with the new detail Johnson has given, and the news that Fisher will now be playing Cyborg, this is leading many fans to consider Lobo, Green Lantern, Black Adam, and Darkseid as the considerations for the part he may be playing.
So how do you feel about Ray Fisher being cast as Cyborg? Is DC potentially building a Justice League right under our noses? How will Captain America 3 fire back ? Leave your comments below!

Danny Boyle Could Replace David Fincher As Director Of Steve Jobs Biopic; Leonardo DiCaprio Could Star As Lead

Since that passing of Apple head Steve Jobs in 2011, it'd be an understatement to say Hollywood has taken an interest in the man's life story. We've already gotten one film chronicling the life of a young Jobs as played by Ashton Kutcher (That 70s Show), but both critics and fans agreed that Jobs merely skimmed the surface of his rise to the top. So when it was announced that Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom) had written yet another Steve Jobs biopic, it was almost a given that his past collaborator on The Social Network; director David Fincher, would be reteaming  with him for this project. Well it seems this will no longer be the case, as Fincher has since dropped out of the project with Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) rumored to direct,  and his sights are apparently set on Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception) as the film's lead.

The Hollywood Reporter first dropped the news that Fincher would no longer be directing,  mere hours before the trailer for Fincher's upcoming film Gone Girl was released. THR sited financial conflict between Sony Pictures and Fincher as the root of the fall out, which was surprising news to many fans. Fincher's past work made him more than suitable to bring Job's story to the big screen, specifically his work on telling the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of social networking site Facebook in The Social Network. It had been reported that the director had former Batman Christian Bale, who worked with Fincher on The Fighter, in mind for the role of Jobs himself. With Fincher no longer involved with the project, this news also seemingly confirms that Bale is no longer a candidate for the role.
While many surely find Fincher and Bale's departure disappointing,  Sony has seemingly found a way to compensate for it. THR now reports that the studio is eyeing a new Oscar nominated actor and director duo, in forms of the Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio. Boyle isn't necessarily the first person you'd think of to helm a Steve Jobs film, yet his certainly great at what he does. Boyle has several well known and critically acclaimed films to his credit,  including Trainspotting, 127 Hours, Sunshine, 28 Days Later, and the award winning Slumdog Millionaire. Boyle is without a doubt a strong replacement for Fincher, and it'll be very intriguing to see him collaborate for the first time with writer Aaron Sorkin.
As for the possibility of DiCaprio now taking on the role of Jobs himself, it's definitely an intriguing notion. Given that the actor still has yet to win an Oscar, after yet another loss this past year for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, it's safe to assume the actor has a much better chance of taking home a golden statue if he plays such a well known icon. DiCaprio himself has little resemblance to Jobs in comparison to Bale or even Kutcher, as he doesn't really have the signature tall and lanky qualities to him. Yet DiCaprio has help from the amazing make up and effects Hollywood has at it's disposal today, and the many mannerisms of the late iPod creator shouldn't pose too difficult for him either.  Don't be surprised if Boyle and Sony consider Jonah Hill for the part of Job's partner in crime Steve Wozniak, after the success of the duo of DiCaprio and Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street this last year.
So what do you think of Boyle and DiCaprio taking on the Steve Jobs biopic? Would you have preferred the team of Fincher and Bale? Let us know below!

Editorial: 10 Things We Want To See In Thor 3 That'll Make It The Strongest Film Of The Series

Alright I'm just going to be completely honest here and get one thing straight right off the bat; I didn't like Thor: The Dark World. Now the majority of Marvel fanboys will probably be quick to tell you how big of an improvement Dark World was over it's fellow Phase 2 movie Iron Man 3 because of that so called God forsaken twist, yet the truth of the matter is Thor 2 was without a doubt Marvel's weakest film to date. Having said that, as a person who's a fan of the character and genuinely enjoyed the first film, I think there's still a lot of hidden potential in this franchise that can raise its quality to the high standard recently set by Marvel's own Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

