Extended Trailer For CW's 'Flash' TV Show Gives Us A Glimpse Of Grant Gustin As The Fastest Man Alive

At this point in time, I doubt any comic book fans out there, regardless of their preference, would argue that there's even a competition between DC and Marvel's films on the big screen. With a whole stack of solo films already getting their sequels, films on lesser known properties in the works, and a sequel to one of the most successful films of all time just a year away, it's safe to say Marvel's dominating the game right now when it comes to theatrical films. But it seems Marvel is going to have to move their focus to the smaller screen now, because DC's getting the big guns ready for the upcoming Fall TV season, with shows like Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash himself ready to give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a run for it's money.

Below is the first full-length trailer for CW's The Flash:
When it was first announced that the CW would be making a spin-off of Arrow focusing on The Flash, it definitely brought about some major concerns for fans such as myself. Being that Flash always seemed like a character better fit for the big screen, it was a bit frustrating to hear that DC was now only planning on limited the character to the small screen. The main fear was of course that the CW wouldn't have enough budget or effects to truly showcase the powers of both Flash and his villains, as well as put together accurate and non-ridiculous costumes, and put together a strong cast. If there's one thing the trailer does prove, it's that the CW has certainly made good use of their budget this time around, and not only does the costume seem pretty great in action, but Flash's super speed itself seems pretty impressive for a TV budget.
The Flash TV show's version of Barry Allen (Played by Grant Gustin) doesn't seem to be deriving too far from the comics, yet there's certain aspects of his character that're very different from what were used to. The showrunners seem to be incorporating a few of aspects of Wally West's more youthful personality into Barry's character, will still keeping his scientific and emotional sides intact. In turn, it seem's Gustin's Barry will be a very Peter Parker-esque character, were as the comic book Barry was more akin to Steve Rogers. The parallels between Gustin's Barry and Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man are made pretty clear in this trailer, such as the traumatic death of his mother, and certain scenes we get of him discovering his powers for the first time.
Speaking of Barry's mother's death, the trailer certainly gives us a good idea of just how important it'll be throughout the run of the series, or at least it's first season. We get a brief tease of Barry having seen a yellow bolt of lightning the day of his mother's death, which hinting at Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom (Who shares the same abilities as Barry) having traveled back in time to kill her. If true, that'll be a major plot point we'll see developed throughout Barry relationship with Eobard. We also now finally know who the original 1990's Flash TV show star John Wesley Shipp will be playing in the series, which is the role of Barry's father. While he may not have much of a part at the start of the series, his character will most likely be explored much more later on through flash backs, considering the fact that he was framed for the murder of Barry's mother.
So what do you think of the trailer for The Flash TV show? Has it surpassed your expectations, or do you feel Flash is better fit for the big screen? Let us know below!