Full-Length Trailer For Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Gives Us A Better Idea Of What The Movie Is About

Say what you want about Christopher Nolan's style of film making, or his much more grounded and gritty take on Batman, but there's no denying the man has talent. While for many fans, it's still hard to imagine a world where Nolan is no longer directing The Dark Knight films, and Christian Bale won't be the man donning the cape and cowl, but the world keeps turning regardless. Now Nolan's ready to take the first step in his post-Batman career with his new film Interstellar, and while we knew little about it's plot before hand, we now have our first full-length trailer for the film that certainly clears the air for us.

Below is the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar:

Director Christopher Nolan has become one of those filmmakers that people are always waiting to see what he'll do next, and especially now with his full focus on solo film efforts rather than comic book films. The last time we got a non-Batman related film from Nolan, we got the engaging psychological thriller Inception, which not only featured a star-studded cast lead by Leonardo DiCaprio, but a near flawless story that is easily recognizable by any film goer. Like Inception, Interstellar's plot has pretty much been shrouded in mystery since the moment it was announced, and although we get a lot more from this new trailer, Nolan still remains keen on keeping the secrets of the film out of the public eye for now, which was one of the marketing ploys that helped make Inception so impactful.
So of course, it comes as no surprise that considering how much footage this new trailer gave us (At least compared to the few snippets the last trailer did) much of the film's plot is still very vague. We've no for quite some time that the movie would be focused on astronauts in space, but it seems now that a lot of the narrative will actually be taking place on Earth. From what we know of the plot, the film will focus on a shortage of food supply on Earth, and an engineer named Coop (McConaughey) is then recruited to join an astronaut (Hathaway) on a mission into a wormhole, which some how holds the key to Earth's survival. It certainly sounds like an interesting yet simple idea on paper, but taking into consideration that this is a Nolan film, we can expect a space film much less straightforward than this past year's Gravity.
If there's one thing Nolan's films have always had, it's a variety of talent on both ends of the camera. Interstellar is yet another writing collaboration between Nolan and his brother Jonathan (Person of Interest), who worked with Chris on the scripts for the last two Dark Knight films, and The Prestige. And in front of the camera, Nolan has assembled an outstanding line-up of world class actors, including some of his frequent collaborators. But most notable are Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey as the film's two leads, both of whom have more than proven themselves in the last few years. McConaugheyespecially has been gaining a lot of traction with his career, which has included an Oscar win for Dallas Buyer's Club. It seems McConaughey will make a reasonable substitute for Leonardo DiCaprio as Nolan's new leading man.
So what do you think of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar? Do you think this may be his first dud, or his next Inception? Let us know below!

Zac Efron May Be Up For A Role In A Future Marvel Studios' Project, But What Character Could He Be Playing?

Well apparently Zac Efron and Channing Tatum must've taken some kind of seminar together on how to further their career past being simply eye candy for women. Like Tatum did with 21 Jump Street, Efron recently proved himself to be quite a fitting comedic actor in the R-rated Neighbors, and now (Once again like Tatum), Efron may be taking his turn at a superhero role. So now that Fox has tapped Tatum to play Gambit in their upcoming X-Men films, Marvel Studios has apparently  set their sites on Efron for an upcoming superhero role of his own.

Latino-Review has revealed that Marvel is interested in signing on Efron as a character in one of their upcoming major franchises. While this may just be a rumor that will see fade away, it's worth noting that for the most part, LR has been on point with many of their casting announcements (Such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron). That being said, it's still unknown what specific role or franchise Marvel wants to have Efron join, yet the actor's star power is certainly something the studio can use wisely from a marketing stand point.
Theories as to what character Efron could be playing have been all over the place, but as of yet there's been two very popular ones; Daredevil and Doctor Strange. Daredevil has already been brought to the big screen in the past (Played our new Batman Ben Affleck), but will now be getting the small screen treatment thanks to a partnership between Marvel and Netflix. The show has yet to cast it's lead of Matt Murdock, and an announcement seems eminent at this point, leading many to come to the conclusion that Efron may be the guy Marvel wants for the job.
As for Doctor Strange, Kevin Fiege has practically confirmed he'll be getting a solo film in Phase 3 of the MCU, and is another important role Marvel has yet to cast. There's already been word about how Marvel's planning on making Strange the new face of the Marvel franchises, with Robert Downey Jr.'s day as Tony Stark dwindling down. While the character is much older in the comics than Efron, it makes sense that Marvel is looking for someone younger to build the MCU around. Personally though, the role Efron seems most suitable for is that of Richard Rider aka Nova. With Guardians of the Galaxy only months away, Marvel has already shown interest in expanding their cosmic universe and making a sequel to Guardians. Rider is a key character in Marvel's cosmic universe, and could make for a great addition in the sequel. Not to mention how great it'd be to see the bromance between Chris Pratt's Star Lord and Efron's Rider.
So what do you think about the possibility of Zac Efron playing a Marvel character? Is there a specific character you'd like to see him portray? Let us know below!