10. Show Thanos Stealing The Infinity Gauntlet From Odin's Vault
This one's almost a given, and it's something we've all been waiting for since the Infinity Gauntlet was spotted in Odin's vault in the first Thor film. While many had expected the after credit scene of Thor: The Dark World to finally show us the Mad Titan stealing it, it's clear that Marvel's taken the route of still keeping Thanos as a very mysterious character to audiences, and the focus at the moment is on first getting the Infinity Gems. Now while we're hoping to get our first full glimpse (And actual words) of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy next year, the scene where he finally steals the Gauntlet is one only fit for a Thor film. This would be the final piece in the puzzle setting up Thanos as the villain for Thor 3, and would make for a satisfying after credit scenes that'll leave fans excited for what's to come.

9. Give Us A Fitting Conclusion For Loki
Let's face it, whether your a Loki fan or not the character's death is pretty much inevitable at this point in the series. Loki's already broken Thor's trust in three separate films, and once Thor learns the the God of Mischief has been impersonating his father and sitting on the throne of Asgard, thing's aren't exactly going to go smoothly. So the third film in the series should finally bring about the end of Loki, and it should be in a much more climatic and satisfying way than his presumed death in Thor: The Dark World

While it was great to see Loki loose his life in an attempt to defend his brother, had the character actually been killed off at that point, it's safe to say it would've left many fans wanting more. Well more is what they shall get in Thor 3, and the character's death should of course be the most memorable final moments of any previous Marvel character. It's clear that Marvel's pretty aware of the massive fan base both Hiddleston and the Loki character have collected over the course of the films, so we're sure to get a fitting conclusion for his character arc. 

8. Make Surtur The Film's Villain
If there's one area where the Thor movies have been lacking, it's in the villain department. While a solid argument could be made against that given the success of the Loki character, he wasn't really the central antagonist in either of the Thor solo movies. The first Thor films for the most part showed us the Mighty Avenger facing off against Laufey and the Frost Giants, and while Loki was in fact revealed to be the mastermind behind it all, his true villainous potential was being saved for The Avengers.

As for Thor: The Dark World's villain; Malekith, let's just say from the screen time we did get of him (I think it was like twenty minute total) he was pretty much a character whose personality and motives were practically nonexistent. And for these reasons, there's only one true menace that can make for a fitting antagonist in the next Thor film, and that's Surtur, the 100 foot fire demon of Muspelheim. He's basically any gods' worst nightmare, and he'd make for an epic threat against Asgard that will require the strength of all of their greatest warriors to be defeated. Just get Benedict Cumberbatch to do the voice (As he's doing for Smaug) and you're set.

7. Have Less Unnecessary Humor (Specifically Darcy)
When looking back on the previous two installments of the Thor series, one of their most significant flaws is their forced humors. Marvel's always been keen on including a lot of comedy in their films, and for the most part it works out fairly well, especially if you have someone like Robert Downey Jr. delivering one great one liner after another. But unfortunately, there's no RDJ in sight in the Thor films, and much of the humor comes from Kat Dennings' character Darcy. While I didn't mind it too much in the first Thor films, Darcy's increase in importance and screen time comes off as extremely unnecessary, especially if you tally up how many lines she had in comparison to the film's actual villain.

Now having said that, I'm not against bringing in some more human elements to the films through some humors from the Earth based characters, but the next film really needs to find the right balance. The countless jokes really keep you from taking the Earth scenes in the films seriously, and they distract from any actual development the characters are going through, as well as some key action scenes. So for whoever writes the screenplay for Thor 3 or for the director tasked with helming the project, please take note that there's such thing as too much humor. When it's done correctly, it can add a whole new sense of enjoyment for audiences as seen in The Avengers and Iron Man films, but when done wrong it can ruin the whole thing altogether. 

