Trailer For David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' Starring Ben Affleck Already Makes It Look Like A Promising Oscar Contender

It's starting to become hard to imagine a time when the name Ben Affleck wasn't synonymous with Batman in any way, shape, or form (And it's only going to get harder in the next couple of years). Yet believe it or not, just about a year ago Ben Affleck was known as the guy who pulled himself out of what seemed to be a never ending spiral sub-par films, and turned himself into one of the most respectable directors in the industry, finally taking home the Best Picture Oscar in 2013 for his film Argo. Well now Affleck's taking one last strike at award winning gold before donning the cape and cowl, this time stepping back from the director's chair and letting his more than proven fellow award winning director David Fincher (The Social Network) do the work for him in their new film Gone Girl.

Below is the first trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl:
The film is already being considered a serious Oscar contender for this year, especially given the amount of talent involved on both ends of the camera. Gone Girl is just another film to be added to the fantastic resume David Fincher has put together in the last few years, and while the director's last two films The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and The Social Network may have taken home their fair share of Oscars, Fincher still hasn't gotten the recognition he deserves. With the recent news that he'll no longer be directing the Aaron Sorkin written Steve Jobs biopic currently in the works (Which was a part he was considering Christian Bale for), Gone Girl may be the best shot Fincher has at taking home a golden statue in the major categories for the next couple of years.
Affleck on a slightly similar boat, although his options seems much more limited. Affleck has a lot riding on the success of Gone Girl, specifically his need to retain the image he's now given himself in the industry. Once Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman rolls around, Affleck will be taking his career into a whole new direction, with the possibility of him continuing the Batman series as its new director seeming all the more likely now that DC has him involved. Gone Girl will be Affleck's first dramatic role in a while for a film he isn't directing, and will really be the indicator of whether Affleck's skills only lie behind the camera, or on both ends.
The premise for the film in its self is enough to gain the attention of the masses, and it's an especially complex type of event that's being based off a book written merely two years ago. That being said, the trailer itself leaves us viewers unsure of whose side of the story we should believe, something very akin to the traditional style Fincher uses. Having the story of a man who's causing increasing suspicion in his own involvement in the death of his wife will surely be the exact type of unreliable narrative that Fincher will use to tweak with heads of audiences (Such as he did infamously with Fight Club's Tyler Durden). Below is the official teaser poster for the film that was released alongside the trailer, which teases the heavy media coverage we'll be seeing Affleck's Nick Dunne receive as the mystery unfolds.
What did you think of the trailer for Gone Girl? Do you think Ben Affleck made the right decision by not directing he last movie before Batman Vs. Superman? Let us know below!