Review: Godzilla - Is Gareth Edward's Able To Give Fans A Triumphant Return For The King Of The Monsters

Upon visiting the movie theater to watch the newest installment to a film franchise that has been around for years, the thoughts of the movie were very limited. With the "King of the Monsters" being shown in only wisp within the trailer, many could not fathom whether or not they would truly get to experience Godzilla in all his glory. Many fans still haven't completely recovered from Roland Emmerich's ridiculous 1998 attempt at bringing the character back in a mainstream blockbuster. But thankfully, to give an honest perspective on the matter: this film gives you what you need and handles it perfectly.

Godzilla follows a chief engineer at the Janjira power plant in Japan named Joe Brody, and husband and father he begins to notice abnormal seismic behavior. As a result of this, the plant suffers a major meltdown, causing severe damage. Five years later, Brody finds himself still looking for answers, obssessed with figuring out what truly caused the accident at Janjira. Once Brody takes things too far and is arrested, his son Ford (A member of the US Navy) most travel to Japan to set his father free. But along his journey, Ford realize's their may be more to his father Joe's theories than anyone originally believed. 
To begin touching upon the acting, Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody was not bad, at times it seemed that his emotional concern did not necessarily touch the audience, for example: "You guys are hiding something and I have the right to know" was a moment that should have emotionally hit the audience, yet  it was simply blown over due to the lack of character importance. Yet other than that he served as a good introduction to the film and the worlds perspective on Godzilla. Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the film felt emotionally dull, in certain situations where he should have been freaking out or leaving streaks within his pants, he simply seemed immune to the situation occurring around him. After a while I found myself asking whether or not he was Batman because despite him being a veteran in the field for 14 months, nothing can really prepare you for seeing enormous monsters clashing across various towns.
Probably my favorite actor of the film was Elizabeth Olsen, who provided the most emotional scenes. A mother in the wake of destruction looking for her husband and trying to make the right decisions in order to keep her son safe as well, she is showing amazing range as a actor. Ken Wantanabe as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa was questionable, at times he felt under used and could have provided more emotional depth if they placed him in the wake of the destruction, but he was still good along with the rest of the cast. Only problem with the cast that was the age of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. As believable parents, it was somewhat tough to swallow, they seemed more of the young couple just getting married type, not married with kids type, therefore it will be interesting to see how well they are used in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
But what was truly the stand out of this film, hands down, no complaints at all, was the cinematography. Many people feel as though we should have seen more of the fights between Godzilla and M.U.T.O Spoiler ahead (There is one male that can fly and one larger female) end spoiler, yet this was handled perfectly. Instead of consistently showing you these fights every second, we receive the destruction around them either through news broadcasting or distance first person views. What this then does is raise your anticipation levels, which in turn delivers majorly in the film at the end. IT IS MANDATORY (by Turbo Exp standards) that you view this film in order to get the full effect.
The sounds and sights in this film are breathtaking, to put in a short amount of words. There are multiple scenes that can be touched upon, yet those shall be covered later on in the article. One scene shown in the trailer that truly made the audience go insane was a scene in which the entire theater becomes mute, all sounds are removed, we see a tale move through the mist, and then Godzilla releases a roar that will leave you in ah. In terms of visual scale of the beast, it is perfection, giving you not a just large monster running around a city, but a massive beast that crashes into buildings and steps on all things that lie beneath it, just as it logically should.
The score was fitting and made the film seem more monumental in terms of all the actions that occurs, and Alexandre Desplat takes many ques from John Williams' score for Jaws with how he builds up the film's action. Rather than going for a louder theme for the film like many of it's fellow blockbusters have, Desplat decides to go with a much more eerie and mysterious sound to his take. Also auditory sounds of the film were handled almost to perfection, yet for the visual aid it is nearly a automatic Oscar nomination for this film.
To conclude, Godzilla is a film that has rejuvenated the franchise and deserves a sequel (Possibly with Mothra, King Ghidora, and Maybe even a varied incarnation of Godzilla. Destroyah should be used if the film decides to continue , being that he is the most menacing looking Godzilla villain, and he comes at a key point in the life of Godzilla. Other than that Godzilla is worth the IMAX 3D price, a freakishly long review, as well as a buy on Blu-Ray and two thumbs up.