6. Introduce Thor's Other Brother; Balder The Brave or Betta Ray Bill
This is a character I've been waiting to see introduced since the first film, but I think now more than ever is the best time to bring in Balder the Brave. As the half brother of Thor, it's going to be interesting to see how the screenwriter will find an excuse for his absence in the previous to films, but he's definitely a strong addition to the Thor series' Asgardians. Balder can basically be described as the anti-Loki, and he's pretty much everything Odin wanted in a second son, but he also serves as some competition for Thor. With Loki currently disguised as Odin, I think the inclusion of Balder could be a good tool for Loki to use against Thor.

While I was brainstorming some ideas for Thor 3 after I finished watching The Dark World, I couldn't help but think that now that Thor will be living on Earth with Jane, I think it'd be interesting if he grew much weaker as a warrior and fighter since he left. So I thought it'd be interesting if when Thor returns to Asgard, Balder's basically taken his place as Asgard's most noble warrior, and he's the favorite to become the next king of Asgard. While Thor may have declared to Odin (a.k.a. Loki) that he isn't interested in taking up the throne, Loki may use Thor's obvious weakness of jealousy to make his brother feel the pain he went through, which would lead Thor to have to prove himself among his fellow Asgardians, and would make for some interesting conflict between Thor and Balder. I'd personally like to see Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain, The Words) tackle the role, as I think he both fits Balder pretty well, and would work great opposite Hemsworth and Hopkins.

Another individual that could be implemented into the third installment of the Thor franchise is Betta Ray Bill. A character that could help define Thor on a individual basis of character, rather than on power. For those who do not know who Betta Ray Bill is, long story short, he is a genetically altered being that was altered in order to become the guardian of his dying race. Wielding a hammer similar to Thor's Mjolnir, by the name of Stormbreaker, he would make a good compliment in order to define and shape the persona of Thor.

5. Bring Back Patrick Doyle To Compose The Score
I've always been pretty vocal over my appreciation of films scores, and I can't emphasis how especially key they are in superhero movies. That being said, while not all of their choices have been perfect, Marvel’s done a pretty great job when selecting composers for their films. While I've enjoyed a lot of both Alan Silvestri's work on The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger, and Brian Tyler's in Iron Man 3, and to a lesser extent Thor: The Dark World, to me none of them can compare to Patrick Doyle’s phenomenal score for the first Thor film. In my mind the perfect superhero theme will always be Danny Elfman's from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, but Doyle’s Thor theme was the first time any score really gave me that same vibe that had me humming the song weeks after I saw the film.

One of the first things I noticed in Thor: The Dark World was the lack of Doyle's original theme, and while I do enjoy Brian Tyler's work, but it really couldn't provide a good enough substitute to fill the void left my Doyle's absence. That being said if there’s one thing Thor 3 needs it's an emotional score, to help drive the audiences emotions and add some extra intensity to some great scenes, and for that type of score Doyle's definitely the man for the job. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if Marvel decided to keep Brian Tyler on board and have him and Doyle collaborate for an epic soundtrack. With Tyler's expertise at keeping things exciting during fight scenes, and Doyle's more emotional style, it could make for a great combination that could eventually re-team for future Marvel films (Dr. Strange anyone?).

4. Hire A New Director Who Understands The Characters And Action
It shouldn't be a shocker to any fan of comic book films that behind every successful superhero movie, there's a genius director who knows exactly what he's doing. Unfortunately, this can not be said for the last two Thor films, with specific problems underlying in both's film's lack of real arcs or emotional stakes for just about every character other than Loki, and the absence of any truly astonishing action sequences that show off Thor's array of abilities. While many of us may have expected different from a Game of Thrones director like Alan Taylor, the second film of the series still remained plagued particularly in those two departments.

3. Give Us An Explanation For What The Hell Happened To Odin
Thor: The Dark World had its fare share of minute Marvel shockers, one of which is the disappearance of Odin. With Loki grimacing as he sits upon Odin's throne, it leaves us to wonder what actually happened to Odin. Is he dead? Is he imprisoned? Or is he simply dealing with a larger task at hand. Being that Odin is one of the most powerful and prominent figures in the realm of Asgard, his death would potentially lead to major problems to be addressed in the upcoming film. Trying to address who is the king to replace him in Asgard would be a catalyst that could move along nicely with the story of Ragnarok.

