Zack Snyder's 'Batman Vs. Superman' Casts Unknown Actor Ray Fisher As Fellow DC Superhero Cyborg

In the midst of a day that seemed to lack any real comic book movie news, we receive one of the biggest hits of all, a new casting announcement for DC's Batman vs. Superman. With Man of Steel being a major success at the box office, fans were hoping to see two of DC's biggest names battle it out on the big screen for the first time ever. With a number of controversial cast members being added in heavily iconic roles, we now receive our newest casting of the fan favorite "Cyborg". While many fans may be expecting names such as Nate Parker (Red Tails) or Chadwick Boseman (42), some might be a little disappointed that the actor Snyder has decided to go with isn't exactly well known.

Variety reports that the role of Victor Stone aka Cyborg has been given to the actor Ray Fisher, does the name sound familiar? If you answered yes, you are most likely thinking of the football player, if not the football player, you are thinking of Derek Fisher of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ray Fisher is what Turbo-Exp would like to call a "freshy". An actor who has yet to play a role in a major film and apparently has talent that fans are suppose to assume is good, if not amazing. Undoubtedly he looks well for the part, yet with a lack of history in regards to his acting career it is difficult to determine his range as an actor.
Currently out of the new cast members for the Man of Steel sequel, we have received three major wild cards (Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg). Should it be concerning that all these wild cards are being cast? Not for now. We have yet to see any set photos, costumes, or even hints at filming starting. With recent photos of  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil lpopping up randomly throughout the web, we can see both actors are getting physically pumped (Which is an under statement) for their respective roles.
With Cyborg being a fan favorite, it is said that his prominence in the film's narrative is yet to be determined. Whether he is key to the film, or simply an easter egg similar to Hal Jordan's love interest making a surprise cameo in Man of Steel still remains unclear. Another role that is being closely eyed is the involvement of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Fast and Furious 6), who recently reported that his role would involve a character with strengths equivalent to the Man of Steel himself. When The Rock first revealed his involvement with a DC property last year, Cyborg was one of the many possibilities people had in mind. But with the new detail Johnson has given, and the news that Fisher will now be playing Cyborg, this is leading many fans to consider Lobo, Green Lantern, Black Adam, and Darkseid as the considerations for the part he may be playing.
So how do you feel about Ray Fisher being cast as Cyborg? Is DC potentially building a Justice League right under our noses? How will Captain America 3 fire back ? Leave your comments below!