I give Godzilla 4 out of 5 stars:

Zack Snyder's 'Batman Vs. Superman' Gets An Official Logo And Will Be Titled 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'

"Rise of", "Age of", "Fall of", are all words that are consistently thrown at film audiences everywhere in order to reel in viewers. When the Man of Steel film was announced, it had a name that was solid, original, and held it's own. Initially the thoughts surrounding the name was that it would lead into a Man of Steel trilogy , that would in turn become the Justice League. Yet, this belief was proven wrong with the release of the official logo as well as the subtitle for the new Batman vs. Superman film.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A name that is certainly making fans cringe and rejoice at the same time. The subtitle of the film alone seems to abandon the thought of the film being a sole follow up to Man of Steel, and it becomes more of a film that addresses the previously announced Justice League, rather than having restraint on itself and addressing the task at hand which is the Batman Vs. Superman film. Names like World's Finest, The Dark Knight Returns, or simply Batman Vs. Superman alone would address that Batman and Superman would either be teaming up or bare fist brawling to the finish in this film. Instead with overly abundant castings of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), it is quite simple to say that this film has mentally started to loose its track of mind.
With the term dawn being used so much (Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Dead, etc.) It seems as though the movie industry has begun to limit itself to a short range of words despite their being over 200,000 that are available in a standard dictionary. With a generic subtitle being added to the Batman v. Superman title, this draws concerns for many fans in terms of what direction the film makers are aiming in.
Another point brought up by fans is the term versus. In the title card we see that it is not abbreviated into a traditional fighting style vs., but simply a "v." similar to how political Supreme Court cases are handled. This is also a troubling mood, which feels as though we may receive too much of a political voice from the film and not enough of a bare knuckle brawl or a old fashion bar fight between the two power houses. It also implies that film will probably feature Batman and Superman more at odds with each other, than with actual villains such as Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, and a possible secondary villain. Then again, a Batman against Superman film was what we were initially promised, so this may end up being the route Snyder takes.
So how do you feel about the new Batman vs. Superman subtitle? Is this really the Dawn of Justice? What would you have named the film? Comment Below.

Extended Trailer For CW's 'Flash' TV Show Gives Us A Glimpse Of Grant Gustin As The Fastest Man Alive

At this point in time, I doubt any comic book fans out there, regardless of their preference, would argue that there's even a competition between DC and Marvel's films on the big screen. With a whole stack of solo films already getting their sequels, films on lesser known properties in the works, and a sequel to one of the most successful films of all time just a year away, it's safe to say Marvel's dominating the game right now when it comes to theatrical films. But it seems Marvel is going to have to move their focus to the smaller screen now, because DC's getting the big guns ready for the upcoming Fall TV season, with shows like Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash himself ready to give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a run for it's money.

Below is the first full-length trailer for CW's The Flash:
When it was first announced that the CW would be making a spin-off of Arrow focusing on The Flash, it definitely brought about some major concerns for fans such as myself. Being that Flash always seemed like a character better fit for the big screen, it was a bit frustrating to hear that DC was now only planning on limited the character to the small screen. The main fear was of course that the CW wouldn't have enough budget or effects to truly showcase the powers of both Flash and his villains, as well as put together accurate and non-ridiculous costumes, and put together a strong cast. If there's one thing the trailer does prove, it's that the CW has certainly made good use of their budget this time around, and not only does the costume seem pretty great in action, but Flash's super speed itself seems pretty impressive for a TV budget.
The Flash TV show's version of Barry Allen (Played by Grant Gustin) doesn't seem to be deriving too far from the comics, yet there's certain aspects of his character that're very different from what were used to. The showrunners seem to be incorporating a few of aspects of Wally West's more youthful personality into Barry's character, will still keeping his scientific and emotional sides intact. In turn, it seem's Gustin's Barry will be a very Peter Parker-esque character, were as the comic book Barry was more akin to Steve Rogers. The parallels between Gustin's Barry and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man are made pretty clear in this trailer, such as the traumatic death of his mother, and certain scenes we get of him discovering his powers for the first time.
Speaking of Barry's mother's death, the trailer certainly gives us a good idea of just how important it'll be throughout the run of the series, or at least it's first season. We get a brief tease of Barry having seen a yellow bolt of lightning the day of his mother's death, which hinting at Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom (Who shares the same abilities as Barry) having traveled back in time to kill her. If true, that'll be a major plot point we'll see developed throughout Barry relationship with Eobard. We also now finally know who the original 1990's Flash TV show star John Wesley Shipp will be playing in the series, which is the role of Barry's father. While he may not have much of a part at the start of the series, his character will most likely be explored much more later on through flash backs, considering the fact that he was framed for the murder of Barry's mother.
So what do you think of the trailer for The Flash TV show? Has it surpassed your expectations, or do you feel Flash is better fit for the big screen? Let us know below!