2. Show Asgard Facing The Devastation Of Ragnarok
What defines Thor's diverse and differentiated world is its scale and diversity between each of the nine realms. One key thing that needs to happen is the demise of Asgard. Instead of simply seeing a pillar or two collapse, put the audience in a position in which we feel the devastation threatening Thor's world. One thing that can help distinguish the destruction of Asgard is a heavy contrast shot. For example, a view similar to how Thor: The Dark World displayed Asgard in all its shiny glory and unique architecture, and then later showing the audience what the destruction looks like from the inside as walls and statues turn to rumbles and ashes. Then pulling the audience out and presenting them with the new image of Asgard in order to create the distinct image of the true devastation in which has occurred.

1. Finally Give Thor A Secret Identity As Donald Blake
Okay so this one is sure to rub off a few fans the wrong way, but a stand buy it as the number one addition this franchise could truly use to improve its self. For those who aren't aware, director Kenneth Branagh decided to make one key change from the source material in the first Thor film, and that was eliminating the inclusion of Thor's alter ego "Donald Blake". Rather than simply send Thor down to Earth without his power, in the comics Odin actually traps Thor in the body of a crippled doctor (Blake) until he's once again worthy of Mjolnir. Once Thor's powers are restored, he is now able to transform back and forth between his human and god self with the simple tap of his cane.

Now some might say it's far too late to include Blake is this franchise, but I think it's exactly what the third film needs in order to reach the same level of emotional complexity Marvel's other solo characters have been getting. Having Thor come to grips with the fact that he now fits better amongst humans than he does with his own kind, as well as an increasingly long distance relationship with his love Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) would provide the ultimate inner character conflict that would lead to Thor finding the Donald Blake alter ego as his solution. Allowing him to live a normal and happy life on Earth as Blake, yet still being able to transform into his god form when it's needed, there's really not a more fitting and emotional conclusion for the character.

Trailer For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Starring Ben Affleck Already Makes It Look Like A Promising Oscar Contender

It's starting to become hard to imagine a time when the name Ben Affleck wasn't synonymous with Batman in any way, shape, or form (And it's only going to get harder in the next couple of years). Yet believe it or not, just about a year ago Ben Affleck was known as the guy who pulled himself out of what seemed to be a never ending spiral sub-par films, and turned himself into one of the most respectable directors in the industry, finally taking home the Best Picture Oscar in 2013 for his film Argo. Well now Affleck's taking one last strike at award winning gold before donning the cape and cowl, this time stepping back from the director's chair and letting his more than proven fellow award winning director David Fincher (The Social Network) do the work for him in their new film Gone Girl.

Below is the first trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl:
The film is already being considered a serious Oscar contender for this year, especially given the amount of talent involved on both ends of the camera. Gone Girl is just another film to be added to the fantastic resume David Fincher has put together in the last few years, and while the director's last two films The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and The Social Network may have taken home their fair share of Oscars, Fincher still hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves. With the recent news that he'll no longer be directing the Aaron Sorkin written Steve Jobs biopic currently in the works (Which was a part he was considering Christian Bale for), Gone Girl may be the best shot Fincher has at taking home a golden statue in the major categories for the next couple of years.
Affleck on a slightly similar boat, although his options seems much more limited. Affleck has a lot riding on the success of Gone Girl, specifically his need to retain the image he's now given himself in the industry. Once Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman rolls around, Affleck will be taking his career into a whole new direction, with the possibility of him continuing the Batman series as its new director seeming all the more likely now that DC has him involved. Gone Girl will be Affleck's first dramatic role in a while for a film he isn't directing, and will really be the indicator of whether Affleck's skills only lie behind the camera, or on both ends.
The premise for the film in its self is enough to gain the attention of the masses, and it's an especially complex type of event that's being based off a book written merely two years ago. That being said, the trailer itself leaves us viewers unsure of whose side of the story we should believe, something very akin to the traditional style Fincher uses. Having the story of a man who's causing increasing suspicion in his own involvement in the death of his wife will surely be the exact type of unreliable narrative that Fincher will use to tweak with heads of audiences (Such as he did infamously with Fight Club's Tyler Durden). Below is the official teaser poster for the film that was released alongside the trailer, which teases the heavy media coverage we'll be seeing Affleck's Nick Dunne receive as the mystery unfolds.
What did you think of the trailer for Gone Girl? Do you think Ben Affleck made the right decision by not directing he last movie before Batman Vs. Superman? Let us know below!

