Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four' Reboot Casts Toby Kebbell As Dr. Doom; Doombots Rumored To Be Featured As Well

Ask any Marvel comic fans to list their top five favorite super villains, and the famed Fantastic Four nemesis Dr. Doom is sure to be included. While many regular movie goers may not no why that is, given the character lackluster presence in the previous Fantastic Four films, Dr. Doom is easily one of the most threatening comic book antagonists of all time. And with a new chance at starting an FF franchise that does the comics justice, there's also a new opportunity at showing audience the true gravitas of the Victor Von Doom character,  and actor Toby Kebbell (Wrath of the Titans) now has the honor of doing just that.

The report comes courtesy of Variety, who indicates that Kebbell, who will be starring in Fox's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes this summer, has signed on to play the leading villain in the film. It shouldn't come as a surprise to any that director Josh Trank went with a young Victor Von Doom for his version of the character, specifically taking into the account of the primary roster for the team he's cast so far (Which includes Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell). The actor reportedly beat out many young stars for the part, including Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) and Domhnall Gleeson (About Time), who are both great actors in their own right.
Now having said that, Kebbell was ultimately the best choice for the part in the grand scheme of things. Unlike Huston and Gleeson, Kebbell has a slightly more exotic look and accent to him that could work wonders for the Latverian born Von Doom. He'll make for an interesting dynamic with the rest of film's current cast members, specifically Miles Teller's Reed Richards who has a strong past with Doom. Gleeson's resume isn't as impressive as one would hope, with duds such as Prince of Persia and Wrath of the Titans being his most recognizable, yet he's proven himself to be a versatile actors in films such as RocknRolla.
As for the last bit of Fantastic Four related news, it also has to do with Dr. Doom, or at least indirectly. According to Nerdist, Kebbell's Doom won't be the only villain Trank's Fantastic Four will be facing in the film. The site reports that the site will also include Doombots, the henchmen of Doom who are basically robotic replicas of himself (Think the Iron Legion of armors from Iron Man 3. This doesn't come as too big of a surprise considering Doom himself may not be exciting enough of a threat for the reboot, especially given that he's the exact same villain the team faced in the previous films. 
So do you think Fox made the right decision casting Kebbell as Doom? Would you have preferred Gleeson or Huston in the part? Let us know below!