Second And International Trailers For 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Michael Bay Written All Over Them

This year will be bringing us a wide array of exciting fresh films, but it'll also be giving us the birth of the newest installment into Hasbro's Transformers film franchise directed by Michael Bay. With it's release date slowly approaching, we now have the second trailer for the film along with a new international version, which basically show us no footage and a mere wisp of the story to come. So far from the trailers we see a lot of scenes that feel - familiar - but how is this possible with a brand new trailer being released? Well it is simple, we are getting reissued the same film just with a few new spices.

Below is the official second trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction:
And you can check out the new international trailer for the film here on Screen Rant. First off the second trailer starts in a frozen tundra, similar to the one we saw in the first Transformers trailer where Shia LaBeouf character's grandfather found Megatron. But if you think this is just a coincidence, well Galvatron seems to be located here too. For those who aren't familiar with the Galvatron character, he's essentially a resurrected and updated version of Megatron who was granted new abilities by Unicron.  Yes, it seems that Michael Bay has managed to rehash ideas once again. While it seems Lockdown will be the main villain of this film, don't be surprised if Galvatron ends up at least getting an introduction this time around for the fifth film.
To go through all the similarities would be a burden, I mean how many times can we see Optimus get shot through the chest, slammed into walls, or do a barrel roll. So far the high point of this film seems to be it's cast such as Mark Wahlberg (Pain and Gain), Stanley Tucci (Hunger Games), Kelsey Grammer (X-Men: The Last Stand), and the new voice work of John Goodman (The Monuments Men) and Ken Wantanabe (Godzilla). Yet the story looks as though it is going to be heavily repetitive, similar to how Power Rangers manages to rehash the same story line for over a decade.
Autobots begin to lose, Decepticons on the rise using evil and stuff, deceptions have more stuff  and in this film that happens to be a giant tractor beam, then Autobots receive the game changing play in the last few moments in order to save the world. In this situation the game changing lay is not a jet pack or Optimus going into a full beast mode type situation, it is literally Optimus going beast mode and riding the back of a Dinobots (Grimlock). Similar to the scene that we saw in the Dark of the Moon trailer, where Optimus flies in and slices a few of the Decepticon baddies, well it seems the same way when he hops off the back of Grimlock and does the exact same thing.

Channing Tatum Confirmed To Play Gambit In 'X-Men: Apocalypse' And Upcoming Solo Spin-Off Film

Chances are that if you're an X-Men fan to any capacity, you'll recall the debut of fan favorite character Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch (Lone Survivor) in the 2008 film X-Men Origin: Wolverine, which itself is far from a fan-favorite. Now the character will be making yet another appearance on the big screen (And a chance at redemption) with the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse from director Bryan Singer, as well as in his own solo film. Singer hasn't revealed much about the upcoming sequel aside from its titular villain, but now we have our first bit of casting confirmation (And it's sure to swoon the ladies). Actor and comedian Channing Tatum has already shown interest in portraying the character when asked about it in the past, and now it seems he's won over Singer and Fox for the part.