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Set To Return To Tatooine; Newcomer Maise Richardson-Sellers May Join In Key Role

Oh, Star Wars: Episode VII. On one hand, how can one not be impatiently anticipating the release of the J.J. Abrams (Star Trek) directed return to the saga, yet on the other, it's not exactly easy to be excited about a movie we know nothing about. Like any other J.J. Abrams project, the development of the upcoming film has been shrouded in mystery since the moment it was announced, yet here and there we get bits of casting news and story details that may or may not end up being true in the long run. But in the grand scheme of things, how could we miss out on following all the rumors and leaks of one of the most anticipated films of this decade. Well now we can safely bring about some pretty official news, as it seems the seventh film will in fact be returning to Tatooine, and an unknown actress may land a key lead role in the film.

Following the news last month that Girls star Adam Driver was in talks to play the lead villain of the film, there's been several key bits of information dropped about Episode VII in the last few weeks. For one thing, we now have confirmation that the film will in fact take place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. There's been several new stars mentioned to be in contention for the leads of the film, which is believed to be a new trio of heroes. We also have also finally gotten one official confirmation from an original cast member that they'll be returning, which is none other than Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew. 
Although most of the series' original cast will more than likely be confirmed to return some time in the near future, we still have yet to hear about who will in fact be playing the new leads of the series. There's been a number of names rumored and mentioned to have had meetings for a part in the film, the most recent batch of big names being Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave), John Boyega (Attack The Block), and Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) among many others. But according to THR, the studio may in fact be looking a much lesser known actress in the form of Maise Richardson-Sellers, who only has one film to her credit. It's possible Richardson-Sellers in in contention for the part of Obi-Wan Kenobi's decedent who is described as a young black or mixed race woman.
In yet another quick bit of Star Wars casting news, it seems Benedict Cumberbatch (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) has confirmed that he seemingly won't be involved with the film after months of speculation. Lastly, THR has also confirmed that the crew of Episode VII has headed to Abu Dhabi to film scenes on Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine. It's not too surprising that Abrams will be returning the franchise back to Tatooine, specifically considering the fact that it's served as the intro setting for the start of both Star Wars trilogies thus far (Phantom Menace and A New Hope).
So what do you think of Star Wars: Episode VII returning to Tatooine? Are you happy they're looking to go with an unknown actress for the lead, or would you prefer one of the other actors considered? Let us know below!

Drew Goddard Set To Direct Sony's 'Sinister Six'; May Be Released Before 'The Amazing Spider-Man 4'

Marvel Studios' cinematic universe may already be in its second phase, but Sony's own shared universe is just about to get started when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters next month. Fans will be keeping their eyes and ears pealed when the franchise's second installment hits theaters, as the film's trailers have already teased a few references to Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spin-offs; Venom and Sinister Six. While the studio hasn't given us much info about these upcoming films since their announcement, they've finally broken their silence about a few key details. It's now been confirmed that Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) will be directing the Sinister Six film (Which he's already writing), and both spin-offs may be hitting theaters sooner than we expected.

