Second Action Packed Trailer For 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Arrives Along With Several New Posters

X-Men: Days of Future Past.  A film that serves as a "passing of the torch" from veteran cast members  from X-Men: The Last Stand to their new younger counter parts from X-Men: First Class. Taking place directly after X-Men: The Last Stand, the mutant population is on the verge of extinction. With newly developed mutant murdering machines, the Sentinels, patrolling the world in search of what is left of the mutant population provide a nice touch to the development of the X-Men franchise. Well now we finally have our first fill looks at those Sentinels and much more and the theatrical trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Below is the second full-length trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past:
In the trailer we receive a series of intriguing snippets both from the future and the past. We also get our first official taste of the destructive power of the Sentinels as well as their heavy influence on the contextual view of the future. While it's already been confirmed by director Bryan Singer that the majority of the film will in fact be taking place in the past, the future is really the major highlight of this trailer. While we'd only scene quick shots of some set pieces in the first trailer, we now have a full scope of the post-apocalyptic Sentinel ruled future the mutants have found themselves living in.
Both the X-Men and the Brotherhood are put at a state where they must join together in order to prevent the extinction of the mutant race as a whole. It's also very interesting to see the significant difference between the dynamic between Charles and Erik of the future who are ready to put their differences aside, and their past versions who's hatred for each other is at its peak. We also see more of the specific scene in which James McAvoy's young Charles and Patrick Stewart's older version meet face to face, which definitely seems like it'll be one of the more powerful scenes of the film, bridging the two sets of X-Men emotionally.
There's of course many other familiar faces in the trailer aside from just Professor X and Magneto, with many returning mutants from both the past and future rosters. The film seemingly promises a big part for Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique, now allied with Magneto and estranged from Xavier. There's also some great moments of mutants both familiar and new showcasing their abilities, specifically Iceman's famous slide, Colossus turning into full metal, Sunspot's transformation, and Havok's laser blasts. Nicholas Hoult's Beast also seems to have a larger part than was originally expected, as it appears he'll be very involved with Wolverine's mission in the past timeline. While it's still unknown whether is relationship with Mystique will be further explored in this film, it wouldn't be too surprising.
Below are the all new posters for the film, featuring many of the main mutants:
So what do you think of the new X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer and posters? Are you more excited for the film now that you've seen more footage? Let us know below!