The news of Tatum's casting comes courtesy of X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who in the past had already expressed her interest in bringing the character of Gambit back to the big screen with Tatum filling the role. When asked in an interview about the future of the Gambit character in this film series, Donner was quick to confirm that the mutant is indeed a part of the studio's future plans, and will be played by Tatum. With X-Men: Days of Future Past only a week away from it's release in America, director Bryan Singer has already begun answering some lingering questions concerning the films sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse. Gambit was one of the many characters Singer mentioned he'd like to see in the upcoming sequel, so this all but confirms that we can expect Tatum to make his first appearance in the film.
This is of course not the first time we'll see the character if Gambit get the big screen treatment, as I stated above, he was in fact one of the many mutants jammed into X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While the that version of the character as portrayed by Taylor Kitsch may have had a look very accurate to the comic book character, he lacked much of the characters signature personality and his famous Cajun accent. Kitsch hasn't exactly proven himself to be leading man material in the last few years, with Battleship and John Carter both having been major box office failures. Tatum seems like a much better sell for the studios, especially if they have plans for a solo film for the character, something that had never been mentioned when Kitsch was playing the role. It's be interesting to see how Singer decides to handle the past appearance of Gambit, and whether it'll be canon to this X-Men: Apocalypse's story.
There's of course a lot of controversy over the fact that Donner has revealed Gambit will be getting his own film, especially over many other X-Men characters. Deadpool has always been a top contender for his own film, as fans have been wanting one for as long as this film series has been around, and like Gambit, the character never really got his due in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As for Tatum himself, while he's certainly been making a name for himself with more dramatic and comedic roles such as in Magic Mike and 22 Jump Street, he still hasn't proven himself to be a major leading action star as seen in last year's White House Down. Tatum as Gambit should be a welcome addition to the already growing roster of X-Men: Apocalypse, which is said to include returning members of the 1970s team along with a young Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm.
So what do you think of Channing Tatum playing Gambit? Do you think he'll do a better job than Taylor Kitsch in the role? Let us know below!

First Image Of Ben Affleck In His Batsuit Revealed Along With The New Batmobile From 'Batman Vs. Superman'

May 12th might've seemed like another ordinary day on the calendar to most superhero fans, that was until it was altered into a day to remember when director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) revealed a sneak peak of new Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman (Which still remains an untitled film by the way) that is soon to come. Little did we know that May 13th would be the day Snyder decided to unveil the latest addition to the Batman legacy. Now we finally have our first look at Ben Affleck himself suited up in the caped crusader's full attire, along with his sick new ride. Being that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films took a more militant approach to the famous batsuit, it is interesting to see Zack Snyder's decision of going with a combative version of Batman that is certainly in the same vein as the director's past costumes designs.

There's been several rumors circulating about what inspiration Snyder would be drawing from the comics for this new suit, with Batman Noel, New 52, the Arkham game series, Jim Lee's Batman, and more being sighted as some major influences. From the white eyes all the way to a Adam West blue cowl. As seen in the photo we do see a costume that resembles each of these films, with a shorter horned cowl, thicker Kevlar type abdomen, and did I mention that this Batman is ripped. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering set photos prior to the release of this image showed a Ben Affleck packing on some serious muscle mass, similar to how Henry Cavill bulked up for his Superman role prior to the Man of Steel.
The reactions from fans are mixed, with some people who see the suit as a perfect fit for the upcoming film, and others who feel that the short horned cowl was the wrong way to go in terms of dealing with the character in this Man of Steel universe. Being that the photo was shot in monochrome, it is still up to interpretation as to what the full color palette that will be used in this situation. Early speculation indicated that Affleck would be donning to suits in this film, one of which was a more classic looking costume with a grey and blue scheme, which could be the suit above. The other suit rumored suit is apparently a much more armored one akin to that of the Arkham game series, which will provide much more protection for Batman in his battle against Superman. It's not likely that the second armored suit is the one above, but we may expect to get a glimpse of that suit much further down the line.
Along with the reveal of Affleck's new batsuit, Snyder also fully revealed the new Batmobile he had teased yesterday. Nolan used variations of several Batman vehicles from the comics, including the Tumbler as the Batmobile in Batman Begins, the "Batbike" in The Dark Knight, and most recently the "Batwing" in The Dark Knight Rises. As seen by the photo that Snyder posted on Twitter yesterday, we seem to be getting a smaller, yet more inspired version of the signature vehicle. Drawing traits from its predecessors, the new Batmobile mixes prototype, combative, militant, as well as mysterious and easily accessible vehicle. 
So what do you think of the new Batman suit and Batmobile? Do they live up to your expectations, or would you have preferred it if they'd gone a different route with the designs? Let us know below!