The confirmation of Goddard's involvement shouldn't come as a surprise to many, as his name was mentioned as the most probable choice to direct the Sinister Six film upon its announcement. The original announcement gave us news that Goddard was already set for script duties on the project, and was really the only candidate we knew was in contention for the director's chair. Goddard's previous work certainly will put some fans at ease, as he's certainly a talented and geek friendly director for Sony to bring on board. Goddard's past work under the wing of The Avengers' director Joss Whedon will help his cause, given the fact that Sony essentially wants Sinister Six to be the villain equivalent of said film. Goddard's upcoming work on Marvel and Netflix's upcoming Daredevil TV show doesn't seem to be a scheduling problem, given his willingness to accept the project.
While we still have yet to get any real details on either spin-off film, producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad have finally broken their silence to IGN. In regards to The Sinister Six film, both were quick to point out how the film's essentially a story of redemption for the Spider-Man villains included in the line-up. Although the two admit the team's members will be united over their hatred for the web-slinger, they played coy when asked whether Spidey would actually be making an appearance. As for the Venom movie, probably the most intriguing detail came from Arad, who stated they're considering Carnage as a possible antagonist for the film.
But probably the most appealing piece of news in regards to both Venom and Sinister Six is that of which Tolmach let slip during an interview with Den of Geek is that the films will actually be arriving before The Amazing Spider-Man 4. The fourth film of the series has been garnering a lot of curiosity after director Marc Webb recently confirmed he won't be returning to direct the film. While Sony's set May 4th, 2018 release date was originally thought to be occupied by TASM 4, the release date may in fact be given to one of the two spin-offs. It's still hard to tell what in fact the studio has in mind for The Amazing Spider-Man 4, yet it's difficult to imagine the aging Andrew Garfield reprising the role so far down the line. 
So are you happy with Drew Goddard directing Sinister Six? Would you want to see Venom face-off against Carnage in the upcoming spin-off? And what're your thoughts on Sony's plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 4 thus far? Let us know below!

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Recasts Splinter And Leonardo; New Posters Show Off Their Signature Weapons

You'd think a movie that just released it's first trailer and actual footage to critical responses from fans would want to lay off the publicity for a while, yet it seems that won't be the case for Jonathan Liebesman's upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It seems Leibesman and producer Michael Bay haven't yet finished stirring up as much controversial casting as the possibly can, because it's recently been announced that there's been a last minute swap for the actors voicing Master Splinter and Leonardo. Thankfully, there's a pretty cool set of teaser posters for each turtle that sort of eases all the frustration over the casting news, but that isn't to say it's enough.

Deadline brought in the reports for the two new casting changes, probably the most controversial of the two being the addition of Knoxville as the voice of Leonardo. The role was originally set to be portrayed by relatively unknown actor Pete Ploszek, who's most notable credit is and episode of Parks and Recreation. While it's understandable that the studio may not be as confident in such a little known actor playing the leader of the turtles, it seems odd that they'd make such an abrupt and last minute change. As for Knoxville, he's to be a it of an odd choice given that he's more well known for playing a goofball in film's like Jackass and The Last Stand, and isn't the first person that would come to mind when you think of a leader as serious as Leonardo.
Woodburn and Ploszek has both already completed the motion capture work for both of the characters, so it's likely that will remain intact despite the changes. While Knoxville's casting initially seems off the mark, the actor may be able to bring the more teenage and playful side of Leo on to the big screen, and hopefully take a more serious approach to this role than he has in his past ones. As for Danny Woodburn's Master Splinter, the character will now be voiced by Tony Shalhoub (Pain and Gain), which to be quite honest isn't exactly and improvement over Woodburn. Neither actor really has the voice fitting for the wise Japanese sensei, so it's likely Liebesman and Bay are looking to take a much more different approach to the character.
The posters themselves aren't much, and those who were expecting the teaser posters to give us our first full look of each of the turtles will surely be disappointed. Yet, it's at least reassuring to know that each of the turtles will be sporting their unique weaponry, such as Leonardo with his katana, Raphael with his pair of sai, Donatello with his bo-staff, and of course Michelangelo with his nunchakus. The poster also shows us each turtle's set of protective gear on their arms, with Leonardo sporting the most padding. It'll be interesting to see how each turtle's full set of gear and armor varies from the others once we get our first official full look at them, but until then these posters seem be the closest we'll get for a while.