Lionsgate Announces Plans For A Film Reboot Of The Original 1990's 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' TV Show

Yeah, you read that headlight right. No this isn't an extremely late attempt at an April Fools joke, or another one of our fancast ideas (Although now that it's been brought to our attention, we'll certainly take a crack at it), this is a legit piece of news. After years of several new approaches to the Power Ranger brand being introduced to new generations of children around the world, it seems Lionsgate is planning on taking the franchise back to it's roots with a reboot of the very first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. That sound you just heard is the rejoice of millions of nineties kids around the world, and that second sound you just heard is all of them groaning once they remembered how campy the original show was.

Suffice to say the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is certainly going to have to undergo a modernized make over to hold it's own against our current generation of action movie blockbusters. While tons of us might've woken up early Saturday mornings just to catch a new episode, collected each action figure till we had three versions of the same color ranger, or dressed up as a different ranger just about every Halloween, would we all really buy tickets to see a rebooted version of this franchise? Well, it depends. In recent years we've seen over the top and campy films like Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim take a few pointers from the old school Power Rangers show, and it's more than proven there's a lot more you can do with these monsters and Megazords with right amount of budget. 
Lionsgate has recently found a lot of success with young adult franchises such as Twilight, Divergent, and The Hunger Games is no stranger to a teen oriented franchises like Power Rangers. Like the original Power Rangers TV show, there's certainly an opportunity to sign on an impressive cast of young well known talented actors for this film, or even some slightly lesser known up and comers. The studio has worked with both big name and small name stars in their recently films such as Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Theo James, and Shailene Woodley, and could draw their interest to this film with the right approach and director on board.
There's of course reason for concern amongst the original fans of the TV show who are worried that the current modernized Hollywood may have it's way with the source material, and put it into the hands of Michael Bay (Transformers series). While it's arguable that Bay was able to modernize the Transformer series into a blockbuster power house, and hopes to do the same with the highly anticipated (And decently looking) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he hasn't exactly stayed to true to the original cartoon. That being said, Lionsgate will be working with Saban, the original creators of the Power Rangers, on this project, so we can hopefully expect them to keep the classic vibe of the show intact. 
So what do you think of the idea of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film? Who would you like to see star as the Rangers themselves? Let us know below?

New Trailer For Matt Reeves' 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Show Us How Evolution Becomes Revolution

To be completely honest here, back when it was first announced that Fox was planning a reboot of the Planet of the Apes series, I honestly couldn't have cared less. But sure enough, now I find myself impatiently awaiting its upcoming sequel. Who would've though a series-who's cast is lead by a bunch of people in mo-cap playing CGI monkeys-would become on of the few serious summer blockbusters on the watch of movie goers this year. While we had seen an earlier teaser trailer for the film (And I can't stress the word "teaser" enough), we now finally have a legit full length theatrical trailer for the film, showing off our new cast of human characters (Including Gary Oldman, Jason Clarke, and Keri Russell) along with some familiar apes.

Below is the new full-length theatrical trailer for Matt Reeves' Dawn of the Planet of the Apes:
If there's one sure thing we can get out of this trailer, it's that we finally have a definitive idea of what direction Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) is taking this franchise in. The first Rise of the Planet of the Apes film managed to shock many fans with it's outstanding effects and complex approach to the narrative of Caesar's character, but things weren't looking as bright for the sequel during it's first stages of development. With original director Rupert Wyatt leaving the franchise, a director with a much different style coming on board, and the announcement that the film would be going with an entire new human cast, all the fans really had keeping them optimistic was the return of Andy Serkis as Caesar himself.
We can now see how he series is slowly transitioning from the more human focused present day story line of the first film, into the eventual full on ape rule it will reach. This time around, the apes will be caring much more of the weight when it comes to the film's narrative, specifically Andy Serkis' Caeser. The first film already gave us a small taste of his emotional journey into the leader he's now become, and Serkis did a fantastic job at conveying the ape's emotions and getting audiences attached to with practically not dialogue spoken throughout the entire film. But here we see Caesar's finally speaking almost in complete sentences, as well as the return of many familiar apes from the first film, and their own much more human and organized interactions with each other and the humans.
There are certainly a lot of aspects of the first film's story that'll continue to play out in this film, specifically the lasting effects of the virus that is killing off the human population. Speaking of the humans in this film, while they were certainly a concern when Dawn was first announced, the cast has more than proved themselves capable of filling the shoes of the first movie's cast. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Rises) particularly stand out in the trailer as very interesting characters, with Clarke's character seemingly being the human mirror of Caesar, while Gary Oldman's much more aggressive and anti-ape character is sure to start up some trouble.
So what do you think of the new trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Are you happy with the direction the franchise is going in? Let us know below!