So what do you think of the new teaser posters for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Are you happy with casting of Knoxville and Shalhoub as Leonardo and Splinter? Let us know below!

Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Is This Marvel's Answer To 'The Dark Knight'?

Well it's that time of year again, the month of May is slowly creeping up upon us, and as is the continuation of Marvel's never ending streak of successful box office hits. Admittedly Marvel's Phase 2 of their post-Avengers cinematic universe has gotten off to a rough start, with the critically successful Iron Man 3 not sitting well with many fans, Thor: The Dark World not exactly meeting expectations, and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy still proving to be a rather risky gamble for the studio. All things considered, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has without a doubt been the studio's safest bet in recent months, and boy does it deliver what we've all been yearning to see from Phase 2.

The Russo brother's Captain America: The Winter Soldier follows Steve Rogers (Chris Evans); who was product of a super soldier serum experiment, in his first solo outing since the events of The Avengers and after being frozen for over seventy years. Now residing in Washington D.C., Rogers still find himself catching up on the many culturally and historically significant things he missed out on since the 1940's. Though keeping him preoccupied in his spare time is his work for the government organization S.H.I.E.L.D., headed by the enigmatic Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), whose methods Steve finds himself troubled by.
Through his new found friendship with fellow Avenger Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), the two find a new use for their talents, working on missions assigned by S.H.I.E.L.D. along with the special forces team S.T.R.I.K.E. But when a mysterious new leader named Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) begins to come into the picture, and a conspiracy begins to unfold, Romanoff and Rogers find themselves questioning their loyalty. And that isn't to mention the masked mercenary who's on the loose, who's more connected to Steve than either of them realize. With former soldier Sam Wilson joining them along the way, Rogers and company find themselves at odds with those they once trusted, and ghosts of their past. 
Now just by reading the plot summary itself, there's a lot to take in here, yet that really only skims the surface of the complex story at hand here. I must admit that my excitement for this film was dulled by my disappointment with Thor: The Dark World's plot and villain, which is an issue Captain America: The Winter Soldier veers right out of its way from the start. While I can't say much without spoiling the plot, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely brought us an engaging story that set the stakes so much higher for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and proves Marvel's done playing games here (That is until they bring out the talking gun totting raccoon in August of course).
In reality, despite Captain America: The Winter Soldier's expansive cast of talent, the show really belonged to two of its stars in the end. One of those stars being the man playing Steve Rogers himself, Chris Evans, the other of course being Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier. While many were skeptical when Chris Evans was first cast in the part, coming off his role as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four films, Evans was really able to surprise many in The First Avenger. Frankly, I wasn't as fond as I'd hoped I'd been of his performance in The Avengers, but many of the mistakes he made with character there are corrected in this film. Evans is able to find a good balance between the good hearted man out of time side of Steve, while also keeping the strong leader side of him present as well. There's truly some great emotional character moments for him, and he really is able to progress as a person and hero throughout the story.
But of course, you wouldn't have Captain America: The Winter Soldier if you didn't have the unapologetic masked assassin himself. The Russos' adaption of The Winter Soldier takes some liberties from the comics, but his general back story and mysterious identity remains intact. Sebastian Stan is finally able to bring us a fresh and truly menacing threat to add to Marvel's growing gallery of on screen villains, and one that truly feels unstoppable in force and motives. Stan's able to convey so much emotion and intimidation through the only portion of his face uncovered by the mask, and makes you truly feel conflicted over his character and the person he once was. It's also worth mentioning that the character's famed robotic arm was put to good use, and the Russos were sure to make the audience feel the pure strength that it gave the Winter Soldier in combat.