Editorial: Top 5 Spider-Man Villains I'd Like To See Join The 'Sinister Six' And Who Should Play Them

Well now the cats finally out of the bag, and all the secrets behind Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been revealed to audiences around the world. For the record, if you haven't seen the film yet, I suggest you stop reading because there will be some spoilers ahead. Anyway, one big thing that has come out of the Sony sequel is the connections it has set-up for the future Sinister Six film that is already in the works. With Drew Goddard set to direct, four of the six villains (Green Goblin, Rhino, Vulture, and Doc Ock) have already been revealed. Now I've put together a list of candidates I'd like to see fill the remaining two vacancies on the team's roster, but please not that I haven't included any villain already cast in the series or confirmed for the Sinister Six movie on this list, only my own choices for who should be added to the line-up.

5. Shocker/Herman Schultz played by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead)
To be completely honest here, I was never too big a fan of the Spider-Man villain Shocker. While I had always found his abilities a bit too similar to that of Electro, I'd be really interested in seeing how Drew Goddard would transition him to the big screen. Assuming that the special effects crew from TASM 2 comes on board for Sinister Six, it would be very interesting to see the same visual style that was brought to Electro used for Shocker. As for Reedus, who doesn't love this guy at this point? He's a complete badass as Daryl on The Walking Dead, and would make for a killer yet charismatic version of the character.

4. Sandman played by Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire)
For the most part, Sam Raimi gave us a pretty accurate Sandman in Spider-Man 3, but Thomas Hayden Church kind of felt like he was just phoning it in. Rather than giving us the raging brutal Sandman of the comics, we got the usual sympathetic villain type who's motives were driven by his dying daughter. But with Sinister Six, while there isn't much more Goddard can do visually to top Raimi's version, who can definitely make Sandman a much more menacing enemy like he's supposed to be. Stapleton gave a memorable performance recently in 300: Rise of an Empire, and was a highlight of the show Strikeback, and I think his tough and brutal approach to his characters would be great for this version of Sandman.

3. Kraven the Hunter/Sergei Kravinoff played by Richard Armitage (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug)
Kraven is another character that I only recently took a liking to, and I'm starting to think he would be a really great on screen match-up for Spidey. It helps that Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield have both emphasized how much they want the character to be included in this series, so it's almost a given at this point. It makes perfect sense to have someone with the skill level of Kraven on a super villain team that's hunting the wall crawler. Armitage is a very talented actor, who's really made a name for himself recently as Thorin in The Hobbit series. I think he could nail the accent along with the vicious nature of the character perfectly. 

2. Mysterio/Quentin Beck played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness)
While Electro was originally the first villain that came to my mind when The Amazing Spider-Man sequel was announced, I was really considering the notion of Mysterio being included as well. Mysterio's one of many comic book villains who really doesn't get his fair due, and hopefully he eventually will sometime in the near future. Fishbowl head aside, Mysterio's a villain with really no limits, and could turn a Spider-Man film into a psychological thriller at the level of Christopher Nolan's Inception. That being said, who better to play such mentally intimidating villain than Mr. Intellectual himself; Benedict Cumberbatch.

1. Venom/Eddie Brock played by Ryan Kwanten (True Blood)
Okay, so before I get any backlash for this from fans let me just go right ahead and say it, I'm perfectly aware that Venom has never been a member of the Sinister Six. So now that I've made that clear, let me go on to explain how great it would be to see him join this team. We already no Sony currently has a Venom film in the pipeline with Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us) set to direct, but with character like Venom you need to give him all the screen time he can get. So how great would it be to see him introduced to audiences the first time around in a team-up film, only to go solo when his own film hits theaters. While Garrett Hedlund and Chris Pine were both candidates in my mind for a while to bring Eddie Brock back to the big screen, it was really no longer a question after I saw Kwanten play the character in the short film Truth and Journalism. Come on Kurtzman and co., at least take the guy into consideration.

So who would you like to see join the line-up of Drew Goddard's Sinister Six? Are there any particular characters or villains you had in mind? Let us know below!