One of the main strengths the films is its numerous talented cast members, who essentially all serve a key purpose in the plot of the story. The supporting cast on the good side of things was very strong, with an especially great performance by Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the casting decision when it was first announced, I've come around to really like it now. Samuel L. Jackson brings us a more personal performance as Nick Fury, which surely makes us feel more connected with the character than in his previous appearances, and even Colbie Smulder's Maria Hill has much more to do this time around. But on the supporting side, the show belonged to new comer Anthony Mackie, who nailed it as Steve's new partner in crime Sam Wilson aka Falcon. His great chemistry with Evans and Johansson, along with his great comedic timing and serious character moments just make this another genius casting move on Marvel's part.
While Winter Soldier may steal most of the show, one musn't forget the many other smaller villains included in the film, who ultimately were much more menacing than we'd thought. Spoilers ahead. Robert Redford gives an interesting portrayal as Alexander Pierce, showing a character with nice contrast to Jackson's Nick Fury, and more subtly menacing nature. Although his character's story arc was quite predictable, Redford does a great job at giving us a character who's basically the face of S.H.I.E.L.D. corruption. The other villain I especially enjoyed was Frank Grillo's Brock Grumlow, who I felt for a supporting villain was well developed and a nice inclusion to the film despite not donning his famous super villain persona.  It'll be interesting to see Grillo eventually reprise the role and take on the identity of Crossbones sometimes in the future. End spoilers.
If there's been one are the majority of Marvel Studio's films haven't exactly excelled in, it's the action department. While The Avengers brought us some really cool CGI fight sequences in it's third act, and as did Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier knocks those both out of the water in the action department. The Russo brothers manage to avoid would could've been a number of redundant hand to hand combat scenes, and in place go all out with fully choreographed and well though out sequences (Minus a few shaky cam sequences). There's so many great scenes, between the car chase, elevator fight, the bridge face-off, etc., it's just too difficult to pick a favorite. And if their was ever any doubt that Steve Rogers would run out of ways to use his shield in combat, this film has cast those aside with ease.  
Now as for one of the most important factors that effect a film's tone, you can imagine that drastic change between this film's OST and that of The First Avenger. Having said that, Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class) was sure to pay homage to the original Alan Silvestri them a few times throughout the film, which was a touch that helped the connection between the films seem much closer. In all honesty, Jackman's score for The Winter Soldier is not his strongest nor his most memorable work, but it certainly gets the job done. His score this time around really helped sell the espionage feel the Russo bros. were going for, while providing a much needed change of pace for Marvel's last couple of scores composed by Brian Tyler. 
Now with a film that has a scale this large, it's hard to really find too many flaws with such a well crafted story, set of characters, set pieces, and action scenes, but there were some things here and there that couldn't help but leave unmentioned. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of time Anthony Mackie got actually suited up as Falcon in this film, specifically considered how heavily marketed his inclusion was. While he'll probably become much more involved and controlling of his suit in the next Captain America film (Or fingers crossed, in Age of Ultron),  it felt like a bit of a let down after all the build up given to the Sam Wilson character (Though he still had a moment to shine later on).
My other main grip with the film involved the return of a certain character from The First Avenger, hence this paragraph may have some slight spoilers, so treed with caution. Having said that, we've known for some time now that Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), Red Skull right hand man in the first film, would be returning this time around. While we knew he'd return, we didn't know to what degree, and unfortunately his return wasn't in the way many of us fans had expected. Rather than his robotic body in the comics, Zola was speaking through a massive computer. Although I understand this scene was meant to explain a major plot point, I felt it was very out of place in this film, and took us out of the story and a scene that had started out with a nice set-up (Having Steve back at the military camp he trained at in the 1940's with Natasha).
For many who have been very concerned about the direction Marvel's taken with the first couple of films they've released following The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is certainly a breath of fresh air. Being that this was a film given to two director with little experience in the genre, and the difficult storyline that the duo decided to adapt to the big screen, there's a lot that could've gone wrong with this film. Yet thankfully, none of that happened, and in turn we get one of the strongest solo superhero films since Christopher Nolan's iconic Dark Knight franchise dominated the market. Needless to say, Marvel's back on track, and right on course for the Age of Ultron in summer 2015.

I give Captain America: The Winter Soldier 4.5 out of 5 stars:

So what did you think of Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Were you impressed by it or did it leave you disappointed? Let us know below!